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Airports Deliver High Value Audiences for Advertisers


April 2012 -- A national survey of Frequent Flyers and Business Frequent Flyers highlights the value to advertisers of targeting these travelers as they traverse airports to their final destinations.

The custom study of nearly 2,000 U.S. adults age 18 or older, who have taken three or more round trips (personal or business) in the past year, was commissioned by airport advertising firm Clear Channel Airports (CCA) and conducted by consumer market research firm Scarborough.

According to Scarborough research, Frequent Flyers account for over 38 million adults and Business Frequent Flyers account for over 11 million adults, with an average household income of $125,000. While Frequent Flyers and Business Frequent Flyers represent 36% of total flyers, they account for 70% of all airport ad impressions due to their more frequent travel.

Key Findings:
“This is an important study that highlights for companies of all sizes the significant buying power of frequent travelers,” says Toby Sturek, President, Clear Channel Airports. “This study identifies a consumer demographic that spends time and money engaging with airport advertising and is very receptive to new products and services. The study is clear: airports deliver high returns for advertisers.”
Methodology: The data is from a custom study conducted by Scarborough in fall 2011. Scarborough measured 1,983 adults nationwide in the areas of Frequent Flyers (personal) and Business Frequent Flyers (travelers who have 3 or more round trip flights in the past year).

Source: Business Wire, New Survey Reveals that Airports Deliver the Most Attractive Audience to Advertisers, April 17, 2012.