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IKEA's Revolutionary "bookbook"


IKEA’s Revolutionary “bookbook”

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“Once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we live, a device so simple and intuitive, using it feels almost familiar. Introducing the 2015 Ikea catalog. It’s not a digital book or an e-book. It’s a bookbook,” says Jorgen Eghammer.

For its 2015 catalog, IKEA has created an intuitive, advanced platform to view and to interact with content. The battery is “eternal”, and there are absolutely no wires to deal with. Navigation is as simple as a touch of a page, and it has the ability to bookmark a page at any moment. It boasts a 7.5 x 8 inch interface that can be expanded to 15 inches. The images are in full high-definition with no loading time between pages.

What is this revolutionary new format?

A book. Yes, it is simply a printed book.

This is a great hyperbole for the different campaigns that tech-savvy companies today create to boast various features and sizes on digital platforms. Most of the different navigation types and capabilities that many of the modern technologies use are derived from the printed book. This advertisement, in essence, pokes fun at how “advanced” our technologies seem to have become, when in reality, they consist of some of the exact same features as a technology that has been around since the advent of civilization.

For more, check out what the  “chief design guru” for IKEA has to say about the “bookbook” below: