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Consumers Prefer Print for Catalogs, Bills, Statements

Consumer Attitudes

April 2010 -- According to a new survey commissioned by Pitney Bowes and conducted by independent research firm Leflein Associates, most consumers prefer print to e-mail for bills, invoices, financial statements, and catalogs.

As reported by WhyTheyThink's new blog Marketing Powers Activate, the survey of approximately 1,500 US adults examines "their preferences, attitudes and behavior toward mail, both physical and e-mail."

According to the survey:

"Rather than reflecting the superiority of one method of communication over another, these findings indicate the need for companies to communicate with customers via their preferred channel of delivery," writes Marketing Powers Activates.  In addition, Karen D’Andrea, director of product marketing, US mailing for Pitney Bowes, points out that "mail is still a very relevant and powerful tool in the marketing mix.”

Source:  Marketing Powers Activate, Pitney Bowes study: Physical mail preferred by many, accessed April 21, 2010.