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  • Survey: 54% of US Adults Read eBooks, Yet Print Remains the Major Player
    From April, 17th 2014 - added on April, 18th 2014

    A majority of Americans (54%) are currently read e-books, including two-thirds of Millennials (66%). With that said, print still dominates; nearly half of Americans (46%) say they only read print books.

  • Pew: Newspapers Account for 60% of Total News Revenue
    From March, 26th 2014 - added on April, 14th 2014

    According to Pew, newspapers remain far and away the clear news revenue leader, as compared to different types of news media (TV, digital, etc.), accounting for close to 60% of the total news revenue of $63.2 billion.

  • The Role Of Various Channels in the Purchase Journey
    From March, 27th 2014 - added on April, 10th 2014

    Experian reports on how marketers around the globe view the roles of 12 different channels in creating awareness, generating interest and closing the deal.

  • Coupon Users, Young and Old, Prefer Print Sources
    From March, 6th 2014 - added on April, 9th 2014

    A new survey of US consumers finds traditional print formats remain the preferred sources of grocery store and drugstore coupons, especially among Millennials (ages 18-36).

  • Millennials Say Combo of Digital and Offline Ads Most Influential
    From March, 20th 2014 - added on April, 3rd 2014

    Despite being digital natives, 45% of Millennials say that digital and traditional advertising works better in combination in influencing their brand decisions, compared to either as a standalone channel.

  • Offline More Influential than Social and Mobile, Consumers Say
    From March, 26th 2014 - added on April, 1st 2014

    Offline media easily beat out social and mobile as more influential in the purchasing process, finds Deloitte's annual consumer survey. Word of mouth consistently leads the way as the top purchase influence.

  • Majority of Consumers Don't Want Mobile Promotions; Prefer Print
    From February, 14th 2014 - added on April, 1st 2014

    The majority of consumers (75%) say they prefer to get promotional content and coupons from traditional print media; Three-quarters of those surveyed don't want mobile promotions sent to them.

  • Nearly 4 in 10 of Americans Own a Laptop, a Smartphone AND a Tablet
    From March, 26th 2014 - added on March, 27th 2014

    Deloitte's most recent survey of techology and media consumption trends, finds a 42% growth YOY in the number of U.S. consumers who own a trio of tablets, smartphones and laptops.

  • US Ad Spend 2013: Fourth Consecutive Year of Growth
    From March, 25th 2014 - added on March, 27th 2014

    Total advertising expenditures increased 0.9 percent in 2013, marking a gain for the fourth consecutive year. Growth eased without Olympic and political spending.

  • Print YP Ad Study: $24 ROI for Every Dollar Spent
    From March, 18th 2014 - added on March, 25th 2014

    A study examining the value of print ads published in independent Yellow Pages finds the ROI for directory ads averages about $24 for every $1 spent.

  • Digital to Surpass TV as Dominant Ad Channel in 2018
    From March, 21st 2014 - added on March, 21st 2014

    When it comes to US media as spend, TV will remain the dominant advertising channel through 2017, until the balance tips to digital in 2018 when digital surpasses television, says eMarketer.

  • U.S. Smartphone Penetration Nears 67%
    From March, 7th 2014 - added on March, 10th 2014

    The latest data from comScore finds two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones -- up 7% since October.

  • Nielsen: The U.S. Device Media Universe
    From February, 12th 2014 - added on February, 21st 2014

    The latest device-related media factoid from Nielsen.

  • Image Recognition (IR) Use Has Beaten Out QR in Mobile Activated Mag Campaigns
    From February, 18th 2014 - added on February, 19th 2014

    The number of mobile action codes appearing in magazines--such as QR, image recognition (IR), and digital watermark --grew 55% over last year. For the first time, IR beat out QR to become the top activation type.

  • Online Ads So Pervasive, Many Ignoring Them Altogether
    From February, 18th 2014 - added on February, 18th 2014

    Online ads (82%) top the list as most ignored by all generations, while ads featured in traditional media are least ignored.

  • Consumers Continue to Trust Traditional Media Advertising Over Online Ads
    From January, 8th 2014 - added on February, 17th 2014

    Newspaper advertising is the most-trusted form of paid media advertising in North America, according to Nielsen. Traditional ads lead digital ads by double-digits when it comes to consumer trust.

  • Social Media Posts by Peers Influence Millennials to Buy
    From February, 4th 2014 - added on February, 13th 2014

    Nearly seven in 10 millennial social users are influenced to make purchases based on friends' posts about products and services they like.

  • Smaller Businesses See ROI from Social Media
    From February, 13th 2014 - added on February, 13th 2014

    A new study finds that 60% of small and medium businesses have found social media effectively helps them build their brand and presence.

  • Two-Thirds of Small Town Residents Read Community Newspapers
    From February, 4th 2014 - added on February, 6th 2014

    Approximately two-thirds (67%) of residents in small U.S. communities regularly read their local newspaper. Seven out of ten (71%) say advertisement in these papers help them make better purchasing decisions.

  • Americans Worried About Their Privacy Online; More Cite Business Data Collection
    From January, 28th 2014 - added on February, 5th 2014

    A high proportion of U.S. adults (92%) are worried about their privacy online. More users cite business data collection over government surveillance programs as the their concerns.

  • Study: Facebook Use to Decline Over Next 5 Years
    From February, 3rd 2014 - added on February, 4th 2014

    A newly released survey from USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future finds that almost one-third of all Facebook users will use the service less within five years.

  • Report: Publishers to Use a Variety of Channels to Reach Audiences in 2014
    From January, 30th 2014 - added on January, 31st 2014

    A study queried publishers regarding their 2014 publishing strategies and use of social media. The majority plan to use a variety of publishing channels -- print, web and social -- to reach their audiences.

  • Print Coupons Top Digital Among Moms
    From January, 30th 2014 - added on January, 30th 2014

    Per a study of over 2,200 U.S. moms, print ads (78%) and supermarket circulars (65%) take the lead when it comes to how mothers find coupons.

  • Consumers Still Rely on Tried-and-True Newspaper Inserts for Savings
    From January, 27th 2014 - added on January, 27th 2014

    More than half of shoppers (57%) will rely on coupons from home and 51% will be influenced by newspaper circulars for brand selection and savings in 2014. The next closest influential source is online advertising at 11%.

  • A Fifth of Social Media Marketers Dissatisfied with Tactic's Impact
    From January, 15th 2014 - added on January, 24th 2014

    According to a recent survey of more than 1,700 North American social media marketers, 21% say they're dissatisfied with social media marketing in general and are ready to replace social spend with more traditional buys.

  • Teen Time Spent Online Grows Rapidly; Now Over 4 Hours Per Day
    From January, 16th 2014 - added on January, 24th 2014

    A GfK multimedia study show that U.S. teenagers' time spent connected is growing faster than that of any other key age group and now tops 4 hours daily.

  • Fastest-Growing Digital Print Applications, 2012-2017
    From January, 20th 2014 - added on January, 20th 2014

    InfoTrends predicts overall print volumes to increase at a CAGR of 1.2% between 2012 and 2017, with select digitally printed applications (books, transpromo, catalogs, direct mail) expected to outpace that growth rate noticeably.

  • Print Books Remain at Core of Americans' Reading Habits
    From January, 16th 2014 - added on January, 17th 2014

    The percentage of Americans who read an e-book in the past year has risen to 28% -- up from 23% at the end of 2012. At the same time, about 7 in 10 adults reported reading a book in print, up 4% after a slight dip in 2012.

  • Newspaper Ads Most Popular, TV Best ROI say SMBs
    From January, 10th 2014 - added on January, 14th 2014

    Analysis from BIA/Kelsey's ongoing tracking survey of small and medium-sized businesses traditional advertising choices finds that newspaper ads are most used, while TV is deemed most effective.

  • Frustration with Mistargeted Ads Lead Consumers to Disengage
    From January, 14th 2014 - added on January, 14th 2014

    A new study reveals 96% of consumers have received mistargeted promotional offers and info. Based on this, the vast majority say they have unsubscribed, automatically deleted communications, or take other actions to disengage.

  • Generational Differences in Gadget Ownership
    From January, 6th 2014 - added on January, 10th 2014

    Survey results from Gallup quantify generational differences in technology ownership. For example, 88% of young adults own smartphones compared to 25% of those age 65+.

  • 73% of Online U.S. Adults Use a Social Networking Site
    From December, 30th 2013 - added on January, 8th 2014

    The latest Pew survey shows that 73% of online U.S. adults now use a social networking site of some kind. Facebook dominates in the number of users (71%), but a number of users are diversifying onto other platforms.

  • Direct Mail Still Strongest Prompt for Donations
    From December, 18th 2013 - added on December, 19th 2013

    A national survey finds direct mail is still the strongest tactic for donations, prompting 21% of Americans to give to charities.

  • U.S. Mobile Ad Spend to Overtake Desktop by 2017
    From December, 16th 2013 - added on December, 17th 2013

    According eMarketer, U.S. mobile ad spending continues its rapid growth -- coming, for the most part, at the expense of desktop. Today, mobile accounts for nearly $10b; By 2017, mobile is expected to reach $35.6b.

  • Half Of All Ad Campaigns Will Be Multiscreen By 2016
    From October, 31st 2013 - added on December, 13th 2013

    In 3 years, roughly 50% of all media campaigns are expected to be multiscreen -- defined as those that run during a similar timeframe across two or more screens including TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone and digital place-based media.

  • Newspaper Inserts Essential to 8 in 10 Black Friday Shoppers
    From December, 6th 2013 - added on December, 13th 2013

    The majority of holiday shoppers came to the stores having done their homework; Newspaper inserts were key to pre-trip planning.

  • Snapshot: A Look at Media Multitasking
    From December, 13th 2013 - added on December, 13th 2013

    In 2013, U.S. adults were expected to have spent nearly 44% of their overall media time with digital; Time spent on social media has risen by double-digits regardless of the device used.

  • Mobile Now the Main Driver of Global Ad Spend Growth
    From December, 9th 2013 - added on December, 13th 2013

    Mobile is now the main driver of global ad spend growth. This the first time in the past 20 years that a new platform is expanding overall media consumption without cannibalizing other media platforms, find ZenithOptimedia's latest forecast.

  • Local Ad Spend Growing Faster than Predicted Thanks to Digital
    From November, 19th 2013 - added on December, 5th 2013

    BIA/Kelsey projects total U.S. local media ad revenues to increase from $132.9 billion in 2013 to $151.5 billion in 2017, representing a 2.8% CAGR, growing faster than originally forecast earlier this year.

  • SMBs and Social: Facebook Ads Show Best ROI, Yet Least Used
    From November, 19th 2013 - added on December, 5th 2013

    More than 72% of SMBs are using social media to advertise and promote their business; They rank Facebook ads as having the best ROI of the social media channels.

  • Survey: Consumers Engage with Well Targeted Marketing Messages
    From November, 13th 2013 - added on December, 3rd 2013

    A recent study finds that consumers who receive targeted, relevant content are more likely to be influenced by those messages and more likely to act on those offers.

  • Native Advertising Survey: Facebook, Twitter Considered Least Effective
    From November, 19th 2013 - added on November, 19th 2013

    A new native advertising survey examines how professionals are using native advertising, how they define it, and how effective they feel it to be.

  • Promotional Offers Sent Tuesday and Friday Perform Best
    From November, 18th 2013 - added on November, 18th 2013

    Data analysis by retention marketing specialist Retention Science identifies the time and day promotional e-mail offers work best to generate maximum revenue for online retailers.

  • B2B Buyers Appreciate Succinct Content When Researching Purchases
    From October, 29th 2013 - added on November, 12th 2013

    A survey of B2B buyers' research preferences finds the majority begin the process with Google and that white papers and case studies under 5 pages in length are preferred.

  • Study: Do Consumers Watch Video Ads?
    From October, 24th 2013 - added on November, 7th 2013

    This UMass Amherst study looks to understand what factors influence people to complete watching video ads and what contributes to them abandoning ads.

  • ROI from Print Magazine Ads Well Above Digital, Nielsen Analysis Finds
    From September, 1st 2013 - added on November, 5th 2013

    Analysis of ROI data from Meredith's advertising program finds households exposed to print magazine ad campaigns spent significantly more (+3% to +36%) than those consumers not exposed. The average ROI was $7.81 for every $1 spent.

  • When Does it Pay to Post on Facebook?
    From August, 19th 2013 - added on October, 31st 2013

    Analysis of over 2.8 million Facebook posts from 23,000 brands provides a snapshot, by day of the week, of posts distribution and engagement potential.

  • Social Media Tops for B2C Content Marketers
    From October, 15th 2013 - added on October, 25th 2013

    The overwhelming majority of B2C marketers -- 90% -- employed content marketing in 2013. This report reviews tactics, effectiveness, confidence in the strategy, and more.

  • Facebook Losing In Popularity With U.S. Teens
    From October, 23rd 2013 - added on October, 23rd 2013

    According to a recent survey, the popularity of Facebook appears to be waning among U.S. teenagers with Twitter taking the lead as teens' favorite social platform.

  • Direct Mail Poised to Overtake Print Yellow Pages to In the General Services Vertical
    From September, 26th 2013 - added on October, 23rd 2013

    According to local ad spend analysis from BIA/Kelsey, direct mail will overtake print Yellow Pages in the General Services vertical in 2013.

  • Magazines Continue to Rank Highest In Ad Receptivity
    From October, 22nd 2013 - added on October, 22nd 2013

    Magazines continue to score significantly higher than TV or online in ad attention and receptivity, as well as other key engagement dimensions.

  • Pew: U.S. Adult Gadget Ownership Statistics
    From October, 21st 2013 - added on October, 21st 2013

    According to the latest mobile-related figures from the Pew Internet Project, 91% of American adults own a cell phone (56% have a smartphone); tablet ownership has reached 35%.

  • Mobile Barcode Scanning Up 40% Over Last Year at this Time
    From October, 17th 2013 - added on October, 18th 2013

    ScanLife processed nearly 24 million mobile barcode scans during the third quarter of 2013 alone -- an approximate 40% increase in activity compared to last year at this time.

  • The Changing Face of the American Household
    From October, 17th 2013 - added on October, 17th 2013

    A new census report provides an updated picture of the composition and complexity of U.S families and households; for example, one in 5 households is made up of the so-called "nuclear family."

  • B2B Content Marketing a Core Part of Marketing Process
    From October, 1st 2013 - added on October, 16th 2013

    B2B marketers are making content marketing a core part of their marketing process with 93% of organizations now marketing with content - regardless of company size or industry.

  • Facebook Dominates Social Referrals; Pinterest Grows Exponentially
    From October, 15th 2013 - added on October, 16th 2013

    A social media study finds Facebook accounts for more than 10% of traffic to publishers, while Pinterest referral traffic has increased most rapidly, growing by 66.5% (to 3.68%) in the last year.

  • Study: Data-Driven Marketing Adds $156 Billion to the U.S. Economy
    From October, 14th 2013 - added on October, 16th 2013

    A DMA commissioned study conducted by Ivy League academics finds data-driven marketing adds $156 billion in revenue to the U.S. economy and results in the employment of more than 675,000.

  • Survey Affirm the Power of Print In Households Earning $100K+
    From September, 19th 2013 - added on September, 27th 2013

    A survey finds U.S. adults living in households with at least $100K in annual household income, "continue to be enthusiastic consumers of traditional media, even while their use of digital media continues to grow sharply."

  • 15% of American Adults Do Not Use the Internet At All
    From September, 25th 2013 - added on September, 27th 2013

    According to research from Pew, 15% of American adults do not use the internet or email at all--and the majority of non-users don't plan to do so in the future.

  • WOM and Traditional Ads Promotes Trust and Consumer Action
    From September, 17th 2013 - added on September, 18th 2013

    Word-of-mouth, TV, branded websites, and newspaper and magazines remain the most trusted advertising sources finds a survey of more than 29,000 consumers from around the globe.

  • Email Open and Click Rates By Day and Time
    From September, 17th 2013 - added on September, 17th 2013

    Recent analysis of data from over 1.4 billion email messages gives insight into the days and times that garnered the highest activity.

  • The Top Coupon and Deal Source for Digitally Connected Millennials? The Newspaper
    From September, 11th 2013 - added on September, 13th 2013

    While Millennials are heavy digital users, this group also embraces print for savings as much as any other age group; In fact, newspapers are the top source for deals for young adults (18-34).

  • CMOs Having Trouble Proving Impact of Social Media
    From September, 12th 2013 - added on September, 12th 2013

    According to Duke University's CMO Survey, just 15% of chief marketers say they have proven the quantitative impact of their social media marketing expenditures.

  • Nine of 10 American, Ages 18-44, Will Own a Smartphone by 2017
    From August, 31st 2013 - added on September, 12th 2013

    eMarketer's latest estimate of U.S. smartphone ownership by age group finds deep penetration for Americans, ages 12-64, by 2017.

  • Almost Half of Promotional Emails Opened on Mobile
    From August, 19th 2013 - added on August, 29th 2013

    A new benchmark report finds consumers open 49% of all marketing emails on mobile devices, yet failure to optimize for mobile is problematic.

  • Print Preferred by Parents for Back-to-School Shopping
    From August, 26th 2013 - added on August, 26th 2013

    Parents say they prefer print ads and direct mail above email, online, and social for back-to-school shopping.

  • U.S. Total Media Ad Spend Gets Lift From Digital
    From August, 22nd 2013 - added on August, 22nd 2013

    eMarketer predicts U.S. advertisers to spend $171.01 billion on paid media this year, up 3.6% compared to 2012. Digital is giving ad spending a boost, while TV remains the top ad medium.

  • Mobile News Increasingly Taking Bite Out of Print Newspaper Subscriptions
    From May, 1st 2013 - added on August, 21st 2013

    The rapidly increasing use of mobile media devices for news is contributing to the general decline in subscriptions to printed newspapers, a study by the Reynolds Journalism Institute finds.

  • For Many Marketers, Data is Top Under-Used Assets
    From August, 5th 2013 - added on August, 15th 2013

    Nearly half of marketers recently queried agree that data is the most underused asset in their organization, according to a global survey.

  • Direct Mail Accounts for 43% of Local Media Retail Ad Spend
    From July, 30th 2013 - added on August, 14th 2013

    Key findings from BIA/Kelsey's latest local media ad spend forecast finds direct mail grabs 43% of total retail ad spend. Overall, direct mail accounts for 27% of total local ad spend.

  • One-Third of SMBs Report Using Mobile Advertising
    From August, 5th 2013 - added on August, 14th 2013

    The latest findings from BIA/Kelsey's ongoing study of SMBs advertising efforts finds SMBs are increasingly embracing mobile and social platforms.

  • Coupons: Print Going Strong, Digital Making Inroads
    From June, 30th 2013 - added on August, 14th 2013

    Consumers of all ages and incomes use coupons, with those ages 25-34 being the heaviest users and more likely than other age groups to turn to mobile and social media to acquire savings.

  • Mobile Surpasses PCs for Time Spent On Media Activities
    From August, 1st 2013 - added on August, 13th 2013

    U.S. adults will spend nearly 44% of their overall media time with digital this year, including nearly 20% on mobile--compared to 19.2% on laptops and PCs.

  • Mobile Promotional Emails: Consumers Dissatisfied with Poor Design and Experience
    From July, 24th 2013 - added on August, 12th 2013

    According to a national survey regarding mobile holiday promotional emails, poor mobile design and user experience is the biggest source of frustration for consumers. The issue most often cited? Irrelevant content.

  • The Top Ways We Learn About New Brands and Products
    From July, 30th 2013 - added on August, 9th 2013

    In a survey examining how consumers are introduced to new products and brands, TV ads (58%) take the top spot. Magazines (31%) and direct mail (21%) also play an important role for many Americans.

  • Disconnect: B2B Info Seekers Rely On Print, Yet 1/3 of Publishers Plan Print Ad Cuts
    From August, 1st 2013 - added on August, 8th 2013

    A recent B2B survey finds info seekers continue to rely on print as a source for industry related content and publishers report that print remains a key source of revenue. Despite this, 32% of publishers expect to cut their print ad budgets in the next year.

  • Most U.S. Consumers Want the Option to Receive Paper Bills and Statements
    From July, 31st 2013 - added on August, 6th 2013

    U.S. consumers want to keep the option to receive paper bills and statements. In addition, 72% agree that print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate if responsibly produced, used and recycled.

  • Traditional Media Ads Best For Reaching, Influencing Affluent Buyers
    From June, 20th 2013 - added on July, 26th 2013

    Traditional media still claims top spot for reaching affluent adults. TV has the lead when it comes to recall of, and interest in, a luxury item they saw or heard, while magazines prove effective in reaching those who plan to buy luxury items.

  • Consumers Feel Negatively Towards Brands Offering Poor Mobile Experiences
    From July, 18th 2013 - added on July, 25th 2013

    88% of U.S. consumers associate negative feelings with brands that have poorly performing websites and mobile apps, finds a recents survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

  • Marketers: Real-Time Personalization An Essential Tactic
    From July, 24th 2013 - added on July, 24th 2013

    A survey finds 77% of marketers say real-time personalization is crucial to their marketing strategy, yet 60% note they struggle to personalize content in real-time.

  • Study: Direct Mail Matters In Connected World
    From July, 11th 2013 - added on July, 22nd 2013

    New research finds consumers are more likely to visit brands' websites thanks to direct mailings versus email marketing messages.

  • Half of All Social Network Users Consider Taking A Break
    From July, 12th 2013 - added on July, 15th 2013

    According to a national survey on social media behavior, 52% of social network users have either taken, or considered taking, a "vacation" from one or more social networks in the past year.

  • Analysis: Best v. Worst Email Subject Lines
    From July, 10th 2013 - added on July, 12th 2013

    Email marketing firm Adestra's analyzed over 2.2 billion marketing emails to find the keywords and phrases that customers respond to best.

  • Digital's Share of Total Print Market Will Be 20.6% By 2018
    From June, 10th 2013 - added on July, 11th 2013

    By 2018, digital printing will equal 50% of the global offset sector, and be higher in the more mature print regions, according to a new study from Smithers Pira.

  • How Well Does Social Media Translate Into Sales?
    From July, 10th 2013 - added on July, 10th 2013

    A recent report examines if, and how, customers make the journey from tweeting, pinning or liking an item, to actually purchasing it.

  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Paywalls Shifting
    From June, 20th 2013 - added on July, 8th 2013

    According to a study by Oxford University's Reuters Institute Study of Journalism, twice as many consumers are willing to pay for online news content than a year ago.

  • 56% of All American Adults Now Smartphone Adopters
    From June, 5th 2013 - added on July, 2nd 2013

    According to the latest Pew study, 56% of all American adults are now smartphone owners. Not surprisingly, ownership is particularly high among younger adults.

  • Customers Acquired via Facebook and Twitter Prove Less Lucrative
    From July, 2nd 2013 - added on July, 2nd 2013

    Social networks have a long way to go to be as lucrative as search engines and email when it comes to customer acquisition, a study finds.

  • Despite Record Usage, Appeal of Top Social Media Sites Declining
    From June, 24th 2013 - added on July, 1st 2013

    A recent social media attitudinal survey finds"while awareness and usage of social media sites is extremely high, the allure of using these sites is starting to wear thin with consumers."

  • Newspaper Trends Survey: The Highs and Lows
    From June, 3rd 2013 - added on June, 24th 2013

    The annual World Press Trends survey of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) finds print newspaper circulations continued to rise in Asia while they decline in mature markets in the West.

  • B2B Content Marketing: What Works, What Doesn't
    From June, 3rd 2013 - added on June, 24th 2013

    A study of B2B content seekers' attitudes finds B2B buyers are "turned off by self-serving, irrelevant, over-hyped and overly technical content."

  • Facebook Data Shows Social Context Ads Work Best
    From June, 20th 2013 - added on June, 20th 2013

    A study of more than 1 million Facebook ad units and 114 billion impressions finds the sponsored story ad format performs best, along with a wide variation in Facebook ad performance by industry.

  • Tablets Overtake Smartphones In Driving Online Traffic
    From May, 15th 2013 - added on June, 18th 2013

    Mobile devices have changed the way consumers interact with businesses and advertising; In just 3 years, tablets have overtaken smartphones in drive online traffic. Internet users view 70% more web pages per visit when browsing on a tablet vs. a smartphone.

  • Offline Media Scores High In Credibility and as Ad Source
    From June, 13th 2013 - added on June, 13th 2013

    A significant portion of consumers feel traditional advertising is most credible, least annoying, and the best source for marketing messages, finds a survey by Adobe.

  • Personalized Messages Viewed By Many as Annoying and Overused
    From June, 12th 2013 - added on June, 12th 2013

    Consumers say personalized marketing messages have become more frequent, and many of the customized messages received are annoying because the attempts feel superficial.

  • Brands Use of Traditional Ads to Promote Their Social Presence; Are Consumers Noticing?
    From May, 22nd 2013 - added on June, 10th 2013

    Brands are increasingly promoting their Facebook pages and Twitter hashtags in traditional ad messages; One in four say they recall these ads in banner and TV ad, 21% recall social promotions in print ads.

  • Mary Meeker's 2013 Internet Trends Report
    From June, 3rd 2013 - added on June, 3rd 2013

    The latest edition of Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends report finds continued robust online growth. Looking ahead, the report finds early signs of growth for wearable computing devices and the emergence of connected cars, drones and other new platforms.

  • Only Two in Five Marketers Call Facebook Effective
    From May, 21st 2013 - added on June, 3rd 2013

    A survey of marketers finds half believe Facebook is the most important vehicle for their marketing purposes yet, just 37% agree that Facebook marketing is effective.

  • M-Commerce: Tablets Over Phones for Purchases
    From May, 13th 2013 - added on May, 29th 2013

    According to Forrester Research, about one-third of U.S. tablet owners have purchased items via their devices, compared to just 13% of smartphone users.

  • Smartphone Use: A Number of Countries Hit or Exceed 50% Penetration
    From May, 29th 2013 - added on May, 29th 2013

    North America officially tips the 50% mark for smartphone penetration in 2013; The U.S. tipped last year, and is now at 56.8%, and Canada will reach 51.0% this year.

  • Use of QR Codes Remains Relatively Low
    From May, 28th 2013 - added on May, 28th 2013

    A little more than one in 10 consumers say they use QR codes -- and the same percentage (12%) is the same for planned future use of QR codes.

  • Out-of-Home Advertising Viewed by 3 in 4 U.S. Adults
    From May, 28th 2013 - added on May, 28th 2013

    Three in 4 U.S adults say they have noticed billboards, transit and other out-of-home ads in the past month; Action taken based on these ads, include restaurant and store visits.

  • 7 in 10 Adults Access Content from Newspaper Media Each Week
    From March, 25th 2013 - added on May, 23rd 2013

    A majority of U.S. adults (69%) read newspaper media content in print or online in a typical week, or access it on mobile devices in a typical month; This includes six out of 10 (59%) young adults, ages 18-24.

  • Consumers of All Ages Are Scanning QR Codes
    From May, 21st 2013 - added on May, 21st 2013

    According to the latest report from ScanLife, a global provider of mobile barcode solutions, consumers ages 25-44 make up nearly half of all scanners at 48%.

  • Apps Preferred to Mobile Websites, Yet Low Tolerance for App Failures
    From May, 20th 2013 - added on May, 20th 2013

    85% of smartphone users finds prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. Yet, if dissatisfied with the performance of an app, 48% say they are less likely to use the app again.

  • B2B Publishers Say Print Remains Largest Revenue Contributor
    From May, 2nd 2013 - added on May, 13th 2013

    Print ads continues to bring in the lion's share of revenue for B2B publishers; The top 3 fastest-growing segments: digital, events, and print advertising.

  • Magazines Slow to Optimize for Cross-Platform Viewing
    From May, 13th 2013 - added on May, 13th 2013

    A survey finds 93% of the leading consumer magazines don't offer readers complete cross-platform digital experiences.

  • Four Out of 5 Take Action Thanks to Newspaper Ads
    From April, 15th 2013 - added on May, 10th 2013

    Four out of five U.S. adults say they took action as a result of print newspaper ad in the past month, and 53% made a purchase, according to a recent NAA study.

  • Consumers Fed Up with Irrelevant Ads
    From April, 11th 2013 - added on May, 8th 2013

    A study finds consumers are "putting their foot down on the number of irrelevant ads they are willing to see before they ignore a company completely."

  • Big Data: "Part Obstacle, Part Opportunity"
    From April, 10th 2013 - added on May, 1st 2013

    A study finds "big data is a key competitive differentiator," yet is viewed by the majority of respondents as "part obstacle and part opportunity."

  • The Pay-Offs of Personalization
    From April, 25th 2013 - added on April, 25th 2013

    A InfoTrends study demonstrates the payoff for businesses who engage in marketing efforts featuring a higher level of personalization complexity.

  • Millennials Most Willing to Exchange Personal Data for Deals, Promotions
    From April, 22nd 2013 - added on April, 22nd 2013

    A USC Annenberg study finds Millennials most willing to allow businesses to access their personal data, as long as they receive "tangible benefits in return."

  • Zogby: Americans Value Ad-Funded Internet; Prefer Tailored Ads
    From April, 18th 2013 - added on April, 19th 2013

    A Zogby poll finds 90+% of consumers support online advertising as a means of keeping Internet access free; They also prefer Internet ads targeted to their specific interests.

  • Nielsen: Newspaper Ads Touted for Engagement and Influence
    From April, 16th 2013 - added on April, 17th 2013

    A Nielsen survey of 5,000 U.S. adults finds newspapers (print and online) lead for ad engagement, influencing purchases, and more.

  • Smartphone Use Up Across All Age Groups
    From April, 15th 2013 - added on April, 15th 2013

    Approximately 53% of Americans (139 million) now own a smartphone; More than half (52%) say they always keep their device within arm's reach.

  • The State of Custom Content Publishing 2013
    From April, 4th 2013 - added on April, 11th 2013

    Custom content spending on production and distribution rose to $43.9 billion. All forms - print, electronic and digital - experienced growth, with a 9.2% increase over last year's spending.

  • Online Nearly Catches Up to TV Watching
    From March, 15th 2013 - added on April, 9th 2013

    A media usage survey of 10,000 Americans finds we spend, on average, 3.9 hours per day watching TV compared to 3.8 hours going online outside of work.

  • Pew: The Demographics of Social Media Users
    From February, 14th 2013 - added on March, 27th 2013

    According to Pew Research, as of December 2012, 67% of online adults use social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Consumers Not Trusting Of Social Media Ads
    From March, 21st 2013 - added on March, 25th 2013

    A Forrester Research survey finds consumers place the least amount of trust in social media marketing, SMS messaging, and internet ad content.

  • Print Reaches All Ages, Including Early Adopter Millennials
    From March, 21st 2013 - added on March, 21st 2013

    Today's consumers move between multiple devices and media platforms. TV still has the greatest reach, mobile is gaining ground, and print retains its reach among all age groups -- including younger adults.

  • Consumers Trust Advertising In Print More Than Other Media
    From March, 11th 2013 - added on March, 20th 2013

    Despite changes in media consumption in recent years, research finds European consumers continue to have most trust in advertising in printed media.

  • Online Retailers Find Success with Print Ads
    From October, 1st 2012 - added on March, 18th 2013

    A Wharton School study looks at online retailing marketing tactics. Key findings: The physical density of an area plays a key role as to what works best in attracting shoppers; Print has an important role to play.

  • Smartphone Use Among U.S. Teens Is Up Sharply
    From March, 13th 2013 - added on March, 13th 2013

    Nearly eight of 10 teens now have a cell phone, and almost half own smartphones. That translates into 37% of all teens who have smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011.

  • Male Sports Fans Love Their Local Newspaper Sports Pages
    From March, 8th 2013 - added on March, 11th 2013

    A new study of sports media consumption finds local newspaper sports pages are the go-to place male sports fans -- despite the many digital and mobile options.

  • Personalized Marketing Messages Pay Off for Retailers
    From March, 5th 2013 - added on March, 8th 2013

    A study finds 40% of online shoppers buy more from retailers who personalize their marketing message across all channels; Half say they are willing to share data to receive a better shopping experience.

  • Channels Driving Holiday Purchases Don't Include Online or Social
    From February, 22nd 2013 - added on March, 7th 2013

    A 2013 Holiday Retail Marketing Survey finds that email, TV, and print ads were the strongest drivers of purchases, while online and social media proved least influential.

  • Survey: Nearly 4 in 10 Women Have Decreased or Stopped Using Social Media
    From March, 4th 2013 - added on March, 6th 2013

    A majority of North American women are using social media (86%), and yet, a trend of note, a growing number say they are decreasing or stopping its use.

  • Shopping Activities of U.S. Smartphone Users
    From March, 1st 2013 - added on March, 1st 2013

    Compared to other countries, Americans are the most likely to use their device for in-store price comparison, online coupons, and purchasing products; One in 4 has scanned a QR code.

  • CMOs Pull Back On Offline Ad Spend, Up Investment In Digital
    From February, 27th 2013 - added on February, 27th 2013

    Top U.S. marketers forecast a -2.7% decrease in traditional ad spend over the next 12 months. The picture is rosier for digital marketing with spending to grow by 10.2% in the next year.

  • U.S. Teens Prefer Offline Ads to Online
    From February, 26th 2013 - added on February, 26th 2013

    A recent study finds the new digital generation -- teens, ages 12 to 17 -- generally have more favorable attitudes towards print, radio and TV ads, than online ads.

  • Print's Future Hinges On Integrating with Digital and Mobile
    From January, 31st 2013 - added on February, 19th 2013

    Print's future role hinges on its ability integrate with the mobile and online channels and will require "investment in print workflow automation enhancements that improve productivity, delivery speed, and cost."

  • Traditional Media Remains Key Source for U.S. Shoppers
    From January, 24th 2013 - added on February, 15th 2013

    For the American consumer. traditional media and channels are still very important sources of ideas on what to buy. Two-thirds say circulars and inserts most influence their shopping decisions.

  • Marketers Shift Focus From Traditional Tactics ... But Not Direct Mail
    From January, 30th 2013 - added on February, 15th 2013

    A survey finds marketers expect to decrease focus on newspapers (32%), consumer magazines (28%) and other traditional channels in 2013 --yet, direct marketing is one offline tactic that is not an area of shifting focus.

  • 75% of Advertisers Use Social Ads, Half Integrate With Print
    From February, 13th 2013 - added on February, 14th 2013

    Paid social media advertising is increasingly being viewed as an integrated tactic by advertisers -- 66% use the channel in combo with other online advertising, and 51% use it in conjunction with offline advertising.

  • Twitter Trumps Facebook and LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation
    From January, 24th 2013 - added on February, 11th 2013

    When if comes to generating B2B leads, Twitter is tops in social media -- generating 82% share of leads, compared to just 9% each for Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • The Growing Role of Social Media in the Purchasing Decision
    From January, 22nd 2013 - added on February, 6th 2013

    According to a new study, nearly one-third of shoppers say social media has introduced them to a brand or product they were previously unfamiliar with, or helped change their opinion of a brand during the buying decision process.

  • B2B Marketers Feeling Optimistic; Half to Up Budgets In 2013
    From January, 11th 2013 - added on February, 5th 2013

    According to BtoB's 2013 Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans special report, nearly half of B2B marketers plan to increase their marketing budgets this year, up from 40% last year.

  • Content Marketing Growing; Print Media a Top Vehicle
    From January, 14th 2013 - added on February, 5th 2013

    According to a survey Ad Age, content marketing is claiming a growing share of marketers' budgets -- 12% on average. Top content marketing channels: social networks (80%) and print media (77%).

  • Content Marketing Is Top 2013 Priority For Digital Marketers
    From January, 11th 2013 - added on February, 5th 2013

    According to an Econsultancy study, the three top digital-related opportunities for 2013 are content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and, social media engagement.

  • Online Video Ad Views Experience 59% Y-O-Y Growth
    From January, 14th 2013 - added on January, 29th 2013

    U.S. Internet users viewed 11.3 billion video ads in December 2012. The number of video ads viewed were twice as many as January 2012, representing a 59% year-over-year growth.

  • Media Consumption Trends: Increased Interest In Tablets and Streaming Media
    From January, 16th 2013 - added on January, 29th 2013

    A growing number of Americans are likely to replace traditional laptops and desktops with tablets in 2013. There is also a growing interest in streaming media as a replacement for cable TV.

  • Survey: Publishers Upping Their Investment In Mobile
    From January, 25th 2013 - added on January, 28th 2013

    A survey of North American newspaper, magazine and business publication members shows how they are innovating and investing in cross-media platforms.

  • Study: Marketers Interested in Mobile; Measurement/ROI Remains a Barrier
    From January, 15th 2013 - added on January, 23rd 2013

    An ANA study view mobile marketing as a way to build brand and awareness yet remain concerned about metrics and ROI.

  • Traditional Media Continues to Hold Purchasing Sway In Digital World
    From January, 22nd 2013 - added on January, 22nd 2013

    Next to friends and family and manufacturer/retailer websites, traditional media continues to holds sway in influencing consumers' purchase decisions.

  • Hot Print Markets For 2013-2014
    From January, 22nd 2013 - added on January, 22nd 2013

    Printing Impressions has compiled their projection for the hottest print markets by sector. Packaged Foods ranks number one with a revenue forecast of $1,151 billion, thanks to a potential 4% growth rate for 2013-2014.

  • Survey: Consumers Respond Most to QR Codes Found In Magazines
    From January, 15th 2013 - added on January, 18th 2013

    A recent survey of 5,000 U.S. and European smartphone users finds, on average, 15% of respondents have used a QR code. Consumers have responded most to QR codes found in magazines.

  • Print Catalogs Influence Holiday Shopping More than Social Media and Mobile
    From January, 8th 2013 - added on January, 17th 2013

    Next to online reviews, print catalogs most influenced holiday in-store purchases. Print catalogs also beat out social media and mobile for influencing both in-store and online holiday purchases.

  • Forecast: U.S. Newspaper Ad Revenues, Print/Digital
    From December, 26th 2012 - added on January, 15th 2013

    U.S. newspaper print ad revenues are expected to drop significantly in the coming years, slipping from $19.14 billion in 2012 to $16.4 billion in 2016.

  • U.S. Social Media Ad Revenues Predicted to Grow from $4.6B in 2012 to $9.2B in 2016
    From November, 26th 2012 - added on January, 15th 2013

    U.S. social media ad revenues to reach $9.2 billion in 2016, up from $4.6 billion in 2012, representing a compound annual growth rate of 19.2%. The local segment will grow from $1.1 billion in 2012 to $3 billion in 2016 (CAGR: 28%).

  • Print Book Readership Declines As E-Books Gain In Popularity
    From December, 28th 2012 - added on January, 14th 2013

    In the past year, the number of Americans (ages 16+) who read e-books increased from 16% to 23%. At the same time, those who read printed books fell from 72% to 67%.

  • SMBs to Spend a Healthy Amount On Local Advertising In 2013
    From January, 14th 2013 - added on January, 14th 2013

    Local marketing ad spend will grow 8.2% in 2013, with online advertising seeing the largest uptick.

  • Global Newspaper Trends: Readership Remains High
    From January, 1st 2013 - added on January, 4th 2013

    According to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, in 2012 more than 2.5 billion people read daily newspapers in print, 500 million read daily newspapers in both print and online, and 100 million read online only.

  • 84% of Americans Go Online Daily; Increase Thanks to Smartphones
    From December, 19th 2013 - added on January, 4th 2013

    In 2011, 78% of U.S. adults went online daily. In 2012, this number jumped to 84% -- thanks to the increasing adoption of smartphones.

  • 90% of Magazine & Newspaper Publishers Producing Mobile Content
    From December, 20th 2012 - added on December, 21st 2012

    In 2009, 51% of publications had developed mobile-optimized content. Four years later, the number has jumped to 90%--with the remaining 10% expected to join suit within the next 12 months.

  • 2013 Marketing Trends: Increased Investments for Email, Social, Mobile
    From December, 20th 2012 - added on December, 20th 2012

    Nine of 10 businesses plan to increase or maintain marketing spend in 2013 -- with email and social media marketing as top priorities, followed by mobile.

  • Smartphones Now Account for 17% of Time Spent With Internet
    From December, 17th 2012 - added on December, 19th 2012

    Smartphones now account for 17% of total time spent with the Internet across all devices, compared to 12% in 2011. Social media activities accounts for 31% of smartphone minutes.

  • Top Reasons Social Media Users Drop Companies and Brands
    From December, 10th 2012 - added on December, 19th 2012

    Irrelevant posts top the reasons why one in 3 social media users stop following or "un-like" a company or brand on a social network.

  • Survey Finds Majority of Americans Support "Do Not Mail"
    From December, 4th 2012 - added on December, 17th 2012

    A survey 81% of Americans support a Do Not Mail initiative. The authors suggest their findings serve as a wake-up call to markets and the USPS to find ways to address consumers concerns while preserving the fundamental service provided by the USPS.

  • Transitioning: Millennials' Media Consumption Habits
    From November, 15th 2012 - added on December, 12th 2012

    A new study from Scarborough shows media engagement by younger people has evolved over the past ten years with a transition from traditional news media toward more digital media.

  • U.S. Newspaper Ad Revenues Again Decline, Though Decreases Slow
    From November, 28th 2012 - added on December, 11th 2012

    U.S. newspaper advertising revenues continue their decline (-5.1% YOY), though the decreases have slowed.

  • A Third of Small Town Americans Rely Solely On Traditional Media for News
    From September, 26th 2012 - added on December, 10th 2012

    A third of small town and rural residents rely solely on traditional forms of media (print newspaper, local TV) for their local news than those in larger cities and suburbs.

  • Social Media Ads: Not Engaging Majority of Viewers
    From December, 7th 2012 - added on December, 7th 2012

    A new social media report from Nielsen finds ads delivered via Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc. don't engage the majority of viewers.

  • Millennials: "We Would Shop Less Without Newspaper Inserts"
    From December, 6th 2012 - added on December, 6th 2012

    More than Boomers and Gen Xers, it's Millennials (60%) who say they would shop less without newspaper inserts.

  • Direct Mail Remains Consumers' Preferred Choice for Marketing Messages
    From December, 3rd 2012 - added on December, 5th 2012

    Direct mail continues to deliver as consumers' preferred means of receiving marketing messages, with six out of 10 Americans reporting they "enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products."

  • Consumers Continue to Favor Offline Ads; Most Digital Formats Lose Ground
    From November, 30th 2012 - added on November, 30th 2012

    A new consumer attitude study finds that even in this digital-centric climate, Americans are likely to view offline media ads most favorably -- while most digital formats have experienced a decrease in favorability.

  • B2C Content Marketing Tactics and Effectiveness
    From November, 14th 2012 - added on November, 30th 2012

    A new B2C Content Marketing report finds 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing. On average, 12 different strategies are employed, with social media being the top tactic.

  • Nearly 2 in 5 Tablet Owners Read Newspapers and Magazines on Their Device
    From October, 17th 2012 - added on November, 29th 2012

    An analysis of tablet newspaper and magazine readership data from comScore finds that nearly 2 in 5 U.S. tablet owners read newspapers and/or magazines on their device in August, with 1 in 10 reading publications almost daily.

  • Print Catalogs Remain Essential to Many Consumers
    From November, 21st 2012 - added on November, 27th 2012

    U.S. consumers continue to rely heavily on the print catalogs -- 46% find them a "very" or "extremely" useful aid in the shopping process.

  • Americans Consume 11+ Hours of Media Daily
    From November, 26th 2012 - added on November, 26th 2012

    U.S. adults fit more than 11 hours of media content into the average day in 2012. In the past 4 years, time spent with mobile has increased 273% while time spent with print has decreased 31%.

  • Marketers: Cross-Channel Marketing Essential; Execution Challenges Hinder Success
    From October, 15th 2012 - added on November, 15th 2012

    Eight out of 10 marketers believe cross-channel marketing is essential to the success of their business, yet execution challenges hinder their efforts.

  • Shoppers Tend to Blame Brands When Mobile In-Store Offerings Don't Work
    From November, 6th 2012 - added on November, 13th 2012

    What happens when in-store mobile technology -- such as QR codes and brand apps -- doesn't work properly? Shoppers tend to blame the brand for the problem, which can reflect itself in lost sales.

  • Holiday Shoppers to Rely On Blend of Sources This Season
    From November, 12th 2012 - added on November, 13th 2012

    Consumers are expected to rely on a blend of offline and digital information sources as they look for holiday gift ideas and sales this year.

  • Smartphones and Tablets Now Account for 1 in 8 U.S. Internet Page Views
    From October, 1st 2012 - added on November, 9th 2012

    Mobile devices nearly doubled their share of internet traffic in just the past year.

  • Effective B2B Content Marketing Relies On Engaging Storytelling
    From October, 5th 2012 - added on November, 8th 2012

    Eight out of 10 B2B marketers say effective content marketing is dependent on engaging and compelling storytelling.

  • Email Clutter: 44% Say More Than Half of Their Emails Come From Marketers
    From November, 8th 2012 - added on November, 8th 2012

    More than four in 10 of U.S. adults surveyed say more than half of emails received every week come from marketers. Nearly the same number (40%) say they enjoy getting emails weekly, if from their favorite brands.

  • Two-Thirds of Mobile Users Plan to Holiday Shop In-Store with Their Device in Hand
    From November, 6th 2012 - added on November, 6th 2012

    The majority of smartphone and tablet users are likely to engage with their devices while in-store holiday shopping this season -- they will research, compare, purchase and more.

  • Consumers Often Feel Misled By Ads Appearing As Content
    From November, 5th 2012 - added on November, 5th 2012

    A new survey on consumers' perceptions about ads appearing as content can be damaging to brand trust.

  • Small Biz Says Business Cards 'Critically Important for Networking'
    From October, 31st 2012 - added on October, 31st 2012

    Forty percent of small business owners strongly agree that their business card 'is critically important for successfully networking.'

  • Disconnect Between Companies' Understanding of Social Media and The Actions They Take
    From October, 26th 2012 - added on October, 30th 2012

    New research out of Stanford University finds a disconnect between companies' understanding of social media -- both the opportunities and the risks -- and the actions they are taking to apply it to their businesses.

  • Study Reveals Online Marketing is Falling Short with Consumers
    From October, 24th 2012 - added on October, 29th 2012

    A new study from Adobe finds both consumers and professional marketers believe traditional marketing is still more effective than online marketing.

  • Tablets Ads Deliver Better Results Than Mobile
    From October, 25th 2012 - added on October, 25th 2012

    Recent advertising effectiveness analysis finds tablet display ads delivered better results than mobile.

  • Biz Publishing Sector Cautious About Mobile
    From October, 23rd 2012 - added on October, 23rd 2012

    A recent study of business publishers finds that 19% of their total audiences access their content via mobile devices, yet only 5% of their digital revenue is generated through mobile.

  • Consumers Are Interacting With Digital Magazine Ads
    From October, 17th 2012 - added on October, 23rd 2012

    More than half of consumers who read a magazine advertisement on their tablet or e-reader interacted with the ad, according to new research from GfK MRI Starch Digital.

  • Mobile's Popularity Grows; Ad Dollars Slow to Catch Up
    From October, 23rd 2012 - added on October, 23rd 2012

    According to analysis by eMarketer, U.S. consumer time spent using mobile devices for activities other than talk has more than doubled in the past two years. While ad dollars have been slow to follow, that is changing.

  • Number of Americans Who Read Print Newspapers Continues Decline
    From October, 16th 2012 - added on October, 16th 2012

    According to Pew, only 29% say they read a newspaper yesterday, with just 23% reading a print newspaper. Over the past decade, the percentage reading a print newspaper has fallen by 18 points (from 41% to 23%).

  • Survey: Printers Remain Optimistic On Print's Future
    From October, 16th 2012 - added on October, 16th 2012

    A survey finds more than 70% of printers said they are optimistic about the future, believing that print will always be part of the communications mix, but expect volumes will decline.

  • Consumers: Printed Ads Would Be Missed Most
    From October, 3rd 2012 - added on October, 10th 2012

    When consumers were asked, "Which of the following forms of advertising would you miss most if it disappeared tomorrow?," the response was overwhelmingly printed ads.

  • Marketers Overestimate The Power of Digital
    From October, 3rd 2012 - added on October, 10th 2012

    Most consumers are not keen to new forms of direct marketing, such as mobile and social media, and would rather communicate with brands through established direct mail and email channels, a new study finds.

  • Survey: Marketers Take A Look At Their Social Marketing Efforts
    From September, 26th 2012 - added on October, 9th 2012

    Chief Marketer examines marketers' views of their social media efforts -- from strategies and tactics to measurement and frustrations.

  • Social Tactics Not Meaningful Sales Drivers
    From September, 25th 2012 - added on October, 5th 2012

    A new study finds social media has very little influence on online purchases. In fact, less than 1% of transactions could be traced back social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

  • VSS: Communications Industry to Grow 5.2% through 2016
    From October, 1st 2012 - added on October, 1st 2012

    Spending within the U.S. Communications Industry to grow at a 5.2% CAGR to $1.455 trillion by 2016, almost two times the growth rate during the past five years.

  • Parents Seeking Offers, Coupons Turn to Print and Digital
    From August, 20th 2012 - added on September, 27th 2012

    A Harris poll finds parents are more likely than consumers without children to have stepped up money saving activities, with traditional channels showing a slight lead as the place to go for offers.

  • Consumers Question Benefit of Sharing Personal Info With Marketers
    From September, 25th 2012 - added on September, 25th 2012

    A majority of North American consumers believe their "data is an asset to companies," but don't feel they're "receiving a benefit from sharing personal information with marketers."

  • PIA Report: Printing Industry Profits Increase Again
    From September, 24th 2012 - added on September, 25th 2012

    The printing industry sees its second increase in profits in the last three years.

  • U.S. Printing Manufacturers Optimistic About Economy, Sales And Hiring
    From September, 4th 2012 - added on September, 17th 2012

    A survey of U.S. printing manufacturers finds optimism with an anticipated increase in sales and hiring over the next year.

  • 40% of Mobile Ad Clicks Are Fraudulent Or Accidental
    From September, 17th 2012 - added on September, 17th 2012

    Approximately 10% of Internet ad traffic comes from mobile devices yet 40% of mobile ad clicks are fraudulent or accidental, a study finds.

  • Companies Report Difficulties Measuring Social Media's Impact
    From September, 7th 2012 - added on September, 13th 2012

    While companies agree that social media is an important marketing tactic, nearly three-quarters say measuring its impact is very difficult and two-thirds report having no clear social media activity objectives.

  • College Students' Marketing Preferences - It's Not All Digital
    From September, 13th 2012 - added on September, 13th 2012

    Despite the prevalence of social media and the Internet, college students say traditional means -- word-of-mouth and TV ads -- are the most effective forms of advertising.

  • Airports Deliver High Value Audiences for Advertisers
    From April, 17th 2012 - added on August, 28th 2012

    A national survey of Frequent Flyers highlights the value to advertisers of targeting these travellers as they traverse airports to their final destinations.

  • Study Reveals Link Between Magazines and Social Among Millennials
    From August, 23rd 2012 - added on August, 28th 2012

    A new study of over 1,000 younger consumers finds Gen Y enjoy and engage with magazine content -- they're just reading them in different ways.

  • Catalogs Remain Key Tool for Online Merchants
    From August, 23rd 2012 - added on August, 23rd 2012

    According to Multichannel Marketing Magazine's 2012-13 Catalog Outlook Survey, online merchants continue to embrace catalogs as part of their effort to effectively market and increase sales.

  • 2012 Global Ad Spend Growth Projection Scaled Back
    From August, 6th 2012 - added on August, 14th 2012

    Industry predictions for 2012 global ad spend growth have fallen by almost a full percentage point since April, according to the latest forecast from Warc. Global magazine and newspaper ad spending will decline by 2.1% and 2.5% this year, respectively.

  • Print Statements and Bills Still Favored by Many U.S. Consumers
    From January, 6th 2012 - added on August, 1st 2012

    A survey of more than 5,000 US households found that 71% of consumers open print financial statements and bills mailed to them, and 65% said they actually preferred to get a print copy of their bill or statement.

  • Direct Mail: Top Channel for Some of America's Best Known Companies
    From March, 22nd 2012 - added on July, 30th 2012

    Among some of America's most well-known companies, direct mail ranks number one in planned marketing channels.

  • Consumers Take Action Thanks to Magazine Ads
    From July, 26th 2012 - added on July, 26th 2012

    Six out of 10 magazine readers say exposure to specific magazine ads led them to take, or plan to take, action (such as make a purchase).

  • Share of U.S. Advertising Spend by Medium
    From July, 26th 2012 - added on July, 26th 2012

    Share of U.S. advertising spend by medium via Kantar Media.

  • 94% of Consumer Say Online Privacy is Important to Them
    From July, 17th 2012 - added on July, 24th 2012

    Online privacy and targeted advertising remains a top concern for almost all consumers with business impact across all online and mobile platforms, says new report.

  • U.S. Gadget Ownership
    From June, 28th 2012 - added on July, 19th 2012

    Data from Pew's Internet & American Life Project detailing ownership of cell phones, desktops PCs, laptops and e-book readers.

  • QR Codes Not Giving Consumers What They Want
    From July, 17th 2012 - added on July, 18th 2012

    According to a report by eMarketer, QR codes 'have not fulfilled their promise and connected with large audiences." Marketers seem more focused on brand messaging and list-building while consumers want discounts.

  • Traditional Media Still Most Trusted Sources of Info and News
    From July, 11th 2012 - added on July, 11th 2012

    A recent study finds consumer trust in traditional media is much higher than digital media, while online research holds the most sway with influencing brand-buying buying decisions.

  • Study: The Power of Magazine Advertising
    From July, 9th 2012 - added on July, 11th 2012

    New research out of the UK finds magazines drive consumers towards purchase, are highly engaging and trusted, and are the medium most likely to hold consumers' sole attention.

  • Grocers Realize Most Success With Print, Growth in Digital and Social Anticipated
    From July, 9th 2012 - added on July, 10th 2012

    A Valassis grocery retailer marketing survey finds 90% of retailers consider weekly circulars their top promotional vehicle.

  • Facebook Ads: Awareness Top Goal; Many Have No Idea If Ads Work
    From July, 9th 2012 - added on July, 9th 2012

    Building brand awareness is far and away the top goal of Facebook marketers. The survey also finds the majority of marketers are unsure of its usefulness in driving purchase intent.

  • Direct Mail Industry: Bouncing Back, Yet Facing Challenges
    From July, 5th 2012 - added on July, 6th 2012

    The recession of the past 5 years caused demand for the U.S. Direct Mail Advertising industry to fall moderately, yet it is expected to rebound over the next 5 years, despite heightened competition.

  • Hard Economic Times: Funny Ads Most Effective
    From June, 21st 2012 - added on June, 29th 2012

    A Nielsen study of ad effectiveness before, during and after the recession of 2006-2011, finds funny ads trump ads emphasizing price and promotions, regardless of economic times.

  • Most Influential: TV, Followed by Newspapers
    From June, 29th 2012 - added on June, 29th 2012

    American consumers say the advertising medium most influential in their purchase decision is by far, TV (37.2%), followed by newspapers (10.6%), the Internet (5.6%), and magazines (4.4%).

  • Direct Mail Gets Most Responses; Email Highest ROI
    From June, 26th 2012 - added on June, 26th 2012

    According to the DMA's 2012 Response Rate Report, direct mail generates higher conversion rates than digital channels, while email demonstrates the highest ROI.

  • It's Hip to be Square: QR Code Use Soars
    From June, 5th 2012 - added on June, 20th 2012

    A Multichannel Merchant survey finds the number of merchants using QR codes as part of their marketing strategy has more than quadrupled compared to last year.

  • Facebook Ads, Comments Don't Sway Purchases
    From June, 6th 2012 - added on June, 7th 2012

    Four out of five Facebook users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising or comments on Facebook, a Reuters/Ipsos online poll shows.

  • Many Mobile Users Keep Print Newspapers Subscriptions
    From June, 4th 2012 - added on June, 6th 2012

    A U. of Missouri survey finds the increased use of mobile devices does not yet appear to have accelerated the switch from print to digital news consumption.

  • Offline Ads Drive Mobile Response
    From June, 4th 2012 - added on June, 4th 2012

    Smartphones are changing the way consumers shop -- 96% of owners have researched a product or service on their device and offline ads are proven drivers of mobile search.

  • Direct Mail Motivating More Online Donations
    From May, 27th 2012 - added on May, 29th 2012

    Donors are more than three times more likely to give an online gift in response to a direct mail appeal than an e-appeal, according to a new national study.

  • Coupons Work --Even When They're Not Used
    From May, 25th 2012 - added on May, 25th 2012

    Data analysis of a 16-month field experiment finds that coupons -- whether used or not -- still increase awareness purchasing of a brand or retailer.

  • 83% Rarely or Never Click on Facebook Ads
    From May, 22nd 2012 - added on May, 24th 2012

    An AP-CNBC poll finds 83% of U.S. adult Facebook users hardly ever or never click on online ads or sponsored content when using Facebook.

  • Multiscreen Consumers Mix Offline and Online In Engaging With Brands
    From May, 24th 2012 - added on May, 24th 2012

    A study examining how consumers interact with media in the current multi-device environment finds offline and online sources are used for research and engagement.

  • Effective Store Signage Pays Off in Sales
    From May, 14th 2012 - added on May, 14th 2012

    A survey examining the attraction and impact of small business store signage on the American consumer finds 68% have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

  • Consumers Welcome and Prefer Offline Restaurant Marketing Offers Most
    From May, 14th 2012 - added on May, 14th 2012

    When it comes to receiving promotional communications from restaurants, consumers prefer, and act on, traditional marketing more than online channels.

  • 2012 Direct Marketing ROI Forecast
    From October, 31st 2011 - added on May, 10th 2012

    Direct marketing ROI is improving. In general, for 2012, an investment of $1 in direct marketing ad expenditures is up -- it is predicted to return, on average, $12.18 in incremental revenue across all industries. In comparison, non-DM ROI is expected to be $5.26 in 2012.

  • U.S. Direct Marketing Spend By Medium
    From May, 8th 2012 - added on May, 8th 2012

    The U.S. Direct Marketing Spend By Medium (Email, Direct, Internet, Social, and Mobile) from the DMA.

  • Direct Mail Promotions Catch the Eye
    From March, 20th 2012 - added on May, 4th 2012

    Consumers say they are more likely to purchase based on direct mail offers than offers received via email; Mailings featuring coupons and exclusive offers are the most attention grabbing.

  • Updated: The 20 Tweetable Truths About Magazines
    From April, 30th 2012 - added on April, 30th 2012

    The Magazine Publishers of America's has updated its "The Twenty Tweetable Truths About Magazine Media." The quick moving video highlights the enduring value and vitality of the magazine industry.

  • Consumers Value Physical Mail, Even In This Digital Era
    From April, 27th 2012 - added on April, 23rd 2012

    A survey conducted by Nielsen confirms consumers value physical mail, even in this digital era, and that marketing messages delivered via envelope get opened.

  • Excessive Social Media Marketing Results In Backlash
    From March, 28th 2012 - added on April, 19th 2012

    A study finds that 52% of Americans have liked, followed or subscribed to a company/brand via social networking or email. However, close to a third later turn around and break it off. Once this occurs, they then view the brand more negatively, shop/visit a retailer less often and thus spend less.

  • Americans Spend 11 Hours Per Day With Major Media
    From March, 23rd 2012 - added on April, 19th 2012

    Data analysis conducted by eMarketer estimates U.S. adults "crammed more than 11 hours of media content into an average day in 2011."

  • One in 5 U.S. Adults Not Online, Thus Don't See Ads
    From April, 13th 2012 - added on April, 18th 2012

    The Pew Internet Project finds that one in five U.S. adults -- senior citizens, Spanish speakers and low-income families -- is not on the Internet. Simply said, these consumers are not part of the search, online, and social media advertising audience.

  • Three-Quarters of Newspaper Readers Use Printed Circulars
    From April, 16th 2012 - added on April, 16th 2012

    A new study from the NAA shows Internet users rely on local newspaper media - digital as well as print as key sources of news and information, and are engaging with their local newspaper across multiple platforms. Three-quarters (73%) have used newspaper printed circulars in the past 30 days.

  • FSI Coupon Activity Increased 30.7% in 2011
    From March, 7th 2012 - added on April, 16th 2012

    Kantar Media reports that retailer advertising expenditures increased 1.6% and retailer participation in Free Standing Insert (FSI) coupon promotion pages increased 30.7% in 2011 versus 2010. Additionally, digital coupon events increased 40.4% during this period.

  • Direct Mail Still Works and Consumers Still Want It
    From April, 4th 2012 - added on April, 11th 2012

    A study finds 66% of online Americans have made a purchase as a result of email and nearly just as many (65%) purchased a product or service thanks to direct mail; This is nearly 3x the percentage who have purchased after receiving marketing messages delivered via Facebook (20%).

  • Study: Marketers Struggle with Data, Measurement and ROI
    From March, 12th 2012 - added on March, 27th 2012

    A survey of senior marketing execs find they are struggling with collecting data to make real-time decisions, measuring the ROI of digital tools (such as Facebook), and confusion about the meaning and significance of ROI among marketers.

  • Majority of Web Users Disapprove of Targeted Ads
    From March, 9th 2012 - added on March, 27th 2012

    The majority of Internet users do not like search engines and other websites collecting information about them and using it to target them with advertising, according to data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

  • The State of Custom Content Publishing 2012
    From March, 22nd 2012 - added on March, 22nd 2012

    The 12th annual study finds print still captures the majority of money spent on custom media, with $23.6 billion spent, yet electronic, video, and other formats reached an all-time high spend of $16.6 billion in 2011.

  • Marketing Practices That Inspire vs. Those That Irritate
    From March, 20th 2012 - added on March, 20th 2012

    A survey on what customers expect and desire from interactions with businesses. Among the findings -- 74% welcome direct mail if sent monthly.

  • Offline Media Influences Smartphone Searches, Purchases
    From March, 19th 2012 - added on March, 19th 2012

    A Google smartphone study finds that users notice mobile ads, that offline influences search, and that search results in purchases.

  • High Proportion of Display Ads Not Seen by Intended Audience
    From March, 19th 2012 - added on March, 19th 2012

    A review of user engagement with display ads finds that that nearly 40% of these ads are not seen by their intended audience.

  • Consumers Turning Off from Digital Ads
    From February, 24th 2012 - added on March, 12th 2012

    A new report finds that the majority of consumers feel there are too many digital ads, and that they are too pervasive.

  • 2,300+ Advertisers Utilized Mobile Codes in 2011
    From February, 29th 2012 - added on February, 29th 2012

    According to advertising tracking firm Competitrack, more than 2,300 U.S. advertisers used 2D codes in their ads last year. The vast majority (96% of the codes) ran in print.

  • Most Smartphone Owners Don't Want Ads Sent to Them
    From January, 10th 2012 - added on February, 17th 2012

    According to a survey of mobile phone owners, 55.2% do not want promotional messages sent to their phones.

  • Many Consumers Just Prefer Reading the Printed Versions of Magazines
    From February, 16th 2012 - added on February, 16th 2012

    There are almost 187 million magazine reading adults in the U.S. -- and almost half (46%) are interacting with their favorite magazines exclusively in print.

  • Coupons #2 Most Read Newspaper Section
    From January, 1st 2012 - added on February, 16th 2012

    Sunday newspaper ad inserts remain a sought out feature with consumers. Among all U.S. consumers, 29.6% regularly read the Sunday ad inserts.

  • Social Media: A Marketing Priority, Not Yet a Revenue Generator
    From February, 14th 2012 - added on February, 15th 2012

    Social media engagement leads the list of "most exciting digital opportunities" for marketers in 2012, yet its effectiveness as a revenue generating channel is less encouraging.

  • Consumers: Traditional Ad Channels More Engaging
    From February, 9th 2012 - added on February, 13th 2012

    A 2012 study finds that traditional ad channels outperform digital channels in engaging American consumers. TV, magazine, and direct mail ads take top billing. Digital ads featured via search engines, social media and blogs rank at the bottom.

  • Consumers Turn to Print, TV, Radio, Not Social Media, for New Brand Info
    From February, 7th 2012 - added on February, 7th 2012

    Offline channels, such as TV, print media and radio -- not Facebook or Twitter -- are the ways consumers most frequently discovered new brands, products and services, recent research finds.

  • Social Media Tools Used By Fastest Growing U.S. Companies
    From February, 7th 2012 - added on February, 7th 2012

    A study on the adoption and use of social media in the 500 fastest growing U.S. companies indicates that corporate usage of social media within the Inc. 500 has changed in the past 12 months. The study reveals the incorporation of new platforms and tools including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, texting, downloadable mobile apps and Foursquare. There is a reduction in the use of blogging, message boards, video blogging, podcasting and MySpace.

  • Women Most Notice Price, Quality Info in Advertising
    From January, 26th 2012 - added on January, 26th 2012

    The top elements of advertising that make women "take notice" are an easily found price (45%) and proof or details of quality (43%) followed by relevant messaging (39%) and ads that are easy to remember (28%).

  • Americans Still Prefer Print and Paper Communications
    From January, 18th 2012 - added on January, 20th 2012

    According to a recent survey, Americans have declared their preference for paper-based media in a digital world with 70% stating they prefer to read print and paper communications than reading off a screen.

  • Mobile Marketers Most Interested In Apps & Barcodes
    From December, 15th 2011 - added on January, 19th 2012

    According to a survey of U.S. marketing executives, mobile marketing is an integral part of their 2012 marketing strategy with mobile apps (43%) and mobile barcodes (41%) rank highest as mobile marketing strategies companies are interested in deploying in the next 12 months.

  • Moms Lead Way In Use of QR Codes to Find Deals
    From November, 9th 2012 - added on January, 17th 2012

    A study examining the shopping behaviors of 8,000 U.S. mothers shows moms are more likely than the general population to include use of QR codes in their deal-finding arsenal.

  • Global Yellow Pages: Digital Revenues Overtake Print By 2015
    From December, 6th 2011 - added on January, 4th 2012

    BIA/Kelsey expects revenues from print and online directories to decline globally from $23.4 billion in 2011 to $22.0 billion in 2015, representing a compound annual growth rate of -1.5%. BIA/Kelsey believes newer services (websites, video, social, mobile, SEM) rather than established Internet Yellow Pages platforms will be the primary digital growth drivers for directory publishers in the coming years.

  • Electronic Media vs. Print: All Generations Prefer Paper
    From November, 15th 2011 - added on January, 4th 2012

    A European survey finds that paper is still the favored medium of all age groups -- including young adults.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 Smartphone Users Made a Purchase After Scanning a QR Code
    From January, 4th 2012 - added on January, 4th 2012

    A recent study of over 1,200 U.S. consumers looked at how people are using QR codes. While only 21% know QR codes by name, 81% of respondents recognize them by sight and nearly 20% of smartphone users say they have made a purchase after scanning.

  • Print Sways Shoppers' Store Choices, Even Among Young
    From December, 13th 2011 - added on December, 19th 2011

    Contrary to the message that is often heard regarding print losing ground to digital channels as a means of influence, consumers state that it is print that most influences their store choices--even among the Millennials.

  • Holiday Shoppers Rely On Array of Planning Resources
    From December, 6th 2011 - added on December, 16th 2011

    A Harris Poll finds that consumers planning their shopping this holiday season "are utilizing multiple information sources -- both traditional and emerging technology sources -- in their planning and shopping process."

  • Smartphones to Drive Marketing Efforts in 2012
    From December, 6th 2011 - added on December, 16th 2011

    Smartphone applications and QR mobile barcodes are expected to spur innovation and sales in the marketing world in 2012, according to a survey of marketing executives. Nine out of 10 respondents expect their mobile marketing program to increase in the next 12 months

  • Color Text & Graphics Get Envelopes Opened
    From April, 1st 2010 - added on December, 6th 2011

    Consumers say they're more likely to open envelopes with color text and graphics on the front.

  • Consumer Survey: "We Prefer Direct Mail"
    From December, 1st 2011 - added on December, 2nd 2011

    Epsilon Targeting's latest Consumer Channel Preference Study of nearly 5,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers, finds direct mail continues to deliver as consumers' preferred means of receiving marketing messages from brands.

  • 80% of College Students Unable to Figure Out QR Codes
    From November, 28th 2011 - added on November, 30th 2011

    A survey to gauge college students' engagement with QR codes finds the majority unable to successfully use them, nor are they likely to use them in the future.

  • Readers Prefer Their Community Newspapers for Local News and Advertising
    From November, 29th 2011 - added on November, 29th 2011

    Readers in areas served by community newspapers continue to prefer the local newspaper as their sources of local news and advertising. The 2011 results of the annual survey by the National Newspaper Association shows that 74% of people in communities served by a newspaper with circulations under 15,000 read their local newspaper each week.

  • Reaching the Holiday Shopper - What Works
    From November, 16th 2011 - added on November, 22nd 2011

    A 2011 holiday shopping study examines what marketing tools consumers will use, and react to, this holiday season to find the best prices. Consumers indicate they respond best to personalized offers, also turn to newspaper inserts.

  • Advertising Provides Value, Is Helpful, Yet Truthfulness Questioned
    From November, 21st 2011 - added on November, 21st 2011

    A report commissioned by Advertising Standards Canada surveyed 1,378 Canadians and 800 Americans for perceptions and attitudes towards advertising. Overall, respondents find ads provide value and are helpful, but they aren't so confident that they are truthful or accurate

  • Just 1 in 3 Consumers Say QR Code Scan Was Worth It
    From November, 21st 2011 - added on November, 21st 2011

    A survey of more than 500 U.S. consumers finds that 72% of consumers say they have seen a QR code, yet nearly 30% of these respondents do not know what it is.

  • Social Interactions Don't Necessarily Lead to Brand Loyalty
    From November, 21st 2011 - added on November, 21st 2011

    "While much of the marketing community is focused on sealing better relationships between brands and consumers via social media, a new study from Pitney Bowes suggests that their efforts would be better spent in other areas," according to a new consumer engagement study from customer communications management firm Pitney Bowes

  • Print Magazines Still Dominate Overall Magazine Engagement
    From November, 19th 2011 - added on November, 19th 2011

    In its annual Survey of the American Consumer, media and consumer research firm Gfk MRI interviewed approximately 26,000 American adults on their media consumption habits, including magazines. The latest survey finds that out of 1.6 billion magazine exposures, print was the format turned to by 9 out of 10 of the overall audience.

  • Online Ads: Who Is (And Isn't) Clicking and Why
    From November, 18th 2011 - added on November, 18th 2011

    A survey finds that two in three have clicked or acted on an ad in the past six months, yet for respondents who don't click on ads, 21% say the main reason is because they fear getting a computer virus, and another 17% don't trust ads to be truthful. One in 4 for say they ignore online ads altogether, regardless of ad relevance.

  • Small Businesses and Social Media Marketing
    From November, 17th 2011 - added on November, 17th 2011

    Small businesses are becoming more comfortable with social media marketing and are using it more when engaging with customers, according to new study from email marketing company Constant Contact. In addition, it is not at the expense of other marketing efforts; in fact, 65% report that social media tools complement other forms of marketing.

  • Newspapers Remain Important to Comparison Shoppers
    From November, 14th 2011 - added on November, 14th 2011

    According to a new report by comScore, an online measurement provider, a considerable number of U.S. female shoppers use newspapers for comparing prices and finding deals.

  • Six Out of Ten Mobile Users, Ages 25-34, Own Smartphones
    From November, 3rd 2011 - added on November, 7th 2011

    Nielsen's third quarter survey of U.S. mobile users find that the majority of Millennials and GenXers sport an "essential for mobile commerce," smartphone device.

  • Localized Ads a Key Focus for National Brands
    From October, 31st 2011 - added on November, 3rd 2011

    Localized marketing is becoming a critical area of strategic focus and competitive advantage for brands, reports the CMO Council. The most preferred channels for localized marketing are: experiential events, direct mail, FSIs, localized web sites, social networks, electronic messaging, and, interactive digital signage.

  • Female Shoppers of All Generations Rely On Print
    From October, 1st 2011 - added on October, 31st 2011

    It's estimated women control approximately $5 trillion in spending annually. When it comes to marketing channels and their use in the purchase process -- younger and older female consumers cite coupons, inserts, and direct mail and newspaper ads as most useful.

  • Consumers Find Direct Mail Useful
    From October, 27th 2011 - added on October, 27th 2011

    Select direct mail stats from the DMA 2011 Statistical Fact Book.

  • Professionals Not Replacing Print With Digital
    From October, 19th 2011 - added on October, 19th 2011

    Business professionals say the top sources they regularly use to keep current include print magazines, as well as search engines and enewsletters.

  • Young Marketers Embrace Direct Mail
    From June, 10th 2011 - added on September, 22nd 2011

    A marketing channel use survey conducted by Pitney Bowes and marketing research firm Vision Critical finds that direct mail is embraced by four out of 10 marketers and that marketers under 35 are also more likely than other age groups to use direct mail in their marketing mix.

  • Newspaper Circulars Still Preferred for Back-to-School Shopping
    From September, 20th 2011 - added on September, 20th 2011

    Newspaper circulars are still tops, with 43% of shoppers saying this is their preferred resource for back-to-school shopping. Only 2% list mobile as a preferred shopping resource.

  • Key Direct Mailing Months Remain Stable
    From September, 8th 2011 - added on September, 20th 2011

    Paradysz's "2011 Seasonality Study" of direct mailing trends finds that key direct mail months and overall seasonal patterns remain relatively stable for most consumer sectors despite continued economic challenges.

  • Customers Say They Prefer Direct Mail and Email Marketing
    From September, 7th 2011 - added on September, 7th 2011

    According to a study of consumer preference for how brands communicate with them, consumers are using technology to control their relationships with brands and filter out unwanted communications. Direct mail and email marketing come out on top as the most accepted forms of communication.

  • Catalogs Provide Revenue Lift for Online Retailers
    From August, 3rd 2009 - added on September, 2nd 2011

    A study of online shoppers found that there was $21 million difference in online sales per million site visitors between those who had received a print catalog at their home address and those that had not.

  • Shoppers Looking for Savings Turn to Print
    From August, 12th 2011 - added on August, 16th 2011

    When it comes to coupons, the Sunday newspaper still remains the top source for savings. Almost half of all Americans get their household coupons from the Sunday newspaper. In-store circulars and direct mail follow as top sources.

  • QR Code Scans: Newspapers, Magazines Most Likely Source
    From August, 12th 2011 - added on August, 16th 2011

    According to comScore, Inc., 14 million mobile users in the U.S., representing 6.2% of the total mobile audience, scanned a QR or bar code on their mobile device, in June 2011. QR or bar code users are most likely to scan codes found in newspapers and magazines and on product packaging and do so while at home or in a store.

  • Online Shoppers Like Receiving Print Advertising
    From February, 3rd 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    Over 10,000 online shoppers how they preferred to hear about upcoming sales and promotions from favorite web retailers. Not surprisingly, email promotions come out on top for online shoppers. Yet, the #2 spot went to print mail, with a full one-quarter of all online shoppers say a print catalog or a direct mail promotional piece received at home is preferred.

  • Integrating Direct Mail Into Campaigns Can Boost ROI 20%
    From October, 1st 2010 - added on August, 5th 2011

    Combining direct mail with other marketing activities increases campaign payback by up to 20%, research out of the UK shows.

  • Print Media Tops With Wealthy Americans
    From August, 5th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    A survey by Ipsos Mendelsohn of wealthy Americans use of new and traditional media finds that "there is no denying that traditional outlets are thriving in the lives of consumers today," and that they "form the core of how most consumers interact with media."

  • Cross-Media Tactics Essential For Communicating With Customers
    From October, 31st 2010 - added on August, 5th 2011

    According to an InfoTrends study, marketers report their organizations employing a growing number of media channels, as well as a shift toward not only using more digital marketing channels, but more options of all kinds.

  • Consumers Want Proof of Green Claims
    From April, 27th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    Six out of 10 U.S. consumers feel that it is acceptable for companies to make "green" claims in their marketing IF the company backs up the claim with additional details.

  • Newspaper Ads: Far and Away Tops with Grocery Shoppers
    From August, 5th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    A shopper study finds that in general the Internet is "the source most shoppers access for product information, but this is not true for all retail verticals." Newspaper ads remain the top choice for grocery shoppers (chosen by 40%) and relatively strong with those shopping for home goods (16%), as well as apparel shoppers (11%).

  • Pew: Overview of U.S. Smartphone Adoption
    From July, 11th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project finds that as of May 2011, one-third of all American adults (35%) are smartphone owners.

  • Nielsen: Shoppers Prefer Print Ads for Sales and Promotions
    From July, 5th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    New research from Nielsen examining the benefits of print and digital advertising finds that shoppers prefer print advertising, followed by basic digital (websites, email).

  • The Influence of Print, Digital, and Social On Today's Purchase Decision
    From July, 6th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    A national study commissioned by Google explores how the changing world of media is influencing the shopping decision-making and the roles that print, digital and social media are playing.

  • Update: Smartphones and Consumers
    From June, 30th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    The latest facts on the growth of the U.S. mobile market from ExactTarget's and CoTweet's Subscribers, Fans and Followers research series.

  • Tablet/eReader Owners Are Heavy Readers of Print Magazines and Newspapers
    From June, 30th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    Consumer research from GfK MRI shows that adult owners of eReaders, like the Kindle and the Nook, and tablets, such as the iPad, are also heavy readers of the printed versions of magazines and newspapers.

  • Consumers Turn to Yellow Pages and Search for Local Biz Info
    From August, 5th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    Despite prevailing perceptions, a survey finds that consumers use Yellow Pages (74%) and search engines (76%) most to find local businesses -- outpacing other local media including social networks, magazines, newspapers, and promotional circulars/emails.

  • Back-to-School Shopping Moms Not Looking to Social Media for Promotions
    From June, 23rd 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    A back-to-school survey finds that moms are not looking to social media for information about back-to-school products and promotions. Moms say they prefer emails directly from brands or retail stores followed by Sunday newspaper inserts, and personal referrals from family and friends.

  • U.S. Adults Read 8 Different Magazines a Month
    From June, 22nd 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    According to media research firm Affinity, specializing in print and digital magazine audience measurement, more than 184 million American adults read magazines in print or electronic form every month (an average of 8.1 per month).

  • Daily Deal Sites: Financial Gains, Customer Loyalty Fall Short
    From June, 14th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    A study of the daily deal industry finds that not enough businesses are coming back to daily deals to make the industry sustainable in the long run. In addition, businesses spending their marketing dollars on daily deal sites are not building their brand by offering discounted prices for their products and services.

  • Direct Mail Drives Charitable Donations and Retention
    From June, 1st 2011 - added on June, 2nd 2011

    Although multichannel giving has become a popular objective of nonprofits as a way to build constituent support, it is not widely practiced. The typical organization receives more than three-quarters of its total gifts through direct mail and only 10% of its gifts online.

  • Magazines Boast Highest Levels of Consumer Engagement
    From January, 31st 2011 - added on June, 2nd 2011

    Magazines boast the highest levels of consumer engagement of any media, according to research performed by global neuroscience research company Neuro-Insight.

  • Digital Marketers Say Print Media Keeps Them Informed On Latest Trends
    From February, 18th 2011 - added on June, 1st 2011

    Digital marketers say that printed industry publications, followed by marketing blogs, are their top sources for staying abreast of the latest in digital marketing innovations and trends.

  • Traditional Media Also Motivates Affluents to Follow and "Like" Brands
    From May, 10th 2011 - added on June, 1st 2011

    According to the 2011 Affluence Collaborative survey the top reasons among affluent consumers for following brands on social media sites were an affinity for the brand and a desire to be kept informed. Print and other traditional media play a role in motivating the wealthy to "like" and follow a brand online.

  • SMBs Rely On Traditional and Digital Marketing Channels
    From May, 20th 2011 - added on May, 23rd 2011

    The majority of small businesses (76%) state that their ideal marketing mix is a combination of traditional and digital communications, according to a new survey released by Pitney Bowes Inc.

  • Traditional Ads Play Key Role in the Smartphone Purchase Funnel
    From April, 26th 2011 - added on May, 17th 2011

    Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT smartphone consumer behavior study shows ads in traditional media plays a key role in motivating users for to perform searches to assist in their shopping and subsequent purchases.

  • Continuously Updated Printing "Industry Snapshot" from WhatTheyThink
    From May, 10th 2011 - added on May, 10th 2011

    The WhatTheyThink Economics and Research Center, directed by Dr. Joe Webb features an "Industry Snapshot", featuring a live feed of industry data that is up-to-date and downloadable.

  • The State of Custom Content Publishing 2011
    From April, 7th 2011 - added on May, 10th 2011

    A Custom Content Council study finds companies focusing on higher-impact print custom publications, as well as emerging platforms (e.g.--video, mobile), for getting out their marketing message.

  • Small Biz Owners: Optimistic, Upping Ad Spend, Rely On Print
    From May, 6th 2011 - added on May, 6th 2011

    The fourth annual Signs of the Times national survey of small businesses find owners optimistic and increasing their use of all marketing and advertising tactics -- including use of print.

  • Traditional Advertising Has Most Impact on Buying Decisions
    From March, 23rd 2011 - added on April, 4th 2011

    According to Deloitte's fifth edition "State of the Media Democracy" survey, consumers say that the advertising that has the most impact on their purchasing decisions is delivered via traditional media.

  • Print Ads Garner Greater Attention than Online Ads
    From March, 23rd 2011 - added on April, 4th 2011

    Deloitte's fifth edition "State of the Media Democracy" survey finds consumers pay greater attention to print advertising than they do online ads.

  • Traditional Media Tops Social in Driving Online Traffic
    From March, 29th 2011 - added on April, 1st 2011

    Traditional media advertising remains a more effective driver of online traffic than social networking, a multinational study finds. In all of the nations assessed, social networks scored below those of TV, newspapers, radio, and email marketing offers.

  • Direct Mail Delivers Strong ROI, Yet Experiencing Highest Cuts
    From March, 1st 2011 - added on March, 11th 2011

    According to Target Marketing's 2011 Annual Media Usage Forecast survey results, despite direct mail being a top performer, it is the medium seeing the highest percentage of companies reducing spending (12.7%).

  • Direct Mail an Effective Tactic for Majority of B2B Organizations
    From March, 1st 2011 - added on March, 7th 2011

    According to data from the just released MarketingSherpa 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, the majority (79%) of B2B organizations find direct mail to be either very effective or somewhat effective for their organization.

  • Nine Out Of 10 Unsubscribe to Permission-Based Emails
    From February, 9th 2011 - added on March, 4th 2011

    According to a report from social media and targeted email marketing providers ExactTarget and CoTweet, 91% of US email users have subscribed to a company's email and later decided they don't want to receive these emails.

  • Ads Delivered via Print Most Liked of All Platforms
    From January, 24th 2011 - added on March, 4th 2011

    According to a new AdAge/Ipsos Observer study, U.S. consumers most like advertisements appearing in newspapers and magazines, more than any other source.

  • Most Effective Ad Channels Used by Local Small Businesses
    From February, 15th 2011 - added on February, 24th 2011

    MerchantCircle latest survey reports on online and offline marketing methods local merchants find most effective. Local small businesses are turning to search, social, and email channels -- and aren't giving up on mainstream advertising.

  • B2B Attitudes Towards Channel Choices
    From February, 1st 2011 - added on February, 3rd 2011

    Pitney Bowes surveyed 4,000 B2B marketers to uncover current B2B thinking regarding marketing channel choice and business communications in today's complex and challenging communication environment. The report confirms the importance of print in the integrated marketing mix.

  • Nearly Half of Mobile Ads Clicked by Mistake
    From January, 27th 2011 - added on February, 3rd 2011

    According to a survey of over 4,000 US consumers, 47% of mobile app users say they click/tap on mobile ads more often by mistake than they do on purpose.

  • Direct Mail ROI: Every Dollar Spent Generates $12.57 In Sales
    From June, 30th 2010 - added on February, 2nd 2011

    According to the DMA, a dollar investment in direct marketing advertising generates $12.57 in sales.

  • Enthusiasm for Print Magazines Remains Strong
    From February, 1st 2011 - added on February, 2nd 2011

    According to Deloitte's State of the Media Democracy survey, while 2010 witnessed another explosion of digital content, print magazines have "survived the digital tsunami," and that magazine advertising remains an important source of info for U.S. consumers.

  • Direct Mail Drives Online Giving More than Email Appeals
    From October, 19th 2010 - added on January, 12th 2011

    More than twice as many online donors say they were prompted to give an online gift in response to a direct mail appeal compared to when they received an e-mail appeal, according to a national study.

  • Two-Thirds of Americans Would Approve of Limiting Ad Tracking
    From December, 23rd 2010 - added on January, 7th 2011

    According to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll examining Americans perceptions regarding online advertising and tracking their movements online, the majority are "largely opposed to such tactics -- even if they help to keep websites free."

  • SMB Execs Take Multi-Pronged Approach to Vendor Research
    From January, 5th 2011 - added on January, 6th 2011

    When comparison shopping for vendors and service providers for their small and mid-sized business needs, 75% of business executives say they rely on word-of-mouth or the Internet. Print plays an important role also as 59% state they rely on trade magazines to guide them in vendor selection.

  • Consumer Sentiment Split Over Targeted Ads
    From December, 14th 2010 - added on December, 20th 2010

    Burst Media's survey of consumer sentiment on ads tailored for the individual viewer based on a profile or past web surfing behavior finds that the majority (78.2%) recall seeing online ads that appeared to be tailored to them -- and one-third of these respondents (34.2%) say they dislike these ads.

  • B2B Marketing: Traditional and Digital Working Together
    From December, 3rd 2010 - added on December, 7th 2010

    According to Google's report "2011 B2B Marketing Outlook," traditional marketing makes up the majority (66%) of B2B marketing budgets, despite the growth of digital advertising.

  • Online Ads Most Likely to Be Ignored
    From December, 3rd 2010 - added on December, 7th 2010

    In a recent survey by Adweek Media/Harris Poll, when U.S. adults were asked which type of ads do they tend to ignore or disregard the most, more than six in 10 say Internet ads (63%).

  • Video Recap: "Print Delivers" the Message (Fall 2010 )
    From November, 30th 2010 - added on December, 2nd 2010

    A succinct, informative video recap of the latest Print Delivers presentation in Chicago on November 2, sponsored by The Print Council, featured on Kodak's B2B YouTube channel.

  • Young Adults Most Trusting of Advertising Claims
    From November, 8th 2010 - added on November, 9th 2010

    Nine in 10 US adults 18-34 trust advertising at least sometimes, the highest trust level of any age group, according to results of an Adweek Media/Harris Poll.

  • Print is Main Source for Shoppers Seeking Deals
    From November, 9th 2010 - added on November, 9th 2010

    According to a report issued by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Booz & Co., newspaper circulars and inserts are the most popular forms of deal-hunting activities consumers engage in before at least half of their shopping trips.

  • TransPromo Takes Off with B2B Companies
    From October, 8th 2010 - added on November, 2nd 2010

    A Pitney Bowes Inc. survey of B2B companies shows that TransPromo -- the practice of adding marketing messages to bills and statements and other transactional documents -- is "moving from a much-talked-about projection to a widely implemented reality."

  • The Impact of Print Magazine Ad Placement on Readership
    From October, 21st 2010 - added on October, 26th 2010

    Top-line results from Starch Advertising Research's analysis on the effect print magazine ad placement has on reader attention.

  • Direct Mailings Featuring DVDs/CDs Get Opened
    From October, 11th 2010 - added on October, 26th 2010

    According to research sponsored by the DMA and the industry group DiscMail Direct Coalition, direct mailings that include DVDs and CDs as part of the marketing package are appealing to consumers and result in higher open rates.

  • Affluent Millennials Open to Advertising
    From September, 13th 2010 - added on October, 5th 2010

    According to the 2010 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, contrary to the popular belief that 18 to 34-year old consumers are more likely to reject or avoid advertising than older affluent consumers -- they are, in fact, actually more interested in ads featured in nearly all mediums.

  • Consumers "Like" Companies on Facebook for Discounts/Show Brand Affiliation
    From August, 25th 2010 - added on September, 24th 2010

    A study by ExactTarget and CoTweet, finds that when Facebook users choose to "like" a company or a brand, the primary reasons are discounts, freebies, and to show friends their brand affiliations.

  • Young Adults Prefer Offline Marketing Offers to Online
    From August, 24th 2010 - added on August, 26th 2010

    North American consumers in the 18-34 year-old demographic prefer, by a wide margin, to learn about marketing offers via postal mail and newspapers rather than online sources such as social media platforms, according to national survey research from ICOM.

  • Online Ads Don't Engage Most
    From August, 23rd 2010 - added on August, 24th 2010

    According to a new study by UK-based research firm Connect Insight, just 17% of web users find online ads "impactful and appealing," while most respondents say they find them "intrusive, repetitive, unappealing and cheap."

  • Digital Marketing Evolving; Direct Mail Remains Strong
    From July, 19th 2010 - added on August, 2nd 2010

    The DMA's Digital Marketing Practices and Trends report, which examines current digital and traditional marketing methods and how they are likely to evolve over the next year, shows that the use of digital media is growing rapidly, yet direct mail remains strong.

  • Americans Continue Cutting Back to Save Money
    From July, 21st 2010 - added on July, 23rd 2010

    With the economy not yet turning around, a Harris Poll has found that American consumers continue to cut back on everyday things as a means to save money -- including their media habits.

  • Social Media Not a Major Source for Recommendations or Purchases
    From July, 20th 2010 - added on July, 23rd 2010

    According to Foresee's 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report, social media is not found to be a significant source of product recommendations or purchases for most Internet users.

  • More Than Half of E-Mail Recipients Delete Marketing Mail Within Seconds
    From June, 28th 2010 - added on June, 29th 2010

    More than 50% of e-mail recipients delete marketing messages within two seconds of opening them, a survey by Salted Services finds.

  • Marketers Remain High on Direct Mail
    From June, 15th 2010 - added on June, 17th 2010

    According to The Direct Marketing Association's 2010 Response Rate Report, direct mail and e-mail remain the most commonly used media by direct marketers, with more than half using each.

  • College Kids Prefer Printed Textbooks Over Digital
    From May, 25th 2010 - added on June, 14th 2010

    Three out of four (74%) US college students still prefer to use a printed textbook when taking a class, according to the findings of a Student Watch study conducted by OnCampus Research.

  • Emerging Channels: Most Marketers Unable To Measure ROI
    From May, 25th 2010 - added on May, 27th 2010

    The 2010 Omniture Online Analytics Benchmark Survey finds that 80% of marketers believe ROI from online marketing activities is important to measure, but only 31% of those surveyed say they can effectively measure it.

  • Direct Mail Tops Overall for PBS Fundraising
    From May, 12th 2010 - added on May, 18th 2010

    Public television stations have reversed their decline in acquiring new donors through direct mail campaigns, new research shows. In addition, direct mail is the channel that generates public television's most loyal donors, based on overall retention rate.

  • Video Recap: The Power of Print - Dallas (Spring 2010)
    From May, 17th 2010 - added on May, 17th 2010

    A fast-moving, informative recap of the latest Print Delivers presentation sponsored by The Print Council, featured on Kodak's B2B YouTube channel.

  • Marketers Indicate Social Media Important, Most Not Profiting
    From April, 14th 2010 - added on April, 29th 2010

    While a majority of marketing professionals and company decision makers view social media as essential to their business, most have not made any money using it.

  • Consumers Prefer Print for Catalogs, Bills, Statements
    From April, 21st 2010 - added on April, 27th 2010

    According to a survey of 1,500 US adult consumers, most prefer print to e-mail for bills, invoices, financial statements and catalogs.

  • Online Data Actively Used for Offline Offers
    From March, 10th 2010 - added on April, 6th 2010

    According to a study from marketing technology provider Unica, 75% of marketers with an online presence use website data they collect, such as customer interests, intent, and behavior -- when making decisions about marketing offers.

  • Charitable Giving: DM Remains Tops, Younger People Use Multichannels
    From March, 14th 2010 - added on March, 17th 2010

    Direct mail remains the dominant way through which older Americans give, with 77% -- and, direct mail is at the top for many younger people. With that said, no single way of giving dominates for younger donors; Online giving is popular too.

  • Magazine Cover Ads Often Outperform Other Premium Spots
    From February, 10th 2010 - added on February, 11th 2010

    Research from Affinity's Vista service about ads on the front covers of magazines -- where advertising had long been seen as controversial within the industry -- finds that advertising can work very well and often outperform ads placed in a magazine's other premium spots.

  • Print Outscores Other Media With Bargain Hunters
    From January, 18th 2010 - added on January, 19th 2010

    An AdweekMedia/Harris Poll asked consumers their thoughts about the advertising vehicles most likely to assist them in searching out bargains and sales. As reported by AdWeek, "print outscored other media as a venue for ads that would help a person find bargains."

  • Green Messaging: A Survey of Marketers
    From January, 7th 2010 - added on January, 8th 2010

    An Environmental Leader report finds that marketers who have experimented with green marketing messages generally find them effective. In addition, more than 80% of the 370 respondents indicate they expect their companies to spend more on green marketing in the future.

  • MIT Study Deflates Online Ad Advantages
    From January, 4th 2010 - added on January, 4th 2010

    Online advertising can prove better at targeting certain demographics than traditional media, but the increased competition of today's landscape means that these advantages do not automatically translate into greater profits says a study from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

  • Recession Equals Marketing Opportunity
    From December, 8th 2009 - added on December, 14th 2009

    Research regarding advertising during a recession found that companies that maintained or increased their ad spend during a recession saw a 275% increase in sales growth during and for the three years following. Companies that cut back or stopped advertising experienced only a 19% increase.

  • WOM and Print Ads Sway Purchase of Electronics & Apparel
    From December, 7th 2009 - added on December, 8th 2009

    According to a Retail Advertising and Marketing Association survey conducted by BIGresearch, word of mouth remains the biggest influence in shopper's electronics and apparel purchases. The survey finds that advertising inserts, articles and in-store promotions also sway buying decisions.

  • Consumers Value Relevant Marketing Messages, Prefer Print
    From November, 17th 2009 - added on November, 18th 2009

    To understand what marketing messages and channels of delivery were most valued by today's customer, a survey of U.S. consumers shows that regardless of channel, relevancy and individualization of the marketing message is what is valued. In addition, for all types of mail received, print is opened and viewed more than electronic mail.

  • Two Out of Three Consumers Prefer Print Media
    From October, 27th 2009 - added on November, 4th 2009

    According to Harris Interactive research, the majority of US adults think that printed media is easier to read than the digital equivalent. In addition, most adults reported that they feel more comfortable when they have something on paper than when it's on screen.

  • 2010 Census: The "Average" American No Longer Exists
    From October, 12th 2009 - added on October, 15th 2009

    The 2010 Census is expected to find that nearly 310 million people live in the US, but, according to demographics expert Peter Francese one person will be missing: the average American.

  • Consumers Value TransPromo Documents
    From September, 30th 2009 - added on October, 1st 2009

    According to a study commissioned by InfoPrint Solutions, all consumers, but particularly young people, continue to value the financial documents they receive in the mail alongside online access. The study, conducted by Forrester Research, shows that consumers value personalized marketing on their bills and statement online, but even more so on paper.

  • Direct Mail Ranks #1 Among Alumni for Info and Solicitations
    From October, 1st 2009 - added on October, 1st 2009

    A research study finds that print direct mail is the key for colleges and universities trying to engage and inform alumni and obtain donations.

  • Mix of Media Used in Gathering Purchase Decision Info
    From July, 15th 2009 - added on September, 4th 2009

    A Harris Interactive poll finds that when it comes to getting information to help them with purchase decisions, American adults of all ages use a mixture of traditional media and means (face-to-face, print advertising, phone calls) and online media (company websites, review-oriented websites). Social media was the least frequently cited source for purchase decision information.

  • Print Ads Remain Influential In Travel Decisions
    From September, 3rd 2009 - added on September, 4th 2009

    Ad-ology Research's study on media influence on consumer choice in travel services finds that print media fares well.

  • Analysis of Print Ads That Sell
    From September, 3rd 2009 - added on September, 4th 2009

    Results of MRI Starch's analysis of what makes a print ad sell, as reported by AdAge.

  • Household Advertising Mail Drives Purchases
    From August, 24th 2009 - added on August, 25th 2009

    According to the 2008 USPS Household Diary Study, more than one of five households surveyed reported making a purchase as a result of advertising mail received.

  • Advertisers Media Use: Internet Ads On the Rise But They Peeve Consumers
    From July, 22nd 2009 - added on July, 23rd 2009

    According to a study by Harris Interactive, Internet advertising efforts are on the rise, yet the majority of U.S. consumers surveyed say they are frustrated by the most common types.

  • Retailers Failing to Connect Newspaper Ads With Online Opportunity
    From July, 14th 2009 - added on July, 15th 2009

    According to a study by interactive marketing agency Rosetta, retailers who use newspaper advertising aren't doing a good job of connecting those ads to their e-commerce sites.

  • Poll: Most Helpful and Most Ignored Advertising
    From July, 1st 2009 - added on July, 6th 2009

    More than one-third of Americans say that TV ads are most helpful to them in making a purchase decision, followed by newspapers ads. The most ignored advertising format was banner ads.

  • Teen Media Use: They Still Watch TV, Read Newspapers
    From June, 25th 2009 - added on June, 29th 2009

    The Nielsen Company issued a report challenging popular assumptions about teen media usage. The findings show that "teens can often be reached by the same means as their parents."

  • Teen Shoppers Notice Mall Advertising
    From June, 4th 2009 - added on June, 5th 2009

    Arbitron and Scarborough Research's Teen Mall Shopping Attitude and Usage Study finds that 95% of teens notice mall advertising.

  • Consumers Regard Ads as a Useful Source of Information
    From May, 13th 2009 - added on May, 15th 2009

    According to a Hearst Magazines study, a significant number of consumers regard ads as a useful source of information.

  • Reduced Advertising During Recession Negatively Impacts Consumer Perception
    From May, 13th 2009 - added on May, 14th 2009

    More than 48% of U.S. adults believe that a lack of advertising by a retail store, bank or auto dealership during a recession indicates the business must be struggling.

  • In-Store Ads Prove Most Effective
    From April, 7th 2009 - added on April, 8th 2009

    Results from a study comparing in-store and out-of-store marketing communications and their influence. One finding: Internet advertising seemed to have minimal impact on planned or unplanned purchases in-store.

  • Avon Study Finds Magazine Ads Reach Young Adults
    From April, 1st 2009 - added on April, 2nd 2009

    An Avon study conducted by MediaVest finds magazine ads effective in reaching young consumers.

  • Thirty Percent Quit Doing Business with a Company Due to Poor Email Practices
    From March, 15th 2010 - added on March, 19th 2009

    In a survey performed by Merkle Interactive, 30% of respondents say they stopped doing business with at least one company as a result of their poor email marketing practices.

  • Reasons That Compel Consumers to Open Their Direct Mail
    From January, 15th 2009 - added on February, 16th 2009

    Adult consumers share reasons that make a difference as to what direct mail they open -- such as timing, personalization, and interesting packaging are top reasons.

  • Online Ad Clutter Reduces Effectiveness and Brand Opinion
    From December, 15th 2008 - added on February, 5th 2009

    According to a survey from Burst Media, ad cluttered websites annoy their audience and leave consumers with a less favorable opinion of an advertiser whose ads appears on such a page.

  • Ads in Traditional Media More Likely to Make Positive Impression
    From June, 24th 2008 - added on February, 5th 2009

    A study examining consumers impressions of advertisements in different media finds that ads appearing in traditional media are much more likely to have made a positive impression with consumers than ads running in digital media.

  • Print and TV Ad Campaigns Spur Kids Online for More Product Info
    From December, 16th 2008 - added on January, 5th 2009

    Children are increasingly using the Internet to look for further information on products they see in print and TV advertisements.

  • Transpromo and Consumers
    From March, 4th 2008 - added on November, 13th 2008

    Results of InfoPrint's 2007 transpromotional marketing survey of 1,000 US consumers, age 18-35.

  • Personalizing Direct Mailings
    From April, 27th 2005 - added on November, 16th 2007

    The results of a study comparing consumer response rates to a range of different direct marketing creative executions.