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  • Response Rates of Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns: Vertical Markets
    From 2011 - added on February, 12th 2013

    This report is an update to the original 2009 MindFireInc report exploring the topic of personalization in marketing campaigns. Findings: Performance results have held true across different campaigns.

  • The Response Rates of Personalized Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns
    From 2009 - added on January, 28th 2010

    This study compared response rates of more than 650 real-life personalized cross-media campaigns to statistically demonstrate the uplift that can be gained from relevant, personalized communications.

  • Americans Reject Tailored Advertising and Three Activities that Enable It
    From 2009 - added on October, 7th 2009

    According to the findings of a study by the Universities of Pennsylvania and California, Berkeley, consumers don't like being tracked online and the more they know about how they're being tracked the less they like it.