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How can I reach Print in the Mix?

To reach Print in the Mix, please contact:

Chris Bondy
Gannett Distinguished Professor
RIT School of Media Sciences 

Our mailing address: 

Print in the Mix
c/o Cross-Media Innovation Center (CMIC) at RIT
69 Lomb Memorial Drive,
Rochester, NY 14623.

May I freely use the content on this site?

We welcome and appreciate the use of Print in the Mix materials with proper attribution and within reason. Print in the Mix content shouldn't make up the majority of any organization's publication, website, blog, etc.

We ask that you please:

1.  Credit the author(s) of the research we summarize (Note: We provide top-line summaries of third-party industry and academic research -- we are not the authors of the research posted here).

2.  Attribute Print in the Mix as the source of the summary and provide a link to us or note our web address. 

Example:  Reprinted from Print in the Mix.

Referencing Print in the Mix lends credibility to the data being cited, as we are recognized for featuring vetted research from trusted industry and academic sources.  It also gets the word out about this site and its promotion of print.

3.  Consider recreating charts and graphics.  If we've reproduced a graphic from a third party, we note the source.  We do not have the authority to approve the reproduction of graphics elsewhere.

 What is meant by a survey's sample size and margin of error?

There are well over 200,000 million adults in America, of every imaginable background and circumstance. So how can a survey of 1,000 adults reflect what the entire country is thinking?  The Public Agenda Organization provides a concise and clear explanation on their page,  "Best Estimates: A Guide to Sample Size and Margin of Error."

Do you provide research services?

Yes, we offer select research services for sponsoring members of The Cross-Media Innovation Center

We ARE able to:
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer primary/field research services (collection of data that doesn't already exist -- e.g.,. competitor analysis, product research, potential customer lists).

Cross-Media Innovation Center (CMIC) sponsoring members may submit research requests. Please contact:

Chris Bondy
Gannett Distinguished Professor
RIT School of Media Sciences 

Can my organization submit a report or study for possible addition to Print in the Mix?

Yes, you may. Here is our process:

In considering primary/field industry and academic studies for addition to Print in the Mix, first we determine if the study or report is a fit with our purpose -- to provide relevant and reputable data related to the effectiveness of print media in the marketing mix. Note:  we generally don't evaluate/feature white papers or case studies, but we do like to link to them when relevant.

Next, we thoroughly review the research methodology to ensure sound measurements and processes that reliably back the accountability of print media advertising.  If the study or report meets the guidelines and goals of the site, we need to incorporate the research methodology data into our summary format and make it publicly available.

If you are interested in submitting a work for consideration, please contact:

Chris Bondy
Gannett Distinguished Professor
RIT School of Media Sciences