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Consumers Turning Off from Digital Ads


February 24, 2012 -- A new report from YouGov, commissioned by mobile marketing firm Upstream, finds that consumers feel there are too many digital ads, and that they are too pervasive.


The inflation of global advertising impressions over any digital device are up from 172 billion in 1996 to over 5 trillion today, resulting in click through rates going from  an average of 7% in 1996 to less than 0.1% today (Source: comScore).  

Surveying 4,150 consumers across the US and UK  (2,105 US and 2,054 UK), the results show a strong indication that the majority of consumers surveyed feel they are reaching a marketing saturation point.  

Key findings:

            The research also shows consumers today are using a range of digital devices to access multiple digital channels, with 80% of US and 77% of UK consumers using more than one device to view electronic messages.  Additionally, text-based promotions over different channels – SMS promotions (52%), email marketing (42%) and ads in mobile apps (37%), have been identified as the preferred method of advertising communication by consumers.

About: This UK survey was conducted using an online interview to administered members of the YouGov Plc GB panel of 350,000+ individuals. The US survey was conducted using an online interview to administered members of the YouGov Plc USA panel of just over 1 million individuals. Panelists for both were selected at random from the base sample according to the sample definition. The responding sample is weighted to the profile of the sample definition to provide a representative reporting sample. The profile is normally derived from census data or, if not available from the census, from industry accepted data.

Source: Upstream/YouGov, 2012 Digital Advertising Attitudes Report, February 2012.