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Direct Mail: Top Channel for Some of America's Best Known Companies

Direct Mail

Findings from a recent client survey performed by SourceLink, a top 5 largest CRM/Direct Marketing Agency and top 3 GPO Supplier, revealed direct mail to be a top marketing priority for 2012.

The findings of SourceLink's latest Client Marketing and Transactional Document Survey are based on completed surveys from over 30% of SourceLink's client base. The firm’s client list includes Disneyland, Bank of America, BMW, Lowe’s, Nestle, the U.S. Social Security Administration, Time Warner Cable, and more.
Key client objectives for 2012 were customer retention, ranked number one in the survey, followed closely by customer acquisition and customer profitability. Nearly nine of 10 respondents declared direct marketing as the medium best equipped for reaching their marketing objectives.

Key findings include:

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