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  • Executive Summary of Estimating Systems Research
    From 2017 - added on February, 6th 2017

    A new Rochester Institute of Technology study reveals the primary and costly limitations that are dramatically hampering estimating cycle times for many of today’s print service provider businesses and identifies the desired features of modern estimating systems.

  • The Decline and Fall of Marketing
    From 2016 - added on September, 22nd 2016

  • drupa 2016 is behind us. Now what?
    From 2016 - added on August, 17th 2016

    Printers from around the globe flock to drupa every four-years to see the latest innovations. The highlights of these introductions have already been well-covered by our respected colleagues in great detail. However, the drupa summaries to date do not provide Service Providers with insight into the one key question that every service provider is asking, “How do we feed the beast?” That is, if I make the leap to digital printing, or wish to expand my presence, how do I ensure a profitable stream of work that will result in a return on my investment?

  • RIT at Drupa: Leveraging Hybrid Technologies for Print Growth
    From 2016 - added on May, 25th 2016

    RIT's Chris Bondy will give a talk at Drupa 2016 on integrating new digital and hybrid technologies.

  • RIT at Drupa: New Business Models for Print
    From 2016 - added on May, 25th 2016

    RIT's Chris Bondy will give a talk at Drupa 2016 about staying relevant in the media industry through new business models.

  • The Importance of Newspapers in an Election
    From 2016 - added on May, 24th 2016

    Newspapers increase voter turnout and educate voters which make them a great source for information during elections.

  • New sustainability course at RIT's School of Media Science draws top presenters
    From 2016 - added on May, 12th 2016

    A new course on sustainability in the graphics communication industry had Dr. Thompson and Mr. Jones give presentations on their roles in the field while the students collaborating on their formal registration document for the certification criteria for the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.

  • Print ROI Four Times that of TV
    From 2015 - added on June, 25th 2015

    Researchers discovered that the return on print magazine ads were far greater than expected to boost awareness.

  • World-Wide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry
    From 2015 - added on June, 18th 2015

    Examining the global printing industry in order to identify the top countries for future growth, along with the types of print products that will dominate.

  • Social Selling: Rule #5 - Earn Your Access
    From 2015 - added on June, 9th 2015

    Being visible means being known as a valuable resource by more than the direct users of your product or service.

  • Social Selling: Rule #4 - Enrich Your Network
    From 2015 - added on June, 2nd 2015

    Enable the people in your network to make new and valuable connections.

  • Social Selling: Rule #3 - Sharpen Yourself!
    From 2015 - added on May, 27th 2015

    The good news is that being a self-managed and life-long learner isn't innate, it is learned.

  • Social Selling: Rule #2 - Reject Funnelism
    From 2015 - added on May, 18th 2015

    Effective social selling shakes its head at Funnelism and turns its attention the the meaningful and powerful rather than merely the easily measurable.

  • Social Selling: Rule #1 - Don't Be Creepy
    From 2015 - added on May, 11th 2015

    In social selling it is far too easy to step across the line between personal and professional. And you can step across it too early and too far.

  • Crashing at the Finish: The Last, Winning Step Too Many Salespeople Skip
    From 2015 - added on May, 5th 2015

    Business Development Crashing at the Finish: The Last, Winning Step Too Many Salespeople Skip Wayne Peterson, Black Canyon Consulting Group Inc.

  • North American Brand Owners Depend Upon Key Marketing and Advertising Print Applications
    From 2015 - added on April, 21st 2015

    Print buyers have continued to react positively towards the value of print with it's ability to target specific markets and address various market levels, despite the volume declines.

  • Subversive Marketing: How to Build a Brand When They Tell You No
    From 2015 - added on April, 14th 2015

    Business Development Subversive Marketing: How to Build a Brand When They Tell You No Wayne Peterson, Black Canyon Consulting Group Inc.

  • Business Development Recruiting Salespeople: Stop Hiring Retreads
    From 2015 - added on April, 13th 2015

    Business Development Recruiting Salespeople: Stop Hiring Retreads Wayne Peterson, Black Canyon Consulting Group Inc.

  • Tag and Label Printing Trends in North America
    From 2015 - added on March, 12th 2015

    55% of Brand Owners express a Print Bias

  • RIT Cross-Media Innovation Center Summit 2014
    From 2014 - added on November, 24th 2014

  • Graph Expo 2014 Forecast: Mostly Cloudy, Precipitation Likely, with a Bright Finish
    From 2014 - added on October, 10th 2014

    Graph Expo this year is at the mid-point between two drupa's and although a bit smaller show than previous years, proved to be rich with many exciting developments.

  • Magazine Industry Trends and Challenges
    From 2014 - added on September, 26th 2014

    First Research analyzes several aspects of the magazine industry to determine the trends and challenges that are currently happening within the industry. In August 2014, magazines are still remaining relevant through a change in distribution and changing the overall form of the publication for digital consumption.

  • Can a Print Publication Be Equally Effective Online? Testing the Effect of Medium Type on Marketing Communications
    From 2013 - added on March, 13th 2014

    A field experiment using print and online versions of an alumni magazine found that the print version had a higher open rate, higher recall, and readers engaged in more browsing. Ironically, although younger readers indicated a preference for receiving an online version, the effect of print on memory performance was strongest among the younger readers.

  • Delving Into the Opportunity for Tablet Magazine Advertising - An Analysis of the GfK Starch Data
    From 2013 - added on February, 27th 2014

    Over 27,000 tablet ads were analyzed to evaluate digital efficacy versus print. Readers remember ads on tablets at the same rate as in print, yet the digital platform makes it easier to take action as a result of seeing ads.

  • Consumer Affective Responses to Direct Mail Messages: The effect of gratitude and obligation
    From 2011 - added on September, 9th 2013

    This direct mail study considers the ability of gratitude messages (e.g. "We truly appreciate good customers like you") and obligation messages (e.g. "We count on you to recognize our hard work") to act as separate affective influences upon consumer purchase intent and attitudes. Findings: Gratitude messaging exerts a more positive influence than does obligation.

  • The USPS Household Diary Study: Mail Use & Attitudes in FY 2011 -- Periodicals
    From 2011 - added on June, 7th 2013

    The latest version of the annual USPS periodicals study examines numbers and trends related to magazines and newspapers delivered via the US mail.

  • The USPS Household Diary Study: Mail Use & Attitudes in FY 2011 -- Advertising Mail
    From 2011 - added on June, 7th 2013

    The annual USPS Household Diary Study finds 78% of households read or scan the promotional offers and deals that arrive via the home mailbox; Households studied planned to act on one in 10 pieces of advertising mail received.

  • Is An Advertisement Worth The Paper It's Printed On?
    From 2012 - added on February, 21st 2013

    Although more companies are using premium-print technologies in their advertising, empirical research has yet to examine the effectiveness of such executions. This field experiment investigates the effect of premium-print advertising's impact on consumer perceptions and intentions.

  • Response Rates of Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns: Vertical Markets
    From 2011 - added on February, 12th 2013

    This report is an update to the original 2009 MindFireInc report exploring the topic of personalization in marketing campaigns. Findings: Performance results have held true across different campaigns.

  • Privacy and Advertising Mail
    From 2012 - added on December, 17th 2012

    A UC survey finds the majority of Americans support a Do Not Mail (DNM) initiative. The authors state: "Given the importance of advertising mail as an industry, and of the USPS to United States economic, security, and social interests, our findings could serve as a wake-up call to markets, the USPS, and regulators to more fully explore citizens' rejection of direct advertising mail and find ways to address their concerns while preserving the fundamental service provided by the USPS."

  • Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail
    From 2010 - added on March, 27th 2012

    A neuroscience-based study strongly suggests that greater emotional processing and internalization is facilitated by the physical advertising material than by the digital ads. Physical materials have a more personal effect, and therefore should aid (purchase) motivation.

  • The Environment: Public Attitudes and Individual Behavior - A Twenty Year Evolution
    From 2011 - added on October, 11th 2011

    Twenty years ago, "The Environment: Public Attitudes and Individual Behavior" was the first large-scale survey to measure Americans' green attitudes and behavior, providing insight into Americans' commitment to the environment. In 2011, SC Johnson revisits its original research, to examine changes in Americans' attitudes and behaviors today with respect to current environmental issues, and also reprise seminal questions from the original 1990 research.

  • Medium Matters: Newsreaders' Recall and Engagement with Online and Print Newspapers
    From 2011 - added on August, 30th 2011

    A University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication study finds that print news readers remember "significantly more" than those who read news stories online.

  • Enough is Enough! The Fine Line in Executing Multichannel Relational Communications
    From 2011 - added on August, 16th 2011

    This study examined the ideal level, mix, and alignment of multichannel personalized communications (telephone, email, direct mail) between a business and its customers. An indirect finding of interest: researchers were surprised to find that direct mail proved to be such an effective communication method.

  • Millennial Paper Usage and Attitudes
    From 2011 - added on August, 5th 2011

    Young US adults, ages 16 to 26, are fully engaged with digital communication but also cannot imagine a world without paper, according to research from TRU, a research firm focusing on youth insight.

  • Small and Medium Business Owners Summary Report
    From 2011 - added on June, 10th 2011

    SMB owners deem advertising (43%), email (38%), and direct mail (36%) are deemed to be proven most effective with response rates, purchases, and more.

  • Getting Past the Trash Bin: Attribution about envelope message, envelope characteristics, and intention to open direct mail
    From 2009 - added on August, 12th 2010

    Results of an academic study examining consumer attributions of messages printed on direct mail envelopes and envelope characteristics -- and thus the perceived intentions of the direct marketer and about what is inside the envelope -- on intent to open a direct mailing.

  • Cross-Channel Commerce: The Consumer View
    From 2010 - added on April, 8th 2010

    ATG's report, "Cross-Channel Commerce: The Consumer View," examines the essential role that multichannels -- print, online, in-store, and newly emerging channels, such as mobile and social media -- play in the consumer research and purchase experience.

  • The Response Rates of Personalized Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns
    From 2009 - added on January, 28th 2010

    This study compared response rates of more than 650 real-life personalized cross-media campaigns to statistically demonstrate the uplift that can be gained from relevant, personalized communications.

  • Americans Reject Tailored Advertising and Three Activities that Enable It
    From 2009 - added on October, 7th 2009

    According to the findings of a study by the Universities of Pennsylvania and California, Berkeley, consumers don't like being tracked online and the more they know about how they're being tracked the less they like it.

  • Direct Mail Receipt and Response - Day of Week Analysis
    From 2009 - added on May, 14th 2009

    Results of a UK study that asks the question "Does the day that direct mail lands on consumers' doormats play a big part in its success?"

  • Vertis Customer Focus, Direct Marketing 2009: Retail
    From 2008 - added on March, 16th 2009

    The 2009 Vertis Customer Focus study findings show consumers have become more even receptive to using direct mail to seek information and obtain the best value.

  • DMNews/Pitney Bowes Direct Mail Survey
    From 2008 - added on January, 14th 2009

    The DMNews/Pitney Bowes survey shows that targeted direct mail remains a key channel in reaching consumers and influencing their purchase decisions.

  • Measuring Media Effectiveness: Assessing Media ROI throughout the Purchase Funnel
    From 2008 - added on December, 1st 2008

    MPA asked Marketing Evolution to update learning on their 2006 analysis of 20 cross-media accountability studies. Marketing Evolution added 18 additional cross-media accountability studies and went beyond analyzing effects to focus on return on investment (ROI).

  • It's Not Your Father's Magazine Ad: Magnitude and Direction of Recent Changes in Advertising Style
    From 2008 - added on December, 1st 2008

    In this paper, the authors examine some of the stylistic changes that have occurred in magazine ads. They argue that the changes observed in advertising style reflect substantive changes in the consumers to which these ads were directed, and that these stylistic changes were necessary if such advertising was to continue to be effective.

  • Accountability II: How Media Drive Results and Impact Online Success
    From 2007 - added on September, 26th 2008

    This MPA paper present an aggregation of cross-media accountability studies demonstrating that magazines add an important influence to all segments of the purchase funnel -- especially the most noteworthy category of purchase intent.

  • College Newspapers are the Best Read Medium on Campus
    From 2008 - added on September, 18th 2008

    Results from Alloy Media Marketing's College Newspaper Audience study. The report provides valuable data indicating college newspapers continue to reign as a top mass media choice among today's college students.

  • PRIMIR: Trends and Future for Financial and Transactional Printing, Section VI. Consumer Research
    From 2008 - added on September, 10th 2008

    A summary of the consumer research portion of PRIMIR's "Trends and Future for Financial and Transactional Printing" report. The primary goal of the consumer research survey portion of the overall study was to determine the current and future use by consumers of paper transactional documents such as bills and statements. A secondary goal was to determine the proclivity of consumers toward transpromotional printing.

  • Airport Advertising Effectiveness: An Exploratory Field Study
    From 2008 - added on July, 18th 2008

    Transit advertising is a growing category of out-of-home advertising and an area that has received little academic attention. This study keys in to elements of effective airport advertising and is applicable to other transit locations.

  • Displacement and Reinforcement Effects of the Internet and Other Media as Sources of Advertising Information
    From 2004 - added on June, 27th 2008

    This classic study looks at the extent to which consumer use of the Internet displaces or reinforces the use of other media as sources of advertising information.

  • The TransPromo Revolution: The Time Is Now!
    From 2007 - added on May, 14th 2008

    InfoTrends' white paper detailing interviews with print service providers and marketing executives who have added, or are planning to add, transpromotion to their marketing mix. The report also includes InfoTrends desk research and studies.

  • Revving Up Auto Sales: Media Effectiveness and Efficiency Across the Automotive Purchase Funnel
    From 2007 - added on March, 19th 2008

    Magazines alone or working in synergy with other media consistently yielded the most positive results.

  • Audience Experiences of Media Context and Embedded Advertising: A Comparison of Eight Media
    From 2006 - added on January, 31st 2008

    This academic study finds that consumers find that print ads are seen as least annoying, whereas advertising in broadcast media is seen as most annoying.

  • Measuring Media Effectiveness: Comparing Media Contribution Throughout the Purchase Funnel
    From 2006 - added on January, 10th 2008

    This study demonstrates how magazines add an important influence to all segments of the purchase funnel -- especially the most noteworthy category of purchase intent.

  • Annual Report Survey & Findings
    From 2006 - added on November, 7th 2007

    Eight out of 10 investors and analysts prefer a printed annual report over the online version, while also expecting the annual report to be online.

  • iProspect Offline Channel Influence on Online Search Behavior Study
    From 2007 - added on November, 1st 2007

    Nearly 40% of consumers who perform online searches for more information report being influenced by offline channels and this influence ultimately results in a purchase.

  • The Mail Moment
    From 2004 - added on October, 9th 2007

    The immediacy of mail and the attention it receives by consumers gives a company's marketing message an opportunity to be noticed unlike any other media channel.

  • Accountability: A Guide to Measuring ROI and ROO Across Media
    From 2005 - added on October, 9th 2007

    A compilation of top-line synopses of research and data on marketing media mix effectiveness, with a focus on magazine advertising.

  • Evaluating Return on Investment of Multimedia Advertising with a Single-Source Panel: A Retail Case Study
    From 2004 - added on September, 26th 2007

    This study is important due to its methodology for it enables retail marketers to fine-tune their media strategies. It provides "a research framework to evaluate the extent to which advertising exposure correlates with changes in retail store visit behavior."

  • The Influence of Media on Advertising Effectiveness: A Comparison of Internet, Posters, and Radio
    From 2005 - added on September, 25th 2007

    This classic academic study finds few significant differences in advertising effectiveness regarding printed matter (out of home posters) and Internet media.

  • Dimensional Relationships of Recall and Recognition Measures with Selected Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Print Ads
    From 2006 - added on September, 21st 2007

    Print ad content, when perceived as meaningful, results in consumer retention of ad details and being able to recall later when prompted. Contrarily, if a print ads strength is its attractiveness, consumers are not as likely to recollect ad details and facts, but instead to simply recall the brand name or product.

  • Local Advertising Decision Makers' Perceptions of Media Effectiveness and Substitutability
    From 2005 - added on September, 21st 2007

    The fight for local media advertising is between newspapers and radio foremost, and then between direct mail, Yellow Pages, and cable TV.

  • Criticality of Printed Information in the Retail Industry
    From 2006 - added on September, 5th 2007

    An academic paper summarizing the survey of retail store managers' attitudes towards the value, use, and future of printed promotional material (e.g., direct mail, catalogs, and in-store signage).

  • Does Web Advertising Work? Memory for Print vs. Online Media
    From 1998 - added on August, 28th 2007

    In this classic study, print ad content was recognized at a higher level than what was delivered online. Though Internet advertising was a novelty in 1998, the ability to see the full ad in printed format remains a strong point of the medium.

  • Benchmarking Advertising Efficiency
    From 2001 - added on July, 18th 2007

    This research uses an econometric analysis to assess the correlations between the media choices and overall business results. Printed mass media advertising showed greater impact than broadcast advertising.

  • Qualitative Effects of Media on Advertising Effectiveness
    From 2004 - added on July, 14th 2007

    This research demonstrates that the way a person experiences a magazine or newspaper can affect the way the person reacts to advertising in the publication.

  • The Medium as a Contextual Cue
    From 2005 - added on July, 14th 2007

    This study bears out the adage that "the medium is the message." It is compelling contextual cues that influence consumers' perceptions of the advertising message.

  • The Contribution of Direct Mail Advertising to Average Weekly Unit Sales
    From 2003 - added on July, 10th 2007

    Media synergy is the ideal when planning advertising. This study shows that the most powerful combination is when direct mail is used in combination with national TV advertising.

  • A Look at the Long-Run Effectiveness of Multimedia Advertising and its Implications for Budget Allocation Decisions
    From 2005 - added on June, 25th 2007

    A look at the long-term effectiveness of multimedia advertising for two major competitors in the American sports utility vehicle industry. The study found that, in the long-term, magazine advertising was more effective than network TV advertising for both brands.

  • Generating Website Traffic
    From 2002 - added on June, 25th 2007

    This classic academic study, which still holds true based on more current studies, finds It would be a costly mistake for Internet companies to rely solely on online advertising to build awareness and generate traffic.

  • Predictors of Advertising Avoidance in Print and Broadcast Media
    From 1997 - added on June, 25th 2007

    Advertising in broadcast media is more likely to be avoided than print advertising.

  • Because It Because It's Personal: A Study of Consumer Use and Preference for Envelopes
    From 2006 - added on June, 25th 2007

    Consumers pay attention to direct marketing efforts, thus validating direct mail as a highly effective tool.

  • The Impact of Feature Advertising on Customer Store Choice
    From 2006 - added on June, 25th 2007

    This research adds a new paradigm -- where actual observed shopping behavior is correlated with the advertised item.