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  • Mobile Ad Revenue Surpasses Desktop
    From June, 23rd 2017 - added on June, 23rd 2017

    Mobile ad revenue overtakes desktop for the first time. Digital advertising as a whole passes TV as most ad spending.

  • The Power of Images in Marketing
    From April, 24th 2017 - added on April, 24th 2017

    Studies have come out to prove that images really do increase conversion rates.

  • US Advertisers are underspending by $31 billion
    From July, 8th 2016 - added on July, 7th 2016

    US Advertisers are underspending by 19% and focusing too much on limited platforms.

  • Print: Dead or Alive
    From June, 29th 2016 - added on June, 28th 2016

    Print is dying as a way to share information, but as a medium for advertising it's thriving.

  • Native Advertising Survey: Facebook, Twitter Considered Least Effective
    From November, 19th 2013 - added on November, 19th 2013

    A new native advertising survey examines how professionals are using native advertising, how they define it, and how effective they feel it to be.

  • Social Media Tops for B2C Content Marketers
    From October, 15th 2013 - added on October, 25th 2013

    The overwhelming majority of B2C marketers -- 90% -- employed content marketing in 2013. This report reviews tactics, effectiveness, confidence in the strategy, and more.

  • B2B Content Marketing a Core Part of Marketing Process
    From October, 1st 2013 - added on October, 16th 2013

    B2B marketers are making content marketing a core part of their marketing process with 93% of organizations now marketing with content - regardless of company size or industry.

  • B2B Content Marketing: What Works, What Doesn't
    From June, 3rd 2013 - added on June, 24th 2013

    A study of B2B content seekers' attitudes finds B2B buyers are "turned off by self-serving, irrelevant, over-hyped and overly technical content."

  • The State of Custom Content Publishing 2013
    From April, 4th 2013 - added on April, 11th 2013

    Custom content spending on production and distribution rose to $43.9 billion. All forms - print, electronic and digital - experienced growth, with a 9.2% increase over last year's spending.

  • Content Marketing Growing; Print Media a Top Vehicle
    From January, 14th 2013 - added on February, 5th 2013

    According to a survey Ad Age, content marketing is claiming a growing share of marketers' budgets -- 12% on average. Top content marketing channels: social networks (80%) and print media (77%).

  • B2C Content Marketing Tactics and Effectiveness
    From November, 14th 2012 - added on November, 30th 2012

    A new B2C Content Marketing report finds 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing. On average, 12 different strategies are employed, with social media being the top tactic.

  • Effective B2B Content Marketing Relies On Engaging Storytelling
    From October, 5th 2012 - added on November, 8th 2012

    Eight out of 10 B2B marketers say effective content marketing is dependent on engaging and compelling storytelling.