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Shopping Activities of U.S. Smartphone Users


February 2013 -- Nielsen has released its latest report, entitled The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot, providing a global snapshot of mobile consumer activities, device penetration, advertising and more.

Among the findings, and as reported by Marketing Charts, are details regarding American smartphone users. Select findings:







Graphic Source: Marketing Charts



About: The data is derived from Nielsen Global Smartphone Insights (H1 2012) and Nielsen Mobile Insights, 2012, which reports specifically on U.S. mobile users. The incidence module interviewed a total of 84,565 random U.S. contacts (aged 13+). Detailed interviews were completed with 76,204 mobile users, 54,585 of which were able to identify their mobile phone. 28,103 respondents were smartphone users and 26,482 were non-smartphone users. Interviews were conducted during April-June 2012.

Sources: Nielsen, Mobile Consumer Report February 2013, and Marketing Charts, QR Code Scanning Not Yet A Mainstream Activity For US Smartphone Users, March 1, 2013.