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The Rise and Fall of Financial Typesetting


Financial typesetting is a job long forgotten. Back before computers were common, any publicly traded company had to interact with a financial typesetter in order to comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission. So what happened to these folks? Well, up until the stock market crash of 2008, the dominant word processing platform switched from WordPerfect to Microsoft Office. The standardization brought on a lot of change within the industry, as programs that expected WordPerfect files had to be changed to accept Microsoft Word documents. This change led to the migration of jobs overseas as the process got easier to complete, and efficient workflows made an in house typesetter unnecessary for most companies. And to put the final nail in the coffin, self-filling applications were created for companies who wanted to do it themselves. 
The financial typesetter still exists, although rare. Most are located overseas, but there are strong willed individuals still working as in house financial typesetters in the US today.