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  • International Print Day on October 19th
    From October, 12th 2016 - added on October, 12th 2016

    International Print Day will take place on October 19th, 2016. This is a day to help print "Trend The Planet!"

  • QR code comeback
    From August, 4th 2016 - added on August, 4th 2016

    QR codes might be seeing a resurgence in marketing with new ways to incorporate them.

  • Facebook is Making Us Unhappy
    From March, 2nd 2015 - added on March, 2nd 2015

    A correlation has been found between the time one uses Facebook, and the amount of unhappiness that the individual will have.

  • Instagram Beats Out Facebook and Twitter with U.S. Teens
    From April, 9th 2014 - added on May, 20th 2014

    According to a semi-annual teen consumer insights survey, Instagram has surpassed Facebook and Twitter in popularity among teenagers.

  • Social Media Posts by Peers Influence Millennials to Buy
    From February, 4th 2014 - added on February, 13th 2014

    Nearly seven in 10 millennial social users are influenced to make purchases based on friends' posts about products and services they like.

  • Smaller Businesses See ROI from Social Media
    From February, 13th 2014 - added on February, 13th 2014

    A new study finds that 60% of small and medium businesses have found social media effectively helps them build their brand and presence.

  • Study: Facebook Use to Decline Over Next 5 Years
    From February, 3rd 2014 - added on February, 4th 2014

    A newly released survey from USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future finds that almost one-third of all Facebook users will use the service less within five years.

  • A Fifth of Social Media Marketers Dissatisfied with Tactic's Impact
    From January, 15th 2014 - added on January, 24th 2014

    According to a recent survey of more than 1,700 North American social media marketers, 21% say they're dissatisfied with social media marketing in general and are ready to replace social spend with more traditional buys.

  • 73% of Online U.S. Adults Use a Social Networking Site
    From December, 30th 2013 - added on January, 8th 2014

    The latest Pew survey shows that 73% of online U.S. adults now use a social networking site of some kind. Facebook dominates in the number of users (71%), but a number of users are diversifying onto other platforms.

  • SMBs and Social: Facebook Ads Show Best ROI, Yet Least Used
    From November, 19th 2013 - added on December, 5th 2013

    More than 72% of SMBs are using social media to advertise and promote their business; They rank Facebook ads as having the best ROI of the social media channels.

  • When Does it Pay to Post on Facebook?
    From August, 19th 2013 - added on October, 31st 2013

    Analysis of over 2.8 million Facebook posts from 23,000 brands provides a snapshot, by day of the week, of posts distribution and engagement potential.

  • Facebook Dominates Social Referrals; Pinterest Grows Exponentially
    From October, 15th 2013 - added on October, 16th 2013

    A social media study finds Facebook accounts for more than 10% of traffic to publishers, while Pinterest referral traffic has increased most rapidly, growing by 66.5% (to 3.68%) in the last year.

  • CMOs Having Trouble Proving Impact of Social Media
    From September, 12th 2013 - added on September, 12th 2013

    According to Duke University's CMO Survey, just 15% of chief marketers say they have proven the quantitative impact of their social media marketing expenditures.

  • Half of All Social Network Users Consider Taking A Break
    From July, 12th 2013 - added on July, 15th 2013

    According to a national survey on social media behavior, 52% of social network users have either taken, or considered taking, a "vacation" from one or more social networks in the past year.

  • How Well Does Social Media Translate Into Sales?
    From July, 10th 2013 - added on July, 10th 2013

    A recent report examines if, and how, customers make the journey from tweeting, pinning or liking an item, to actually purchasing it.

  • Despite Record Usage, Appeal of Top Social Media Sites Declining
    From June, 24th 2013 - added on July, 1st 2013

    A recent social media attitudinal survey finds"while awareness and usage of social media sites is extremely high, the allure of using these sites is starting to wear thin with consumers."

  • Facebook Data Shows Social Context Ads Work Best
    From June, 20th 2013 - added on June, 20th 2013

    A study of more than 1 million Facebook ad units and 114 billion impressions finds the sponsored story ad format performs best, along with a wide variation in Facebook ad performance by industry.

  • Brands Use of Traditional Ads to Promote Their Social Presence; Are Consumers Noticing?
    From May, 22nd 2013 - added on June, 10th 2013

    Brands are increasingly promoting their Facebook pages and Twitter hashtags in traditional ad messages; One in four say they recall these ads in banner and TV ad, 21% recall social promotions in print ads.

  • Only Two in Five Marketers Call Facebook Effective
    From May, 21st 2013 - added on June, 3rd 2013

    A survey of marketers finds half believe Facebook is the most important vehicle for their marketing purposes yet, just 37% agree that Facebook marketing is effective.

  • Pew: The Demographics of Social Media Users
    From February, 14th 2013 - added on March, 27th 2013

    According to Pew Research, as of December 2012, 67% of online adults use social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Consumers Not Trusting Of Social Media Ads
    From March, 21st 2013 - added on March, 25th 2013

    A Forrester Research survey finds consumers place the least amount of trust in social media marketing, SMS messaging, and internet ad content.

  • Survey: Nearly 4 in 10 Women Have Decreased or Stopped Using Social Media
    From March, 4th 2013 - added on March, 6th 2013

    A majority of North American women are using social media (86%), and yet, a trend of note, a growing number say they are decreasing or stopping its use.

  • 75% of Advertisers Use Social Ads, Half Integrate With Print
    From February, 13th 2013 - added on February, 14th 2013

    Paid social media advertising is increasingly being viewed as an integrated tactic by advertisers -- 66% use the channel in combo with other online advertising, and 51% use it in conjunction with offline advertising.

  • Twitter Trumps Facebook and LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation
    From January, 24th 2013 - added on February, 11th 2013

    When if comes to generating B2B leads, Twitter is tops in social media -- generating 82% share of leads, compared to just 9% each for Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • The Growing Role of Social Media in the Purchasing Decision
    From January, 22nd 2013 - added on February, 6th 2013

    According to a new study, nearly one-third of shoppers say social media has introduced them to a brand or product they were previously unfamiliar with, or helped change their opinion of a brand during the buying decision process.

  • Top Reasons Social Media Users Drop Companies and Brands
    From December, 10th 2012 - added on December, 19th 2012

    Irrelevant posts top the reasons why one in 3 social media users stop following or "un-like" a company or brand on a social network.

  • Social Media Ads: Not Engaging Majority of Viewers
    From December, 7th 2012 - added on December, 7th 2012

    A new social media report from Nielsen finds ads delivered via Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc. don't engage the majority of viewers.

  • Facebook Ads, Comments Don't Sway Purchases
    From June, 6th 2012 - added on June, 7th 2012

    Four out of five Facebook users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising or comments on Facebook, a Reuters/Ipsos online poll shows.

  • Excessive Social Media Marketing Results In Backlash
    From March, 28th 2012 - added on April, 19th 2012

    A study finds that 52% of Americans have liked, followed or subscribed to a company/brand via social networking or email. However, close to a third later turn around and break it off. Once this occurs, they then view the brand more negatively, shop/visit a retailer less often and thus spend less.

  • Consumers Turn to Print, TV, Radio, Not Social Media, for New Brand Info
    From February, 7th 2012 - added on February, 7th 2012

    Offline channels, such as TV, print media and radio -- not Facebook or Twitter -- are the ways consumers most frequently discovered new brands, products and services, recent research finds.