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  • Magazine Industry Trends and Challenges
    From 2014 - added on September, 26th 2014

    First Research analyzes several aspects of the magazine industry to determine the trends and challenges that are currently happening within the industry. In August 2014, magazines are still remaining relevant through a change in distribution and changing the overall form of the publication for digital consumption.

  • Delving Into the Opportunity for Tablet Magazine Advertising - An Analysis of the GfK Starch Data
    From 2013 - added on February, 27th 2014

    Over 27,000 tablet ads were analyzed to evaluate digital efficacy versus print. Readers remember ads on tablets at the same rate as in print, yet the digital platform makes it easier to take action as a result of seeing ads.

  • It's Not Your Father's Magazine Ad: Magnitude and Direction of Recent Changes in Advertising Style
    From 2008 - added on December, 1st 2008

    In this paper, the authors examine some of the stylistic changes that have occurred in magazine ads. They argue that the changes observed in advertising style reflect substantive changes in the consumers to which these ads were directed, and that these stylistic changes were necessary if such advertising was to continue to be effective.

  • Accountability II: How Media Drive Results and Impact Online Success
    From 2007 - added on September, 26th 2008

    This MPA paper present an aggregation of cross-media accountability studies demonstrating that magazines add an important influence to all segments of the purchase funnel -- especially the most noteworthy category of purchase intent.

  • Revving Up Auto Sales: Media Effectiveness and Efficiency Across the Automotive Purchase Funnel
    From 2007 - added on March, 19th 2008

    Magazines alone or working in synergy with other media consistently yielded the most positive results.

  • Measuring Media Effectiveness: Comparing Media Contribution Throughout the Purchase Funnel
    From 2006 - added on January, 10th 2008

    This study demonstrates how magazines add an important influence to all segments of the purchase funnel -- especially the most noteworthy category of purchase intent.

  • Accountability: A Guide to Measuring ROI and ROO Across Media
    From 2005 - added on October, 9th 2007

    A compilation of top-line synopses of research and data on marketing media mix effectiveness, with a focus on magazine advertising.

  • Dimensional Relationships of Recall and Recognition Measures with Selected Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Print Ads
    From 2006 - added on September, 21st 2007

    Print ad content, when perceived as meaningful, results in consumer retention of ad details and being able to recall later when prompted. Contrarily, if a print ads strength is its attractiveness, consumers are not as likely to recollect ad details and facts, but instead to simply recall the brand name or product.

  • Qualitative Effects of Media on Advertising Effectiveness
    From 2004 - added on July, 14th 2007

    This research demonstrates that the way a person experiences a magazine or newspaper can affect the way the person reacts to advertising in the publication.