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Revving Up Auto Sales: Media Effectiveness and Efficiency Across the Automotive Purchase Funnel

By Commissioned by Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) and conducted by Dynamic Logic


"Magazines alone, or working in synergy with other media, consistently yielded the most positive results."

Date: May 2007

Type of Promotional Material/Activity Tested: The effectiveness of television, magazine, and online media -- alone and in combination -- used in an integrated advertising campaign for the launch of the Jeep Compass.

Sample Population: Nearly 4,500 respondents recruited via random pop-up online survey invitation placed on web sites where Jeep Compass advertising was featured.


Method: Conducted between July-December 2006, an online survey used to analyze and correlate online and offline advertising “opportunity to see” (OTS) and respondents’ attitudinal reactions.  The analysis of OTS to brand awareness and attitude was based on comparisons of respondent groups having exposure opportunity to different combinations of media set against a baseline control group with no exposure to the online or offline campaign advertising. 

  Opportunity to see exposure data by medium:
Metrics: Overall effectiveness of ad campaign.

Top Line Results:

Findings Across the Purchase Funnel


Aided Brand Awareness   • When used in isolation, online was associated with largest gains in brand awareness (45%), followed by magazines (36%).   • Pairings that included magazines generated the best results for two media combos.   • The integration of all three media produced the strongest results increasing brand awareness 76%.
Aided Ad Awareness • Used alone magazines produced the greatest ad awareness lift (81%). TV and online resulted in 63% increases each.

• The addition of magazines to the media mix produced significantly higher awareness than TV or online alone or in combination with one another. Magazines and online were the most efficient of all two and three media combination.
Message Association
• Magazines in combination with either TV or online boosted message association the most –- even more than when all three media were used together.
Brand Imagery • As a single medium, magazines generated the most significant shift in communicating attributes. TV also aided brand imagery but to a lesser extent while online did not prove influential.   • Magazines paired with online produced the highest overall results generally exceeding or equaling the combination of all three media.
Brand Favorability • Magazines only and TV only both produced a 41% lift in overall opinion.   • Brand favorability received the biggest boost when magazines were used in tandem -- magazines combined with TV resulted in a 73% lift and combined with online showed a 68% increase. The use of all three mediums did not better a two media mix.
Purchase Consideration
  • Magazines – alone or in combo -- drove purchase consideration more than any other medium/mix.
    • Alone, magazines produced a 22% increase in purchase consideration.  The most effective/cost efficient combination was magazines plus online (65% lift).  


Take Aways:  
Complexity rating: 1 out of 3 (Complex statistical analysis scale: 1= none, 2= moderate, 3 = difficult)  

Source: Revving Up Auto Sales: Media Effectiveness and Efficiency Across the Automotive Purchase Funnel