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The Key Roles of 12 Channels in the Customer Journey



Experian Marketing Services sixth annual digital marketers report, The 2014 Digital Marketerexamines cross-channel marketing trends, among other topics. The survey of several hundred global marketers finds that marketers plan to integrate 4 or more channels in their 2014 campaigns. The majority will integrate three to four channels.

In addition, survey respondents were asked how they view the primary roles 12 different channels have in the customer journey-- choosing whether a channel has a “greeter” role (creates awareness), is an “influencer” (generates interest) or is a “closer” (gets the sale).

It should be noted that 85% of marketers report they still operate within channel silos; thus, their answers may reflect being more concerned with the performance of their own channel rather than how it fits into the broader customer journey. Nearly 100% say they market in email, social and web.

Source: Experian Marketing Services, 2014


Source: Experian Marketing Services, The 2014 Digital Marketer, accessed June 18, 2014.