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RIT Alumnus Zachary Smith Speaks on Joining the Workforce After College


Zachary Smith graduated from RIT in 2012 with a major in Media Arts and Technology, and two minors in Creative Writing and Marketing. Now, Zachary is working at a company called Pubworx located in NYC where he's a pre-media account manager. Zachary's journey started while he was in high school, where he participated in his school's literary and art magazine, as well as taking Media Communications classes as part of his schools program. Being well prepared coming from high school helped Zachary tremendously, while larger projects and collaborations done at RIT helped prepare him for the workforce. As a newcomer to the workforce, Zachary came across some hardships. One of the issues was dealing with upper management not taking him seriously, but what he learned was that "Upper management may not always take you seriously at first, but it should be fuel to your fire. Change is always imminent, but sometimes it doesn’t come fast enough. I would definitely tell my past self to be patient, your time will come. Frustration means you care about your work, and your company, and that will be recognized."

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