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  • Printed Keyboard to Keep Grease Off of Smartphones
    From June, 15th 2015 - added on June, 15th 2015

    KFC has created a new printed keyboard that can be used so consumers won't get their greasy fingers on their smartphone screens.

  • The Key Roles of 12 Channels in the Customer Journey
    From March, 12th 2014 - added on June, 18th 2014

    Marketers weigh in on the primary roles of 12 different channels in the customer journey-- choosing whether a channel is best as a "greeter," an "influencer," or is seen as a "closer."

  • The Marketing Channels Integrated Most Often with Email Campaigns
    From March, 1st 2014 - added on April, 24th 2014

    Landing pages (61%) are the marketing channel most often integrated with company email programs. Print was the top channel integrated with email programs for one in four (25%) of marketers.

  • The Role Of Various Channels in the Purchase Journey
    From March, 27th 2014 - added on April, 10th 2014

    Experian reports on how marketers around the globe view the roles of 12 different channels in creating awareness, generating interest and closing the deal.

  • Half Of All Ad Campaigns Will Be Multiscreen By 2016
    From October, 31st 2013 - added on December, 13th 2013

    In 3 years, roughly 50% of all media campaigns are expected to be multiscreen -- defined as those that run during a similar timeframe across two or more screens including TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone and digital place-based media.

  • Print Preferred by Parents for Back-to-School Shopping
    From August, 26th 2013 - added on August, 26th 2013

    Parents say they prefer print ads and direct mail above email, online, and social for back-to-school shopping.

  • The Top Ways We Learn About New Brands and Products
    From July, 30th 2013 - added on August, 9th 2013

    In a survey examining how consumers are introduced to new products and brands, TV ads (58%) take the top spot. Magazines (31%) and direct mail (21%) also play an important role for many Americans.

  • Print Reaches All Ages, Including Early Adopter Millennials
    From March, 21st 2013 - added on March, 21st 2013

    Today's consumers move between multiple devices and media platforms. TV still has the greatest reach, mobile is gaining ground, and print retains its reach among all age groups -- including younger adults.

  • Channels Driving Holiday Purchases Don't Include Online or Social
    From February, 22nd 2013 - added on March, 7th 2013

    A 2013 Holiday Retail Marketing Survey finds that email, TV, and print ads were the strongest drivers of purchases, while online and social media proved least influential.

  • Marketers: Cross-Channel Marketing Essential; Execution Challenges Hinder Success
    From October, 15th 2012 - added on November, 15th 2012

    Eight out of 10 marketers believe cross-channel marketing is essential to the success of their business, yet execution challenges hinder their efforts.

  • Multiscreen Consumers Mix Offline and Online In Engaging With Brands
    From May, 24th 2012 - added on May, 24th 2012

    A study examining how consumers interact with media in the current multi-device environment finds offline and online sources are used for research and engagement.

  • Consumers Welcome and Prefer Offline Restaurant Marketing Offers Most
    From May, 14th 2012 - added on May, 14th 2012

    When it comes to receiving promotional communications from restaurants, consumers prefer, and act on, traditional marketing more than online channels.

  • Direct Mail Still Works and Consumers Still Want It
    From April, 4th 2012 - added on April, 11th 2012

    A study finds 66% of online Americans have made a purchase as a result of email and nearly just as many (65%) purchased a product or service thanks to direct mail; This is nearly 3x the percentage who have purchased after receiving marketing messages delivered via Facebook (20%).

  • Consumers: Traditional Ad Channels More Engaging
    From February, 9th 2012 - added on February, 13th 2012

    A 2012 study finds that traditional ad channels outperform digital channels in engaging American consumers. TV, magazine, and direct mail ads take top billing. Digital ads featured via search engines, social media and blogs rank at the bottom.

  • Traditional Advertising Has Most Impact on Buying Decisions
    From March, 23rd 2011 - added on April, 4th 2011

    According to Deloitte's fifth edition "State of the Media Democracy" survey, consumers say that the advertising that has the most impact on their purchasing decisions is delivered via traditional media.

  • Print Ads Garner Greater Attention than Online Ads
    From March, 23rd 2011 - added on April, 4th 2011

    Deloitte's fifth edition "State of the Media Democracy" survey finds consumers pay greater attention to print advertising than they do online ads.

  • Recession Equals Marketing Opportunity
    From December, 8th 2009 - added on December, 14th 2009

    Research regarding advertising during a recession found that companies that maintained or increased their ad spend during a recession saw a 275% increase in sales growth during and for the three years following. Companies that cut back or stopped advertising experienced only a 19% increase.