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Tablets Ads Deliver Better Results Than Mobile


October 18, 2012 -- According to analysis by eMarketer, by the end of 2012 the number of U.S. tablet users will reach nearly 70 million, up from 34 million in 2011.
This rapid growth means roughly 30% of internet users will use a tablet (at least once a month) and by 2015, over half of internet users (51.9%) will access the web via their tablet. The 2012 projection translates into four of every 10 Americans.
Mobile marketing effectiveness research firm InsightExpress analyzed advertising effectiveness across multiple tablet-focused campaigns. The aggregate normative data found tablet display ads delivered better results on nearly every brand metric compared to ads delivered to smartphones.

Most notably, consumers are very aware of ads served to their tablets and measurements, as favorability and intent are double those seen in mobile.

Source: InsightExpress, October 2012

The one area where the mobile campaigns outperform the tablet devices is in message association. This measure assesses how well consumers read the text in the creative unit, and how well they were able to associate that message with the brand. It appears that tablet campaigns have room to improve the clarity and presence of the message.
InsightExpress notes the tablet’s upper hand in brand measures may possibly diminish as more advertisers employ this channel, yet this is not expected to be an issue for some time. 

About: eMarketer’s U.S. tablet and user penetration data 2010-2015 is based on individuals of any age who use a table to access the internet at least once a month. The data was published in June 2012.
InsightExpress’s mobile averages are based on data collected from 547,829 respondents across 240 campaigns between November 2007 and today.Tablet preliminary averages are based on data collected from 13,022 respondents across six campaigns between January 2012 and today.

Sources:  eMarketer, Tablet Ads Deliver Results, but Barriers Remain, October 18, 2012 and InsightExpress, Tablet Campaigns Show Promise for Marketers Looking to Reach Consumers via Emerging Platforms, June 13, 2012.