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Online Ads: Who Is (And Isn't) Clicking and Why



October 3, 2011 -- Though ad exposure doesn’t always result in user action, recent findings from CrowdScience, a global audience and marketing intelligence consultancy firm for online publishers, showed more than half of Internet users worldwide clicked on some form of online advertising in the past six months.  

Main Reason for Not Clicking on an Online Ad According to Internet Users Worldwide, by Age and Gender, Aug 2011 (% of respondents)

Source:  eMarketer




About:  CrowdScience's JustAsk! is an ongoing, online survey, conducted via survey technology and uses random sampling of visitors across a network of over 5,500 websites.  Findings in this study were gathered from a sample of 989 respondents between July 8th and August 3rd, 2011

Sources:  eMarketer, Lack of Trust, Relevancy Keep Consumers from Clicking Ads, October 3, 2011 and CrowdScience, Advertising Attitudes JustAsk! Study: Irrelevant Online Ads Frustrate Everyone, September 21, 2011.