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Magazine Industry Trends and Challenges

By First Research


Magazine Quarterly Report
Source: Magazine Publishers - Quarterly Update 8/11/2014. Austin: Hoover's Inc, 2014. 
Date of Research: Aug. 11, 2014
Report Topic: What trends and challenges are currently happening within the magazine industry.
Measures: First Research analyzes hundreds of sources to create insightful and easy to comprehend industry information that can be grasped very quickly to better understand a prospect or client’s business issues.
Sample: 32 different data sources, representing 4.5 million privately held businesses and detailed industry financial benchmarks.
Top Results:  
Periodical Publishing Forecast (2013 – 2018)

Image Source: iNFORUM forecasts, licensed from the Interindustry Economic Industry Forecast Research Fund, Inc. (IERF) in College Park, MD.

Industry Drivers:
The magazine industry is managing to remain relevant through the technological challenges and advances in society by finding new distribution channels and better determining the direction that it must go in the digital world. Although many challenges are to be faced for the industry, it is shifting towards the production of digital publications and finding new ways to better integrate within social media.