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Color Text & Graphics Get Envelopes Opened



Pitney Bowes commissioned a study to identify factors that could influence when and whether recipients would open their mail and read it.  The April 2010 study by Leflein Associates, examined preferences, attitudes and behaviors about mail as received at home by approximately 1,500 U.S. adults. 


Participants were presented with graphic depictions of envelopes to determine which features would make them most likely to open them. They examined an average of 16 screens, each containing 4 randomized envelopes, to test for variables including the presence of text, graphics and color on envelope fronts and backs.

The key survey findings included the following:



About: The study was conducted by Leflein Associates, on behalf of Pitney Bowes.  A total of 1,503 opt-in research panelists (age 18+) completed the online survey between February 23 and March 3, 2010. The sample margin of error of is +/-2%.

Source:  Pitney Bowes, Color Makes a Noticeable Difference, July 27, 2010.