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  • There's Still Time to Enter Sappi's Printer of the Year Competition
    From April, 18th 2017 - added on April, 18th 2017

    Since 1999, Sappi has been celebrating great printers through their Printer of the Year award. Any printed media produced in the US and Canada from 2016 is eligible.

  • Print Business survey
    From July, 29th 2016 - added on July, 29th 2016

    RIT is conducting a survey to find the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the quoting process.

  • Library's Move from Print to Digital Causes an Outcry
    From July, 21st 2015 - added on July, 21st 2015

    In the digital age, more and more libraries are beginning to move from purchasing print books to purchasing digital copies, but this change is not happily accepted by all.

  • Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.
    From February, 25th 2015 - added on February, 25th 2015

    "The Washington Post" finds research that proves that the digital generation prefers reading in print rather than in digital.

  • Six in Ten Seniors Now Go Online
    From April, 3rd 2014 - added on May, 15th 2014

    According to the Pew Research Center, America's seniors movement into digital life continues to deepen. Today, 59% of seniors report they go online -- a six-percentage point increase in the course of a year.

  • Millennials Say Combo of Digital and Offline Ads Most Influential
    From March, 20th 2014 - added on April, 3rd 2014

    Despite being digital natives, 45% of Millennials say that digital and traditional advertising works better in combination in influencing their brand decisions, compared to either as a standalone channel.

  • Offline More Influential than Social and Mobile, Consumers Say
    From March, 26th 2014 - added on April, 1st 2014

    Offline media easily beat out social and mobile as more influential in the purchasing process, finds Deloitte's annual consumer survey. Word of mouth consistently leads the way as the top purchase influence.

  • Nearly 4 in 10 of Americans Own a Laptop, a Smartphone AND a Tablet
    From March, 26th 2014 - added on March, 27th 2014

    Deloitte's most recent survey of techology and media consumption trends, finds a 42% growth YOY in the number of U.S. consumers who own a trio of tablets, smartphones and laptops.

  • Online Ads So Pervasive, Many Ignoring Them Altogether
    From February, 18th 2014 - added on February, 18th 2014

    Online ads (82%) top the list as most ignored by all generations, while ads featured in traditional media are least ignored.

  • Consumers Continue to Trust Traditional Media Advertising Over Online Ads
    From January, 8th 2014 - added on February, 17th 2014

    Newspaper advertising is the most-trusted form of paid media advertising in North America, according to Nielsen. Traditional ads lead digital ads by double-digits when it comes to consumer trust.

  • Americans Worried About Their Privacy Online; More Cite Business Data Collection
    From January, 28th 2014 - added on February, 5th 2014

    A high proportion of U.S. adults (92%) are worried about their privacy online. More users cite business data collection over government surveillance programs as the their concerns.

  • Consumers Still Rely on Tried-and-True Newspaper Inserts for Savings
    From January, 27th 2014 - added on January, 27th 2014

    More than half of shoppers (57%) will rely on coupons from home and 51% will be influenced by newspaper circulars for brand selection and savings in 2014. The next closest influential source is online advertising at 11%.

  • Teen Time Spent Online Grows Rapidly; Now Over 4 Hours Per Day
    From January, 16th 2014 - added on January, 24th 2014

    A GfK multimedia study show that U.S. teenagers' time spent connected is growing faster than that of any other key age group and now tops 4 hours daily.

  • Print Books Remain at Core of Americans' Reading Habits
    From January, 16th 2014 - added on January, 17th 2014

    The percentage of Americans who read an e-book in the past year has risen to 28% -- up from 23% at the end of 2012. At the same time, about 7 in 10 adults reported reading a book in print, up 4% after a slight dip in 2012.

  • Generational Differences in Gadget Ownership
    From January, 6th 2014 - added on January, 10th 2014

    Survey results from Gallup quantify generational differences in technology ownership. For example, 88% of young adults own smartphones compared to 25% of those age 65+.

  • Survey Affirm the Power of Print In Households Earning $100K+
    From September, 19th 2013 - added on September, 27th 2013

    A survey finds U.S. adults living in households with at least $100K in annual household income, "continue to be enthusiastic consumers of traditional media, even while their use of digital media continues to grow sharply."

  • WOM and Traditional Ads Promotes Trust and Consumer Action
    From September, 17th 2013 - added on September, 18th 2013

    Word-of-mouth, TV, branded websites, and newspaper and magazines remain the most trusted advertising sources finds a survey of more than 29,000 consumers from around the globe.

  • Most U.S. Consumers Want the Option to Receive Paper Bills and Statements
    From July, 31st 2013 - added on August, 6th 2013

    U.S. consumers want to keep the option to receive paper bills and statements. In addition, 72% agree that print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate if responsibly produced, used and recycled.

  • Traditional Media Ads Best For Reaching, Influencing Affluent Buyers
    From June, 20th 2013 - added on July, 26th 2013

    Traditional media still claims top spot for reaching affluent adults. TV has the lead when it comes to recall of, and interest in, a luxury item they saw or heard, while magazines prove effective in reaching those who plan to buy luxury items.

  • Offline Media Scores High In Credibility and as Ad Source
    From June, 13th 2013 - added on June, 13th 2013

    A significant portion of consumers feel traditional advertising is most credible, least annoying, and the best source for marketing messages, finds a survey by Adobe.

  • Online Nearly Catches Up to TV Watching
    From March, 15th 2013 - added on April, 9th 2013

    A media usage survey of 10,000 Americans finds we spend, on average, 3.9 hours per day watching TV compared to 3.8 hours going online outside of work.

  • Consumers Trust Advertising In Print More Than Other Media
    From March, 11th 2013 - added on March, 20th 2013

    Despite changes in media consumption in recent years, research finds European consumers continue to have most trust in advertising in printed media.

  • U.S. Teens Prefer Offline Ads to Online
    From February, 26th 2013 - added on February, 26th 2013

    A recent study finds the new digital generation -- teens, ages 12 to 17 -- generally have more favorable attitudes towards print, radio and TV ads, than online ads.

  • Traditional Media Remains Key Source for U.S. Shoppers
    From January, 24th 2013 - added on February, 15th 2013

    For the American consumer. traditional media and channels are still very important sources of ideas on what to buy. Two-thirds say circulars and inserts most influence their shopping decisions.

  • Traditional Media Continues to Hold Purchasing Sway In Digital World
    From January, 22nd 2013 - added on January, 22nd 2013

    Next to friends and family and manufacturer/retailer websites, traditional media continues to holds sway in influencing consumers' purchase decisions.

  • Survey Finds Majority of Americans Support "Do Not Mail"
    From December, 4th 2012 - added on December, 17th 2012

    A survey 81% of Americans support a Do Not Mail initiative. The authors suggest their findings serve as a wake-up call to markets and the USPS to find ways to address consumers concerns while preserving the fundamental service provided by the USPS.

  • Transitioning: Millennials' Media Consumption Habits
    From November, 15th 2012 - added on December, 12th 2012

    A new study from Scarborough shows media engagement by younger people has evolved over the past ten years with a transition from traditional news media toward more digital media.

  • Consumers Continue to Favor Offline Ads; Most Digital Formats Lose Ground
    From November, 30th 2012 - added on November, 30th 2012

    A new consumer attitude study finds that even in this digital-centric climate, Americans are likely to view offline media ads most favorably -- while most digital formats have experienced a decrease in favorability.

  • Consumers Often Feel Misled By Ads Appearing As Content
    From November, 5th 2012 - added on November, 5th 2012

    A new survey on consumers' perceptions about ads appearing as content can be damaging to brand trust.

  • Study Reveals Online Marketing is Falling Short with Consumers
    From October, 24th 2012 - added on October, 29th 2012

    A new study from Adobe finds both consumers and professional marketers believe traditional marketing is still more effective than online marketing.

  • Consumers: Printed Ads Would Be Missed Most
    From October, 3rd 2012 - added on October, 10th 2012

    When consumers were asked, "Which of the following forms of advertising would you miss most if it disappeared tomorrow?," the response was overwhelmingly printed ads.

  • Marketers Overestimate The Power of Digital
    From October, 3rd 2012 - added on October, 10th 2012

    Most consumers are not keen to new forms of direct marketing, such as mobile and social media, and would rather communicate with brands through established direct mail and email channels, a new study finds.

  • College Students' Marketing Preferences - It's Not All Digital
    From September, 13th 2012 - added on September, 13th 2012

    Despite the prevalence of social media and the Internet, college students say traditional means -- word-of-mouth and TV ads -- are the most effective forms of advertising.

  • Traditional Media Still Most Trusted Sources of Info and News
    From July, 11th 2012 - added on July, 11th 2012

    A recent study finds consumer trust in traditional media is much higher than digital media, while online research holds the most sway with influencing brand-buying buying decisions.

  • Hard Economic Times: Funny Ads Most Effective
    From June, 21st 2012 - added on June, 29th 2012

    A Nielsen study of ad effectiveness before, during and after the recession of 2006-2011, finds funny ads trump ads emphasizing price and promotions, regardless of economic times.

  • Most Influential: TV, Followed by Newspapers
    From June, 29th 2012 - added on June, 29th 2012

    American consumers say the advertising medium most influential in their purchase decision is by far, TV (37.2%), followed by newspapers (10.6%), the Internet (5.6%), and magazines (4.4%).

  • Marketing Practices That Inspire vs. Those That Irritate
    From March, 20th 2012 - added on March, 20th 2012

    A survey on what customers expect and desire from interactions with businesses. Among the findings -- 74% welcome direct mail if sent monthly.

  • Women Most Notice Price, Quality Info in Advertising
    From January, 26th 2012 - added on January, 26th 2012

    The top elements of advertising that make women "take notice" are an easily found price (45%) and proof or details of quality (43%) followed by relevant messaging (39%) and ads that are easy to remember (28%).

  • Americans Still Prefer Print and Paper Communications
    From January, 18th 2012 - added on January, 20th 2012

    According to a recent survey, Americans have declared their preference for paper-based media in a digital world with 70% stating they prefer to read print and paper communications than reading off a screen.

  • Electronic Media vs. Print: All Generations Prefer Paper
    From November, 15th 2011 - added on January, 4th 2012

    A European survey finds that paper is still the favored medium of all age groups -- including young adults.

  • Customers Say They Prefer Direct Mail and Email Marketing
    From September, 7th 2011 - added on September, 7th 2011

    According to a study of consumer preference for how brands communicate with them, consumers are using technology to control their relationships with brands and filter out unwanted communications. Direct mail and email marketing come out on top as the most accepted forms of communication.

  • Nielsen: Shoppers Prefer Print Ads for Sales and Promotions
    From July, 5th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    New research from Nielsen examining the benefits of print and digital advertising finds that shoppers prefer print advertising, followed by basic digital (websites, email).

  • The Influence of Print, Digital, and Social On Today's Purchase Decision
    From July, 6th 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    A national study commissioned by Google explores how the changing world of media is influencing the shopping decision-making and the roles that print, digital and social media are playing.

  • Young Adults Most Trusting of Advertising Claims
    From November, 8th 2010 - added on November, 9th 2010

    Nine in 10 US adults 18-34 trust advertising at least sometimes, the highest trust level of any age group, according to results of an Adweek Media/Harris Poll.

  • Affluent Millennials Open to Advertising
    From September, 13th 2010 - added on October, 5th 2010

    According to the 2010 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, contrary to the popular belief that 18 to 34-year old consumers are more likely to reject or avoid advertising than older affluent consumers -- they are, in fact, actually more interested in ads featured in nearly all mediums.

  • Young Adults Prefer Offline Marketing Offers to Online
    From August, 24th 2010 - added on August, 26th 2010

    North American consumers in the 18-34 year-old demographic prefer, by a wide margin, to learn about marketing offers via postal mail and newspapers rather than online sources such as social media platforms, according to national survey research from ICOM.

  • Consumers Prefer Print for Catalogs, Bills, Statements
    From April, 21st 2010 - added on April, 27th 2010

    According to a survey of 1,500 US adult consumers, most prefer print to e-mail for bills, invoices, financial statements and catalogs.

  • Print Outscores Other Media With Bargain Hunters
    From January, 18th 2010 - added on January, 19th 2010

    An AdweekMedia/Harris Poll asked consumers their thoughts about the advertising vehicles most likely to assist them in searching out bargains and sales. As reported by AdWeek, "print outscored other media as a venue for ads that would help a person find bargains."