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  • Teens Prefer Print to eBooks
    From November, 30th 2016 - added on November, 30th 2016

    Teens found to still prefer physical books to their eBook counterparts.

  • Barnes and Noble is dying - and taking books with it
    From June, 23rd 2016 - added on June, 21st 2016

    Barnes and Noble is losing profit and acquiring debt which is bad news for authors and publishers

  • Rare 540-year-old book contains first printed maps
    From January, 21st 2016 - added on January, 21st 2016

    A copy of the “Rudimentum Novitiorum” from 1475 contains the world’s first printed maps.

  • School of Media Sciences Releases Adobe DPS App
    From January, 7th 2016 - added on January, 7th 2016

    The School of Media Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology has released a new app.

  • Invitation to CMIC Summit 2014
    From September, 25th 2014 - added on September, 25th 2014

    Please join us for captivating discussions with cross-media communication industry experts as we examine pressing issues and relevant topics facing the graphic communications industry.

  • Print-on-Demand: Key to Engaging New Generations
    From September, 19th 2014 - added on September, 19th 2014

    Ever since digital communication technologies have become widespread, print has become more accessible and convenient for the newer generations. In addition, several new methods to approach print now exist. The future of print relies on the value and use it holds for upcoming generations.

  • U.S. Publishers Split Over the Future of Print
    From May, 12th 2014 - added on May, 19th 2014

    A recent survey of U.S. publishers finds 37% believe print will continue to be the primary way readers access their content; another 34% say print is the least important channel going forward.

  • Survey: 54% of US Adults Read eBooks, Yet Print Remains the Major Player
    From April, 17th 2014 - added on April, 18th 2014

    A majority of Americans (54%) are currently read e-books, including two-thirds of Millennials (66%). With that said, print still dominates; nearly half of Americans (46%) say they only read print books.

  • Report: Publishers to Use a Variety of Channels to Reach Audiences in 2014
    From January, 30th 2014 - added on January, 31st 2014

    A study queried publishers regarding their 2014 publishing strategies and use of social media. The majority plan to use a variety of publishing channels -- print, web and social -- to reach their audiences.