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Measuring Media Effectiveness: Comparing Media Contribution Throughout the Purchase Funnel

By Commissioned by Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) and conducted by Marketing Evolution


"This study shows that magazines add an important influence to all segments of the purchase funnel -- especially the most noteworthy category of purchase"

Year:  December 2006

Source: Magazine Publishers of America (MPA)

Type of Promotional Material/Activity Tested: Magazines

Methodology: An aggregation of twenty cross-media accountability studies (performed by Marketing Evolution from 2004-2006) measuring media impact across the various stages of the consumer purchase decision-making process. Online surveys were primarily used and supplemented by telephone surveys if the online population wasn't well represented.

Metrics: Return on Marketing Objective (ROMO).  To provide transparency and fair comparisons across various media, a cost-per-impact measure of media effectiveness was used. For each medium, the difference in the metric(s) was calculated between exposed and control respondents. The gain in the impact measure between exposed and control was divided by the cost of the media buy to calculate the “cost per impact.”

Independent Variables:

Dependent variables:

Top Line Results:
                       Aggregate Trends Across the Purchase Funnel
  Total Brand Awareness Brand
Magazines 78% 93% 82% 80%
TV 69% 69% 68% 57%
Online 56% 67% 57% 26%
Percentage of 20 Studies in which Overall Purchase Metrics Were Positively Influenced by Medium
  Effectiveness of Individual Stages of the Purchase Funnel:

  • Magazines - 5%
  • TV - 2%
  • Online - 2%

Across the five advertising categories, magazines rank #1 in influencing purchase intent in all but electronics where it comes in a close second to television:

   Purchase Intent Lift by Category
  Magazines Television Online
Automotive 5% 3% 2%
Entertainment 6% 1% 4%
Electronics 3% 4% 0%
General 4% 1% 1%
Pharmaceuticals 3% 2% 0%

Take Aways:


Complexity Rating: 1  (Complex statistical analysis scale: 1 = none, 2 = moderate, difficult)

Source: Measuring Media Effectiveness: Comparing Media Contribution Throughout the Purchase Funnel