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U.S. Teens Prefer Offline Ads to Online

Consumer Attitudes

February 26, 2013 -- According to a new study by research firms Research Now and K&A BrandResearch, the new digital generationteens, ages 12 to 17 -- generally have more favorable attitudes towards print, radio and TV advertisements, than online ads.

As reported by Marketing Charts, six hundred U.S. teens were presented with statements about advertisements and asked if each description was more applicable to digital ads, non-digital ads (magazines, out-of-home, TV and radio, for example), or whether the statement didn’t apply to them. 

The results:


U.S. Teens' Attitudes Towards Offline and Online Ads
% of respondents
 Statement Offline Ads  Online Ads Didn't Apply
 I often talk about them with my friends 32% 16% 52%
 They really get on my nerves 23% 45% 33%
 I try not to pay attention to them 21% 48% 31%
 I like watching them 37% 17% 45%
 I remember them for a long time 50% 12% 38%
 I inform myself about the product advertised through the ad 39% 21% 39%
 They introduced me to a product that I then went on to buy 46% 23% 31%
 Source: Research Now/K&A BrandResearch

About: The data is derived from a study conducted by Research Now among 2,490 teens averaged 12 to 17. Respondents were recruited directly through their parents who provided consent for their teenager to participate in the study. The survey was designed by K&A BrandResearch. Interviews were conducted via Research Now’s youth panel in each of the following four markets: Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States. To ensure a safe and robust sample, quotas were set on age and gender across all four markets. The sample size among U.S. respondents was more than 600.

Source:  Marketing Charts, American Teens Prefer Offline to Online Ads, Feb. 26, 2013.