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Report: Publishers to Use a Variety of Channels to Reach Audiences in 2014


January 30, 2014 -- A study conducted by WoodWing Software, a multi-channel publishing system developer, examined relevant publishing technology trends for 2014. A total of 125 participants – mainly from the Americas (38%), Europe (54%) and the Asia-Pacific region (8%) – were queried about their publishing strategies and the use of social media. Respondents were mainly from newspaper, magazine and corporate publishers as well as advertising agencies and marketing departments.

Multi-Channel Approach is Lead Strategy for 2014


Source: WoodWing, 2014

Facebook Top Social Media Platform, Brand Awareness Primary Goal



About: The study was conducted from mid-December 2013 to mid-January 2014. It consisted of four multiple-choice questions. The survey was executed based on Formdesk. Participants acquisition was performed via a dedicated newsletter, press releases, social media as well as via relevant groups on LinkedIn and XING.
Respondents came from Europe (54%), the Americas (38%) and the Asia-Pacific region (8%). In Europe, the focus was on Germany (14%), the Netherlands (11%) and both Switzerland and Finland with 3%. In the "Americas" the focus was on North America (25%) and in Latin America on Brazil (5%) and Mexico (4%). In the Asia-Pacific region, the most submissions came from Australia (3.2%).
Related to the industry, the focus was clearly on the fields of newspaper (13%) and magazine (32%) publishing. The majority (17%) of submissions from the marketing segment were from advertising agencies.
Source:  WoodWing Software, WoodWing Survey “Trends 2014,” accessed Jan. 31, 2014.