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Marketers Overestimate The Power of Digital

Consumer Attitudes

October 3, 2012 -- Most consumers are not keen to new forms of direct marketing, such as mobile and social media, and would rather communicate with brands through established direct mail and email channels, a new study finds.

The latest Marketing-GAP report by UK’s fast.MAP compares marketers’ perceptions with consumer reality. The marketing insight firm surveyed 1,140 UK consumers who are both “mail and internet responsive” to marketing offers.

According to Marketing-GAP, fewer than 2% of people are “happy” to get marketing messages via text and social media. It states marketers continue to “massively overestimate” the popularity of these channels.

Additiional direct mail-related findings of the eighth annual survey:








The report states: "Marketers again and again prove themselves to be deaf to consumer demands and preferences by overestimating, frequently by hundreds of per cent, people’s desire to be contacted via mobile call, social media and Twitter. In fact, a sure way to alienate customers and prospects is to only provide information and offers via these routes. Only a minority can imagine a purely virtual retail world where real shops no longer exist and most think such a world would be a worse place.”

About:  Conducted in August 2012. fast.Map partnered with The Institute of Promotional Marketing and The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM). The research was sponsored by the Royal Mail. The consumer panel comprised 1,140 adults recruited from the 30,000 fast.MAP wholly-owned, closed panel whose profile echoes that of the UK’s population profile in age and gender.  Only people who are both mail and internet responsive were selected for the panel. The marketers panel comprised 353 marketers, drawn from the fast.MAP marketing professionals' panel and the IPM and IDM’s membership.

Source:, 2012 fast.Map Marketing GAP report, accessed October 10, 2012.