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Roland plays key role in the new Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters was originally released in 1984 and has been regarded as a classic. Creating a remake meant that every part of the movie had to be perfect - especially the set. To get perfection, graphic designer Martin Charles was paired with a Roalnd wide-format printer to recreate various places in NYC. One of the troubles with remaking a movie is capturing that aesthetic created in the first one, which Charles accomplished by using familiar graphics accompanied with modern aspects. Getting the detail that was needed was going to be a lot of work for Charles, but as he stated, "Fortunately, my Roland inkjets allowed me to print just about anything you can imagine on the set quickly and easily." The model of Roland used was the XR-640, which is capable of printing up to 64" wide and contour cutting. Not only were things from backlit signage and billboards created, they printed on vast mediums ranging from canvas, vinyl and adhesive fabric. 

A video of Martin Charles on graphic design can be seen below.