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The State of Custom Content Publishing 2013

Content Marketing

April 2013 – According to Characteristics Study: A Look at the Volume and Type of Content Marketing in America for 2013, custom content spending on production and distribution rose to $43.9 billion, the second highest amount to be recorded in the 13 years the Custom Content Council study has been performed. All forms — print, electronic and other — experienced growth; a 9.2% rise over last year's $40.2 billion,

The annual study, which compares usage of content marketing among all different formats from 1999-2012 including print, web, email, video, virtual events, white papers, podcasts and digital magazines, finds print still captures the majority of money spent on content marketing.  

In addition, of the average overall marketing, advertising and communications budget, 39% of the funds of those surveyed were dedicated to content marketing.


Highlights from the 2013 Characteristics study:



The Custom Content Council is a professional organization representing custom publishers in North America and is focused on promoting the growth and vitality of custom publishing.

About:  The research was conducted via an emailed survey targeting a random sample of companies across all industries. Eight thousand survey invitations were emailed and approximately 339 were completed and returned, producing a +/-6% degree of accuracy at a 90% confidence level.


Source:  Custom Publishing Council, At Nearly $44 Billion, New Survey Shows Rise in Content Marketing Budget, April 4, 2013.