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  • Neutrogena Ad in Brasil Lets You Wipe Makeup Off Actress
    From October, 27th 2016 - added on October, 27th 2016

    In this Brazilian ad, the included makeup wipe sample works on the cover to remove the actress's eye shadow and lipstick.

  • Inserts still valid! - $5.84 billion generated for newspapers
    From April, 28th 2015 - added on April, 28th 2015

    Currently, inserts are still being sent to about 50 million households annually, and in 2014, they generated about $5.84 billion in revenue for newspapers.

  • Coupon Users, Young and Old, Prefer Print Sources
    From March, 6th 2014 - added on April, 9th 2014

    A new survey of US consumers finds traditional print formats remain the preferred sources of grocery store and drugstore coupons, especially among Millennials (ages 18-36).

  • Majority of Consumers Don't Want Mobile Promotions; Prefer Print
    From February, 14th 2014 - added on April, 1st 2014

    The majority of consumers (75%) say they prefer to get promotional content and coupons from traditional print media; Three-quarters of those surveyed don't want mobile promotions sent to them.

  • Print Coupons Top Digital Among Moms
    From January, 30th 2014 - added on January, 30th 2014

    Per a study of over 2,200 U.S. moms, print ads (78%) and supermarket circulars (65%) take the lead when it comes to how mothers find coupons.

  • Newspaper Inserts Essential to 8 in 10 Black Friday Shoppers
    From December, 6th 2013 - added on December, 13th 2013

    The majority of holiday shoppers came to the stores having done their homework; Newspaper inserts were key to pre-trip planning.

  • Coupons: Print Going Strong, Digital Making Inroads
    From June, 30th 2013 - added on August, 14th 2013

    Consumers of all ages and incomes use coupons, with those ages 25-34 being the heaviest users and more likely than other age groups to turn to mobile and social media to acquire savings.

  • Millennials: "We Would Shop Less Without Newspaper Inserts"
    From December, 6th 2012 - added on December, 6th 2012

    More than Boomers and Gen Xers, it's Millennials (60%) who say they would shop less without newspaper inserts.

  • Parents Seeking Offers, Coupons Turn to Print and Digital
    From August, 20th 2012 - added on September, 27th 2012

    A Harris poll finds parents are more likely than consumers without children to have stepped up money saving activities, with traditional channels showing a slight lead as the place to go for offers.

  • Grocers Realize Most Success With Print, Growth in Digital and Social Anticipated
    From July, 9th 2012 - added on July, 10th 2012

    A Valassis grocery retailer marketing survey finds 90% of retailers consider weekly circulars their top promotional vehicle.

  • Coupons Work --Even When They're Not Used
    From May, 25th 2012 - added on May, 25th 2012

    Data analysis of a 16-month field experiment finds that coupons -- whether used or not -- still increase awareness purchasing of a brand or retailer.

  • Three-Quarters of Newspaper Readers Use Printed Circulars
    From April, 16th 2012 - added on April, 16th 2012

    A new study from the NAA shows Internet users rely on local newspaper media - digital as well as print as key sources of news and information, and are engaging with their local newspaper across multiple platforms. Three-quarters (73%) have used newspaper printed circulars in the past 30 days.

  • Coupons #2 Most Read Newspaper Section
    From January, 1st 2012 - added on February, 16th 2012

    Sunday newspaper ad inserts remain a sought out feature with consumers. Among all U.S. consumers, 29.6% regularly read the Sunday ad inserts.