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Canon claims to have 'revolutionary' wide-format technology


Coming out in spring 2017, Canon will release its first roll-to-roll wide format printer using its UVgel technology. The benefit of using this UV curable ink is that the printer is capable of printing more ink faster. Pierre-Olivier Esteban, European TDS/DGS marketing director at Canon Europe, commented "We see some printers buying multiple machines because they can’t afford to buy the higher-end products, which are often too big as well. We want to offer something that is more affordable but also much more productive than what exists."
Also packaged with the 64" printer is Canon's latest-generation piezoelectric print-head technology, which has been optimized to work with UVgel ink. The LED UV curing system is separate from the printing system, making it more accurate and consistent. Jeppe Frandsen, executive VP industrial and production solutions, Canon Europe, says that this is “revolutionary and game-changing new technology that addresses the limitations of eco-solvent and latex printing by enabling more ink to be jetted onto media more quickly.”

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