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  • Digital and Print Media to be Combined Into One
    From June, 8th 2017 - added on June, 8th 2017

    A new research venture was just given £1.2m to create interactive print.

  • The Printing Software Problem
    From May, 30th 2017 - added on May, 30th 2017

    Print companies have to be extra competitive on low margins, but aren't spending what they should on automation software.

  • 500 Year Old Print Rediscovered
    From May, 22nd 2017 - added on May, 22nd 2017

    While cataloguing items about the history of print, Erika Delbecque opened a book and found one of William Caxton's prints was discovered.

  • RIT study reveals estimating system obstacles inhibiting print service providers
    From February, 6th 2017 - added on February, 6th 2017

    A new Rochester Institute of Technology study reveals the primary and costly limitations that are dramatically hampering estimating cycle times for many of today’s print service provider businesses and identifies the desired features of modern estimating systems.

  • Food Safe Ink Growth Predicted to Exceed That of Food Packaging
    From January, 19th 2017 - added on January, 19th 2017

    From 2016-2021, food packaging will grow at a 3% CAGR, exceeding the growth of the overall packaging market.

  • The Decline and Fall of Marketing
    From September, 23rd 2016 - added on September, 23rd 2016

    Marketing is getting pushed out of the boardroom and strategies built around customers are going with it.

  • The Rise and Fall of Financial Typesetting
    From September, 13th 2016 - added on September, 6th 2016

    With the rise of technology came the fall of financial typesetting, but it's still hanging on by a thread.

  • Punching bag keyboard offers a new way to type
    From July, 18th 2016 - added on July, 14th 2016

    German design company Bless created this fully functional keyboard out of punching bags.

  • RIT's Ted Kinsman creates coffee drip printer
    From May, 3rd 2016 - added on April, 21st 2016

    RIT's Ted Kinsman creates a printer than can print droplets of any liquid on any paper

  • This "drinkable book" has pages that can filter water and kill bacteria
    From April, 21st 2016 - added on April, 15th 2016

    This drinkable book was specially designed to act as filter paper so that people can drink clean water by pouring water through it.

  • More Americans Read Print Magazines than Use the Internet
    From January, 19th 2016 - added on January, 19th 2016

    Recent research has shown that more Americans read print magazines than use the Internet.

  • Expected Growth for Security Printing
    From January, 11th 2016 - added on January, 11th 2016

    Smithers Pira predicts stable growth for security printing globally.

  • Print Your Own Diagnostic Test with Inkjet
    From July, 22nd 2015 - added on July, 22nd 2015

    Utilizing inkjet printing technologies, there is now a way to create a diagnostic test cartridge utilizing a single sheet of paper.

  • 7,471-Volume of Printed Wikipedia for Purchase
    From July, 2nd 2015 - added on July, 2nd 2015

    A printed version of the Wikipedia database is available for sale and contains 7,471 volumes of content.

  • Print ROI Four Times that of TV
    From June, 25th 2015 - added on June, 25th 2015

    Researchers discovered that the return on print magazine ads were far greater than expected to boost awareness.

  • Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry
    From June, 18th 2015 - added on June, 18th 2015

    Examining the global printing industry in order to identify the top countries for future growth, along with the types of print products that will dominate.

  • Young adults more likely to read in print!
    From May, 5th 2015 - added on May, 5th 2015

    A Pew Internet Research study has discovered that while e-reading is becoming increasingly popular, it is still eclipsed by the everlasting popularity of print.

  • Don't Overlook Print for Your Startup!
    From April, 28th 2015 - added on April, 28th 2015

    While a company can survive on only digital channels, they won't thrive until they incorporate print into their marketing.

  • Tag and Label Printing Trends in North America
    From April, 28th 2015 - added on April, 28th 2015

    55% of Brand Owners express a Print Bias

  • Worldwide Security Printing Market to reach $35.3 billion by 2018
    From March, 2nd 2015 - added on March, 2nd 2015

    The stunning rate of counterfeiting is causing an increase of security printing worldwide.

  • Graph Expo 2014 Forecast: Mostly Cloudy, Precipitation Likely, with a Bright Finish
    From October, 9th 2014 - added on October, 10th 2014

    Graph Expo this year is at the mid-point between two drupa's and although a bit smaller show than previous years, proved to be rich with many exciting developments.

  • Global Print Market Growing 8% from 2011 to 2017
    From September, 19th 2014 - added on September, 19th 2014

    It is expected that there will be an 8% growth rate from $584 in 2011 to $668 billion in 2017. Dominating global revenue growth is the package printing industry. In 2007, this segment accounted for 35%, while in 2017 it is expected to reach 43%.

  • Time Spent Looking at Screens Reach All-Time High
    From September, 19th 2014 - added on September, 19th 2014

    According to a new report, per individual, an average of 270 hours is spent each month looking at different types of screens.

  • Mary Meeker's 2014 Internet Trends Report
    From May, 28th 2014 - added on June, 2nd 2014

    Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends report finds the total number of global Internet users is growing by less than 10% per year, and is slowing. The number of smartphone users is growing by 20% per year, although it is slowing, too.

  • Nielsen: The U.S. Device Media Universe
    From February, 12th 2014 - added on February, 21st 2014

    The latest device-related media factoid from Nielsen.

  • Snapshot: A Look at Media Multitasking
    From December, 13th 2013 - added on December, 13th 2013

    In 2013, U.S. adults were expected to have spent nearly 44% of their overall media time with digital; Time spent on social media has risen by double-digits regardless of the device used.

  • The Changing Face of the American Household
    From October, 17th 2013 - added on October, 17th 2013

    A new census report provides an updated picture of the composition and complexity of U.S families and households; for example, one in 5 households is made up of the so-called "nuclear family."

  • Print's Future Hinges On Integrating with Digital and Mobile
    From January, 31st 2013 - added on February, 19th 2013

    Print's future role hinges on its ability integrate with the mobile and online channels and will require "investment in print workflow automation enhancements that improve productivity, delivery speed, and cost."

  • Media Consumption Trends: Increased Interest In Tablets and Streaming Media
    From January, 16th 2013 - added on January, 29th 2013

    A growing number of Americans are likely to replace traditional laptops and desktops with tablets in 2013. There is also a growing interest in streaming media as a replacement for cable TV.

  • Print Book Readership Declines As E-Books Gain In Popularity
    From December, 28th 2012 - added on January, 14th 2013

    In the past year, the number of Americans (ages 16+) who read e-books increased from 16% to 23%. At the same time, those who read printed books fell from 72% to 67%.

  • Survey: Printers Remain Optimistic On Print's Future
    From October, 16th 2012 - added on October, 16th 2012

    A survey finds more than 70% of printers said they are optimistic about the future, believing that print will always be part of the communications mix, but expect volumes will decline.

  • Americans Spend 11 Hours Per Day With Major Media
    From March, 23rd 2012 - added on April, 19th 2012

    Data analysis conducted by eMarketer estimates U.S. adults "crammed more than 11 hours of media content into an average day in 2011."

  • Video Recap: "Print Delivers" the Message (Fall 2010 )
    From November, 30th 2010 - added on December, 2nd 2010

    A succinct, informative video recap of the latest Print Delivers presentation in Chicago on November 2, sponsored by The Print Council, featured on Kodak's B2B YouTube channel.

  • Video Recap: The Power of Print - Dallas (Spring 2010)
    From May, 17th 2010 - added on May, 17th 2010

    A fast-moving, informative recap of the latest Print Delivers presentation sponsored by The Print Council, featured on Kodak's B2B YouTube channel.

  • 2010 Census: The "Average" American No Longer Exists
    From October, 12th 2009 - added on October, 15th 2009

    The 2010 Census is expected to find that nearly 310 million people live in the US, but, according to demographics expert Peter Francese one person will be missing: the average American.