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Three-Quarters of Newspaper Readers Use Printed Circulars


April 12, 2012 -- A new study from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) shows that in an average week, 74% of all Internet users rely on local newspaper media – digital as well as print – as key sources of news and information, and are engaging with their local newspaper across multiple platforms.  

In addition, 73% have used newspaper printed circulars in the past 30 days; 54% are using more than one platform to access newspaper content in an average week; and, 67% use at least one of three common digital platforms – computers, smartphones or tablets – and they use each at multiple times over the course of the day for newspaper content.


Other key findings of the Newspaper Multiplatform Usage report, conducted independently by research-based strategic consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates:

Strength and appeal of advertising in newspaper media:


Source: NAA, 2012

Findings related to news content:

The study notes similarities between newspaper print readers and tablet users:


“The study demonstrates that advertisers can effectively reach a shopping audience across newspapers’ multiple platforms, said Caroline Little, NAA president and CEO. "Clearly, newspapers’ embrace of multiplatform strategies provides significant opportunities for audience and revenue growth.”

About: Took place November 2011-January 2012 -- 2,518 online interviews averaging 25 minutes among age 18+ adults nationwide screened for using, in the past seven days, at least one of four platforms for their local daily newspaper (either print, online, tablet, and/or smartphone) --1,896 print readers, 1,480 online readers, 864 smartphone readers, 734 tablet readers. Also: Additional brief, online 1,179-respondent survey to obtain targets to balance the four  platform groups properly and to enable weighting by gender, age, race, ethnicity and Census Region; reference is U.S. adult Internet users (around 76% of adults). 


Source: NAA, New NAA study shows consumers are highly engaged with newspaper media content across platforms, April 12, 2012.