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Global Newspaper Trends: Readership Remains High



January 1, 2013 -- According to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) annual update of World Press Trends, in  a world with a population of approximately 7 billion, in 2012 more than 2.5 billion people read their daily newspapers in print, 500 million read daily newspapers in both print and online, and 100 million accessed online daily newspapers only.

Newspaper advertising revenues have been declining as revenues lost in print have not been replaced by digital advertising. The study found that "this decline correlates with a lack of 'intensity' when it comes to digital news reading: digital news consumers spend less time and visit fewer pages on digital platforms than they do in print."

Additional  2012 World Press Trends update findings:



Ad Revenues


Digital Ad Revenues


Media Share of Global Advertising 


% of Total

Global Television








Source: WAN-IFRA World Press Trends, November 2012                                                              


About: The WAN-IFRA World Press Trends survey is the largest of its kind, containing data from more than 75 countries, representing more than 90% of global industry turnover. The 2012 report includes circulation data from over 150 countries drawn from local sources and auditing bureaus, and covers over 97% of the world’s newspaper industry by turnover. The total global print readership figure covers only daily newspapers of which there are approximately 12,000 worldwide, with a total circulation every day well in excess of half a billion. It excludes readership among non-daily and Sunday newspapers, of which there are an estimated 80,000 worldwide. These are likely have readership levels exceeding those of daily newspapers. 

Source: Center for Media Research, Research Brief" World Press Trends, January 1, 2013.