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Functional and Industrial Printing Predicted to Grow to $114.8 Billion by 2022

Business Development

The Functional and Industrial printing market is expected to grow to $114.8 billion by 2022 based on current trends. The growing sectors include, but aren't limited to, "décor and laminates; ceramics; electronics, including displays and photovoltaics; glass; aerospace and automotive; biomedical; promotional and miscellaneous items; 3D printing; and inkjet printed textiles." The current market value, as estimated by Smithers Pira, is $76.9 billion, up from $37.2 billion in 2012. In Asia the market is growing through it's large manufacturing concentration, producing things like membrane switches, environmental materials, films, circuitry, photovoltaics, and displays. Since print is usually just a single step of a manufacturing process, there isn't much pressure to develop more efficient processes and it is predicted to stay that way until it becomes a bottleneck in the process.

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