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  • Print Catalogs Still Relevant
    From March, 31st 2015 - added on March, 31st 2015

    Retailers are beginning to utilize print catalogs again, proving that they are still a valuable marketing technique.

  • IKEA's Revolutionary "bookbook"
    From September, 19th 2014 - added on September, 19th 2014

    For its 2015 catalog, IKEA has created an intuitive, advanced platform to view and to interact with content. The battery is "eternal", and there are absolutely no wires to deal with.

  • Print Catalogs Influence Holiday Shopping More than Social Media and Mobile
    From January, 8th 2013 - added on January, 17th 2013

    Next to online reviews, print catalogs most influenced holiday in-store purchases. Print catalogs also beat out social media and mobile for influencing both in-store and online holiday purchases.

  • Print Catalogs Remain Essential to Many Consumers
    From November, 21st 2012 - added on November, 27th 2012

    U.S. consumers continue to rely heavily on the print catalogs -- 46% find them a "very" or "extremely" useful aid in the shopping process.

  • Catalogs Remain Key Tool for Online Merchants
    From August, 23rd 2012 - added on August, 23rd 2012

    According to Multichannel Marketing Magazine's 2012-13 Catalog Outlook Survey, online merchants continue to embrace catalogs as part of their effort to effectively market and increase sales.