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Predictors of Advertising Avoidance in Print and Broadcast Media

By Paul Surgi Speck, Michael T. Elliott


"Advertising in broadcast media is more likely to be avoided than print advertising."

Source: Journal of Advertising Research, Fall 1997, 26(3), pgs. 61-76.

Type of Promotional Material/Activity Tested: Magazines, newspapers, radio, TV

Sample:  946 U.S. households from the National Family Opinion's (NFO) national consumer panel.

Study Method: Mailed questionnaire

Metrics:  Predictive modeling used to examine consumer perceptions of newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio and the advertising in each medium.

Independent variables: 

Dependent variable(s):

Top Line Results:

Take-Away: Advertising in broadcast media is more likely to be avoided than print advertising.  Though this research was completed more than 10 years ago, it presages the recent interest in measuring “engagement”.  This study finds that print ads are less aggravating and more believable than ads in other media. 

Complexity rating of original source: 2
(Complex statistical analysis scale:  1= none, 2= moderate, 3 = difficult)

Full-text available for a fee from JSTOR