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Feed the Beast

Business Development

This year's drupa was a huge success. With so much going on though, sometimes it's hard to figure out what the overall meaning is. With all the articles and summaries, there's still the question of "How do we feed the beast?" or, if I make the leap to digital printing, or wish to expand my presence, how do I ensure a profitable stream of work that will result in a return on my investment? 
Chris Bondy spoke at drupa on hybrid printing technologies, and can advocate for their success. They are a possible solution for those looking to expand the capability of their offset printers by adding variable data printing (VDP) through inkjet heads inline in the system. Also highlighted were a number of "combo" presses that include inkjet, toner, offset and even flexo all together in some models. In standard digital/offset printers, the efficiency has improved and will continue making the deciding factor come down to your business. 
Digital has the advantage of VDP, and you should be taking advantage of that. By creating a business development competency and streamlining the workflow for job creation, while delivering to the web, mobile and social media, your company will be well equipped to engage the market and handle more volume.

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