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  • Print Statements and Bills Still Favored by Many U.S. Consumers
    From January, 6th 2012 - added on August, 1st 2012

    A survey of more than 5,000 US households found that 71% of consumers open print financial statements and bills mailed to them, and 65% said they actually preferred to get a print copy of their bill or statement.

  • TransPromo Takes Off with B2B Companies
    From October, 8th 2010 - added on November, 2nd 2010

    A Pitney Bowes Inc. survey of B2B companies shows that TransPromo -- the practice of adding marketing messages to bills and statements and other transactional documents -- is "moving from a much-talked-about projection to a widely implemented reality."

  • Consumers Value TransPromo Documents
    From September, 30th 2009 - added on October, 1st 2009

    According to a study commissioned by InfoPrint Solutions, all consumers, but particularly young people, continue to value the financial documents they receive in the mail alongside online access. The study, conducted by Forrester Research, shows that consumers value personalized marketing on their bills and statement online, but even more so on paper.