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  • Promotional Offers Sent Tuesday and Friday Perform Best
    From November, 18th 2013 - added on November, 18th 2013

    Data analysis by retention marketing specialist Retention Science identifies the time and day promotional e-mail offers work best to generate maximum revenue for online retailers.

  • Email Open and Click Rates By Day and Time
    From September, 17th 2013 - added on September, 17th 2013

    Recent analysis of data from over 1.4 billion email messages gives insight into the days and times that garnered the highest activity.

  • Almost Half of Promotional Emails Opened on Mobile
    From August, 19th 2013 - added on August, 29th 2013

    A new benchmark report finds consumers open 49% of all marketing emails on mobile devices, yet failure to optimize for mobile is problematic.

  • Mobile Promotional Emails: Consumers Dissatisfied with Poor Design and Experience
    From July, 24th 2013 - added on August, 12th 2013

    According to a national survey regarding mobile holiday promotional emails, poor mobile design and user experience is the biggest source of frustration for consumers. The issue most often cited? Irrelevant content.

  • Analysis: Best v. Worst Email Subject Lines
    From July, 10th 2013 - added on July, 12th 2013

    Email marketing firm Adestra's analyzed over 2.2 billion marketing emails to find the keywords and phrases that customers respond to best.

  • Email Clutter: 44% Say More Than Half of Their Emails Come From Marketers
    From November, 8th 2012 - added on November, 8th 2012

    More than four in 10 of U.S. adults surveyed say more than half of emails received every week come from marketers. Nearly the same number (40%) say they enjoy getting emails weekly, if from their favorite brands.