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Digital's Share of Total Print Market Will Be 20.6% By 2018

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June 2013 -- By 2018, digital printing will equal 50% of the global offset sector, and be higher in the more mature print regions, according to a new study from Smithers Pira titled, The Future of Offset vs Digital Printing to 2018.

In 2008, digital accounted for a little under 18.5% of the offset market in value terms. Continuing falls in run length is the key reason for the adoption of digital technology by many offset companies, together with the recent improvements in digital print technology.

Key findings:




Proportion of Offset and Digital in All Print Markets, 2008-18
(by value and volume)

Source: Smithers Pira, 2013





About: The market data presented is from primary research sources and discussions with leading players across the supply chain. Additional sources of research included economic forecasts, demographic and population changes, government statistics, UN data on imports and exports, etc. The study includes paper and ink production and sales data and real world sales data from many of the leading public companies and supplier organizations in the sector. Smithers Pira uses feedback from high-level contacts based across the world, following the Delphi technique, to provide sense checks and further refine the accuracy of data.

Source: Smithers Pira, Digital print market to reach $187.7 billion by 2018, June 12, 2013.