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TransPromo Takes Off with B2B Companies


October 2010 --  A recent Pitney Bowes Inc. survey of B2B companies in the US, UK, France, and Germany shows that TransPromo — the practice of adding marketing messages to bills and statements and other transactional documents — is "moving from a much-talked-about projection to a widely implemented reality. Businesses of every type and every size are looking to maximize the benefits of adding marketing messages to transactional communications."

In March 2010, Pitney Bowes performed an online survey of a total of 4,000 B2B companies (1,000 companies in each of the four countries) about their use of TransPromo.  The results are reported in their white paper TransPromo Takes Off for B2B Communications.

As reported by Marketing Powers Activate, Pitney Bowes notes "A variety of factors that it says are encouraging more B2B firms to embrace TransPromo...These factors include TransPromo’s ability to increase marketing productivity through cross-selling, the fact that the recipients of transactional documents tend to spend several minutes or more reviewing them and the pressure companies face to extract value from every customer communication."

Source:  Marketing Powers Activate, B2B Firms Embrace Transpromo, Says Survey, October 8, 2010.