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  • Landa's Nanograpic Press has Entered Beta Testing
    From September, 8th 2017 - added on September, 8th 2017

    Landa's new nanographic press technology is being tested, 5 years after the announcement of the technology.

  • Functional and Industrial Printing Predicted to Grow to $114.8 Billion by 2022
    From August, 16th 2017 - added on August, 16th 2017

    Smithers Pira releases new market evaluation predicting a growth to $114.8 billion by 2022.

  • Heidelberg's 4D Printing Technology
    From July, 28th 2017 - added on July, 28th 2017

    Heidelberg's new technology lets you print directly on a wide range of 3D objects.

  • Profits are Large Among Small Printers
    From July, 5th 2017 - added on July, 5th 2017

    Small print companies made more profits before taxes than large print companies since 2012.

  • Changing Shapes: How Unsquaring the Wheel Came to be
    From May, 1st 2017 - added on April, 27th 2017

    Chris Bondy, Wayne Peterson, and Dr. Joe Webb combined their knowledge of the print industry to create Unsquaring the Wheel, a book focused on changing the traditional print business model.

  • Print Equipment Market Makes a Shift Due to Communication Technology
    From January, 18th 2017 - added on January, 12th 2017

    With the increase in use of smartphones and digital technology, printing companies adapt to the changing market.

  • Amazon US Photo Printing Service Launches
    From October, 11th 2016 - added on October, 11th 2016

    Amazon US launches a new service allowing users to print photos off Amazon Drive.

  • Feed the Beast
    From August, 18th 2016 - added on August, 18th 2016

    Chris Bondy gives his opinion on "feeding the beast" based on his findings at drupa 2016.

  • RIT at Drupa: Leveraging Hybrid Technologies for Print Growth
    From May, 26th 2016 - added on May, 26th 2016

    RIT's Chris Bondy will give a talk at Drupa 2016 on integrating new digital and hybrid technologies technologies

  • RIT at Drupa: New Business Models for Print
    From May, 25th 2016 - added on May, 25th 2016

    RIT's Chris Bondy will give a talk at Drupa 2016 about staying relevant in the media industry through new business models.

  • Moving forward from Digital to Print
    From May, 12th 2016 - added on May, 5th 2016

    The endless bombardment of digital content may make it seem like that's where the future lies, but the next revolution is in the physical world.

  • Eastman Kodak Partnership with NY Label offers new counterfeiting protection
    From April, 14th 2016 - added on April, 8th 2016

    Eastman Kodak starts a partnership with NY Label to expand on anti-conterfitting and print security.

  • Unsquaring The Wheel
    From August, 20th 2015 - added on August, 20th 2015

    Breakthrough Business Model for The Printing Industry, "Unsquaring The Wheel" Introduced By Webb, Bondy, Peterson Thursday, August 20, 2015 Press release from the issuing company Dr. Joe Webb, RIT's Prof. Chris Bondy, and consultant Wayne Peterson have teamed to develop and deliver a new workshop and book that features a breakthrough industry business model for commercial printers and print service providers; it premieres at Graph Expo 15.

  • 5 Reasons Why Print is More Valuable than Digital
    From July, 28th 2015 - added on July, 28th 2015

    Recent research conducted by the Temple University Center for Neural Decision Making has recently conducted some research that proves print's advantage to digital in several different ways.

  • Hodd Barnes & Dickins Recalls Lapsed Clients
    From July, 14th 2015 - added on July, 14th 2015

    By creating a personalized cross-marketing campaign, a company was able to regain lapsed clients and gain a revenue of 20,000 pounds as a direct response.

  • Growing Your Print Business
    From July, 7th 2015 - added on July, 7th 2015

    A look at Minuteman Press, a printing company that successfully grew their company.

  • Social Selling: Rule #6 Slay Real Dragons
    From June, 9th 2015 - added on June, 9th 2015

    Your role is to enable your customers to meet their needs, grasp their opportunities, and defend against their threats.

  • Social Selling: Rule #5 Earn Your Access
    From June, 2nd 2015 - added on June, 2nd 2015

    Being visible means being known as a valuable resource by more than the direct users of your product or service.

  • Social Selling: Rule #4 Enrich Your Network
    From May, 27th 2015 - added on May, 27th 2015

    Enable the people in your network to make new and valuable connections.

  • Social Selling: Rule #3 - Sharpen Yourself!
    From May, 18th 2015 - added on May, 18th 2015

    The good news is that being a self-managed and life-long learner isn't innate, it is learned.

  • Social Selling: Rule #2 - Reject Funnelism
    From May, 11th 2015 - added on May, 11th 2015

    Effective social selling shakes its head at Funnelism and turns its attention the the meaningful and powerful rather than merely the easily measurable.

  • Social Rule #1- Don't Be Creepy
    From May, 5th 2015 - added on May, 5th 2015

    In social selling it is far too easy to step across the line between personal and professional. And you can step across it too early and too far.

  • Crashing at the Finish: The Last, Winning Step Too Many Salespeople Skip
    From April, 28th 2015 - added on April, 28th 2015

    Failing to ask for the opportunity to make a final presentation is equivalent to running a marathon with no intention to put on a final sprint at the finish.

  • Subversive Marketing: How to Build a Brand When They Tell You No
    From April, 14th 2015 - added on April, 14th 2015

    Subversive branding relies on a marketer's willingness to integrate every action and every investment in order to leverage the scarce resources just as far as possible.

  • Recruiting Salespeople: Stop Hiring the Retreads
    From April, 6th 2015 - added on April, 6th 2015

    Sidestep the retreads: Embedding a multistep, carefully crafted process for recruiting, on-boarding, and developing a new salesperson takes some real thought and investment.