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When Does it Pay to Post on Facebook?

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August 2013 -- Socialbakers, a social media monitoring and tracking tool company, analyzed 2.8+ million Facebook advertising posts (with and without promotional offers) from 23,000 brand pages over a 3-month period to determine which day of the week Page Admins prefer for posting and which days of the week provide the biggest “Engagement Rate” potential.
With a caveat to the fact that there will never be one ideal day for brands to post due to many evolving factors -- industry differences, market specifics, target customer demographics, the product itself and time of day and year -- the analysis provides a snapshot as food for thought.

Key findings:
Facebook Brand Posts: Distribution and Engagement Rate (% of Respondents, April 30-July 28, 2013)
Day of Week % of Posts Created Probability of Ranking Among
4,000 Most Engaging Posts
Monday 14.8% 7.1%
Tuesday 16.6% 0.2%
Wednesday 16.7% 2.4%
Thursday 16.8% -1.8%
Friday 17.1% 2.6%
Saturday 9.9% -12.1%
Sunday 8.2% -5.3%
Source: Socialbakers, August 2013
About:  Socialbakers analyzed 2,858,620 Facebook posts (with and without promotional offers) from 23 000 brand pages from April 30th – July 28th, 2013.

Source: Socialbakers, When Does it Pay Off to Post on Facebook?, Aug 19, 2013.