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  • Consumer Affective Responses to Direct Mail Messages: The effect of gratitude and obligation
    From 2011 - added on September, 9th 2013

    This direct mail study considers the ability of gratitude messages (e.g. "We truly appreciate good customers like you") and obligation messages (e.g. "We count on you to recognize our hard work") to act as separate affective influences upon consumer purchase intent and attitudes. Findings: Gratitude messaging exerts a more positive influence than does obligation.

  • Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail
    From 2010 - added on March, 27th 2012

    A neuroscience-based study strongly suggests that greater emotional processing and internalization is facilitated by the physical advertising material than by the digital ads. Physical materials have a more personal effect, and therefore should aid (purchase) motivation.

  • Direct Mail Receipt and Response - Day of Week Analysis
    From 2009 - added on May, 14th 2009

    Results of a UK study that asks the question "Does the day that direct mail lands on consumers' doormats play a big part in its success?"

  • Vertis Customer Focus, Direct Marketing 2009: Retail
    From 2008 - added on March, 16th 2009

    The 2009 Vertis Customer Focus study findings show consumers have become more even receptive to using direct mail to seek information and obtain the best value.

  • DMNews/Pitney Bowes Direct Mail Survey
    From 2008 - added on January, 14th 2009

    The DMNews/Pitney Bowes survey shows that targeted direct mail remains a key channel in reaching consumers and influencing their purchase decisions.

  • The Mail Moment
    From 2004 - added on October, 9th 2007

    The immediacy of mail and the attention it receives by consumers gives a company's marketing message an opportunity to be noticed unlike any other media channel.

  • Criticality of Printed Information in the Retail Industry
    From 2006 - added on September, 5th 2007

    An academic paper summarizing the survey of retail store managers' attitudes towards the value, use, and future of printed promotional material (e.g., direct mail, catalogs, and in-store signage).

  • The Contribution of Direct Mail Advertising to Average Weekly Unit Sales
    From 2003 - added on July, 10th 2007

    Media synergy is the ideal when planning advertising. This study shows that the most powerful combination is when direct mail is used in combination with national TV advertising.