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Disconnect: B2B Info Seekers Rely On Print, Yet 1/3 of Publishers Plan Print Ad Cuts


August 1, 2013 --  According to American Business Media’s “Value of B-to-B” report, B2B information seekers continue to rely on print as a source for industry related content and publishers report that print remains a key source of revenue, nearly a third say they expect to cut their print ad budgets in the next 12 months.
Key findings from the report, which aims to quantifying the role of the B2B information and media industry in the buyer‐seller relationship:


Q: How often do you use the following information sources for industry-related content?
Print – 96%
Websites – 96%
Manufacturer product info – 93%
E-newsletters – 92%
Trade Shows – 80%
Print newsletters – 76%
Digital replicas of print newsletters – 69%
Mobile optimized web sites – 56%
Social media – 54%
Mobile apps – 51%








Source: ABM, Value of B-to-B, 2013






Offered an optimized version of their website – 75%
Offered a digital version of their magazine at no additional cost – 73%
Enhanced their digital magazines with interactivity (e.g.. video, audio) – 63%


About: Three separate surveys were conducted online by Readex Research between March 11 - April 12, 2013). The polls were created by ABM with advisement from research sponsor Adobe Systems, marketer organizations ANA and IBSA, and several partner media companies. Respondents: 6,682 media end-users (readers, event attendees, etc.) responded to the user poll. 111 publishing professionals and 74 marketers responded to the publishing and advertising polls. Results were cross-tabulated in 11 vertical categories, with the most responses in the retail, building construction, utilities, and healthcare verticals.

Sources:  ABM, “Value of B-to-B” report and “Value of B-to-B” slideshow, accessed August 7, 2013.