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The Decline and Fall of Marketing


Marketing is falling off the radar, getting pushed out of the boardroom, and strategies built around customers are going with it. We've fallen into the dangerous pattern of "throwing it over the wall" where marketers are only doing what they 'need' to. They can generate clicks and likes, but in the end they need to generate sales, which is falling short. This idea that marketing is some sort of sequential and measureable process simply isn't true. CMO's turnover time is getting shorter, dropping to 26.5 months from 35.5 months when measured earlier this year compare to a year prior. What needs to chagne is the apprach to marketing. A lifecycle marketing process, based around strategic planning and combined with the communications service offering, is the change that marketers need to adapt to in order to keep profits and sales growing. 

The full research summary can be found here on Print in the MIx.