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  • Medium Matters: Newsreaders' Recall and Engagement with Online and Print Newspapers
    From 2011 - added on August, 30th 2011

    A University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication study finds that print news readers remember "significantly more" than those who read news stories online.

  • Displacement and Reinforcement Effects of the Internet and Other Media as Sources of Advertising Information
    From 2004 - added on June, 27th 2008

    This classic study looks at the extent to which consumer use of the Internet displaces or reinforces the use of other media as sources of advertising information.

  • Does Web Advertising Work? Memory for Print vs. Online Media
    From 1998 - added on August, 28th 2007

    In this classic study, print ad content was recognized at a higher level than what was delivered online. Though Internet advertising was a novelty in 1998, the ability to see the full ad in printed format remains a strong point of the medium.

  • Generating Website Traffic
    From 2002 - added on June, 25th 2007

    This classic academic study, which still holds true based on more current studies, finds It would be a costly mistake for Internet companies to rely solely on online advertising to build awareness and generate traffic.