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Traditional Media Continues to Hold Purchasing Sway In Digital World

Consumer Attitudes

January 22, 2013 -- Next to friends and family and manufacturer/retailer websites, traditional media continues to holds sway in influencing consumers' purchase decisions.

According to shopping analytics firm, WSL/Strategic Retail’s How America Shops: Buzz to Buy 3.0 reportseven of 10 respondents count on the opinions of family and friends in choosing what to buy, followed by manufacturer and retail websites (55%). 
Traditional media, such as TV and print, continue to be trusted, reliable sources for 42% of those consumers surveyed -- ahead of retail sales associates and e-mail messages from manufacturers and retailers (32% each).
Just one-quarter (26%) of respondents report using social networks for information about something they want to buy. However, that number jumps to 40% among Millennial shoppers (16-34), a strong indication that social media’s influence on buying decisions will continue to grow.”

Sources of Influence On Consumers' Purchase Decisions
Friends and family (word of mouth) 69%
Manufacturer/retailer websites 55%
Traditional media (e.g., print, TV) 42%
Sales associates 32%
Emails from manufacturers and retailers 32%
Social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) 26%
Source: WSL/Strategic Retail, How America Shops: Buzz to Buy 3.0, 2013

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About: The Buzz to Buy 3.0 study was conducted October 4-12, 2012. The survey included 1,796 U.S. shoppers recruited from an online panel of shoppers ages 16-66+. All participants are active internet users, having performed at least one online shopping or social networking activity within the past month.

Sources: Business Wire, Brands and Retailers Top Celebrities for Most Followers on Social Media, January 17, 2013 and Marketing Charts, Family and Friends Still Most Trusted for Shopping Decisions, January 22, 2013.